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Gym Review: The Body Factory Bali in Canggu

I’ve lived in Bali for some time now and one of the first things I set out to find was a good gym. I went to almost all the gyms in my area as well as many gyms outside of my area in Bali as you can read in my best gyms in Bali post. The Body Factory is one of the premier gyms in Canggu, the most popular area for long term residents and digital nomads. It’s also by far one of the most expensive gyms I’ve ever come across in my life. Here I am many months later reviewing this beloved gym in Bali!

Body Factory Canggu Bali Fitness
The Recovery Area

Location of Body Factory

Body Factory is located in the bohemian Canggu district of Bali. This is the digital nomad and long term foreigner hot spot of Bali.

It’s located on Nelayan road right in the heart of Canggu. The facility is located near villas, restaurants, and cafes.

Jl. Nelayan No.27, Canggu, Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361

Cost of Membership at the Body Factory Bali

Body Factory is one of the most expensive gyms I’ve ever seen. It’s almost as expensive as the Equinox gyms in New York City which are already crazy expensive!

The Body Factory Bali gym is broken down into two parts: the gym, and the recovery spa area. You can buy a membership to one or the other, or purchase their “VIP” membership which allows you to visit both.

For a one month membership to just the gym, you are paying about 2.7m IDR (~$200). For a one month VIP membership, you are paying almost 4m IDR (~$285) which is among the most expensive gym memberships in the world. Really crazy.

Body Factory Canggu Bali price list

If you buy a longer term membership, the price goes down on a monthly basis making it “somewhat” affordable”. Safe to say it was quite a shock when I first came here and found these prices in front of me. Everything else in Bali is super cheap as I’ve written in my cost of living in Bali. 

Just not the Body Factory!

The Gym at Body Factory Bali

I think the gym is overall nice, but it is quite small. The equipment in the main gym area is very crammed together but you have everything you need for a good work out. There are multiple bench racks, smith machines, cable machines, and various other back/chest/leg machines in the main gym area. There are also dumbbells that go up to 50kg which should satisfy 99% of the population. Body Factory Canggu Bali Fitness

Body Factory Canggu Bali Fitness

There is a separate room for squat racks, dead lifting, leg presses, hip thrusts, and squat machines. Both rooms are air conditioned

The outdoor functional training area is small but useable. Working out in the Bali heat is nice sometimes as the heat really adds that extra bit of motivation and sweat to your workouts. There are sled pulls, three large tires for tire flipping, jungle gyms galore, gymnastics rings, punching bags and other things that I’ve not even familiar with.

Body Factory Canggu Bali Fitness

This area is mostly empty for the majority of the day as it is simply too hot to workout hard in the Bali heat. It’s great if you come in the mornings or at dusk and I’ve often enjoyed doing tire flips at 6pm at night.

Body Factory Canggu Bali Fitness

In the morning rush hours, you can expect to wait for equipment and for the gym to be quite busy. After lunch, the crowd really dies down and there is no typical 5-6pm rush you would see in most major cities.

The Recovery Spa area of Body Factory Bali

The spa’s facilities include a swimming pool complete with sun loungers to relax, sunbath and get your daily dose of vitamin D, hydrotherapy plunge pool, ice baths of varying temperatures along with a dry sauna.Body Factory Canggu Bali Fitness

It’s a very beautiful space that you can easily waste your whole day in (I’ve done this many times). The large outdoor pool is a perfect temperature for the Bali heat and offers a shallow lounge area (~10-15cm deep) that’s perfect for tanning while staying cool. Expect plenty of influencer types, crypto bros, and everything in between chilling out here on any given day.

There are also three smaller pools at various temperatures (5c, 15c, and 40c) that are a perfect combination for the sauna. My regular routines on Sundays would be to sit in the saunas, then immediately go into the super cold 5c pool to get that amazing tingling feeling that I had in the spas in Sweden.

Half price Sunday day pass

On Sundays, the Body Factory offers half off the day pass to the recovery area. Anyone can visit the Body Factory recovery area for 165k IDR which is actually quite a good deal in my opinion. This discount does not apply to the gym area.

You can expect many more people to be at the recovery area on Sundays. It’s almost a bit of a party especially if there is nice weather. It is still not overwhelming by any means and I always have a good time.

Classes at Body Factory Bali

Body Factory has a long list of fitness classes they offer every day. You’ll find typical yoga classes, functional training, boxing, and even muay thai on certain days.

I didn’t go to any of these classes but some were very popular. Make sure to sign up for classes at least a day in advance.

Is Body Factory Bali worth the price?

Wow what a question. This is actually a difficult question for me to answer. Body Factory is very expensive no doubt about it. It offers a “premium” upscale type of experience and environment and in Canggu, there is absolutely no competition to Body Factory when it comes to this.

body factory bali gym canggu

The next price tier of gyms like Avenue Fitness or Fitness Plus just don’t compare at all in terms of vibe and feel. The recreation center at Finn’s offers a similar vibe to Body Factory but with similar prices. In the end, Body Factory has little to no competition so it can just price its membership at whatever they want.

Do I think it is worth the price of admission? Probably not. It is just prohibitively expensive at almost 3m IDR per month. If you know you are staying in Bali for many months, the 12 week membership drops the monthly rate to about 2.2m IDR and the one year membership makes the monthly rate about 1.8m IDR a month. The yearly rate makes it “reasonable” in my opinion but still very expensive. Note that these prices don’t even include access to the recovery areas.

If you just want a gym without the bells and whistles, then I would go to Bull Gym on the main road which has monthly passes for 1m IDR (1/3 the price of Body Factory). If you want something with a bit of a vibe and scene, then Body Factory is the place for you.

Hotel at Body Factory

Body Factory also has a living space with comfortable rooms just behind the gym. You can actually stay here and work out/go to the pool all day long.

I didn’t stay here because for the price, you could definitely get better accommodation elsewhere but the rooms were clean and nice.

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