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The Ultimate Guide to Fitness Clubs and Gyms in Tbilisi, Georgia

One of the first things I did when landing in Tbilisi was go on the hunt for gyms. Thankfully, the options for exercising and gyms in Tbilisi are bountiful. There are numerous high quality gyms with modern equipment and classes for a respectable price. Most of the gyms have flexible monthly, 3 months, 6 months, or annual memberships depending on how long you plan to spend in the country.

snap fitness premium tbilisi

Tbilisi is fast becoming one of the digital nomad capitals of the world and it’s great to see that they have so many options for those looking to stay in shape. I spent a few days looking through all the gyms in Tbilisi I could find and these are the options you have before you.

Note that these prices below will be as of late 2021. If you are visiting in subsequent years, expect prices to increase. Sometimes they could be running one time promos if you’re lucky. If you are planning to stay in Tbilisi long term, make sure to read my breakdown of my cost of living in Tbilisi.

Gym Culture in Georgia

The gym culture in Georgia is quite strong. Especially in Tbilisi, you’ll find that many people hit the gym regularly and people are mindful of their fitness. This came as no surprise to me after watching Lasha Talakhadze obliterate the entire field of competition during the 2021 Tokyo Olympics Weightlifting.

There are some big people in Georgia and some of them live in the gyms. Others are probably just visiting the gym to work off all the khinkali and khatchapuri that they ate the night before (like myself).

Pricing structure of gyms in Tbilisi

I visited six different gyms and every gym had very flexible pricing structures. Without a doubt, this is to cater to the ever growing digital nomad community the country has welcomed. Unlike gyms in other places like Frankfurt or South Africa where memberships are mostly just for the year, you’ll find numerous timeframes in Tbilisi.

You’ll have the monthly price which will be the most expensive. The price decreases the longer you sign up for (which makes sense). Almost every gym offered day passes as well which were about 1/8 of the price of a monthly membership. If you’re staying for a full month but plan to also do sightseeing outside of the city, then perhaps paying as you go makes more financial sense.

World Class Fitness

World Class Fitness was one of the gyms recommended to me on the Digital Nomad Facebook Group of Tbilisi. It is located in the Tbilisi Concert Hall which makes for a very central location.

World Class fitness Georgia Tbilisi Gym

The gym itself is very upscale with modern equipment and well maintained locker rooms. You’ll find all of your standard machines along with spinning classes, pilates, boxing bags and more. The free weights however only go up to 30 kg which may be a deal breaker for some (like myself).

World Class fitness Georgia Tbilisi Gym

The gym also only has one squat rack which is pretty much used at all times. I also found the gym to be a bit small. For the prices that they charge, I expected something more. They do have a very nice view of the city from all areas of the gym which I liked.

Location: Tbilisi Concert Hall
Price for Gym: 300 GEL per month, 720 GEL for 3 months, 1380 GEL for 6 months, 1980 GEL for 1 year

Photos of World Class Fitness

Champions Academy

Champion’s Academy is the gym for the hardcore gym goer. This gym is meant for those that aren’t looking for a fancy sceney gym with that club feeling. This is the place to do a proper workout and they have some of the best equipment you can look for.

Champion’s academy is located on the other side of the river. It has four floors of workout material including an MMA gym at the top floor. They offer MMA classes every day and even an octagon style ring. Many people come here just for the MMA classes which for the monthly price that the gym charges is a steal. MMA training is expensive anywhere if you can even find it.

The next floor below has a complete circuit training floor with tire flips, sled pulls, and ropes. There is also a floor for traditional weights and machines and finally the bottom floor consists entirely of squat racks for Olympic style lifts. People are doing hardcore workouts on this floor so it might look intimidating to many but the people are generally quite nice.

Champion's Academy Tbilisi Georgia

The prices here are also lower than the other gyms on the list even though it is the closest thing to crossfit you’ll find in Tbilisi. Come here for the real work out!

Location: 148G Davit Aghmashenebeli Ave, Tbilisi 1112
Price for Gym: 20 GEL for day pass, 70 GEL for 1 week, 160 GEL per month, 420 GEL for 3 months, 780 GEL for 6 months, 1560 GEL for 12 months

Photos of Champions Academy

Snap Fitness Premium

Snap Fitness is another gym chain in Tbilisi that is probably on par with that of Oktopus. They have a few locations in the city but I elected to go and check out their newest and largest gym. It is located in the King David Hotel by the river. The gym offers fantastic views of the city and comes equipped with the latest and greatest when it comes to gym equipment.

I would say the Snap Fitness Premium branch is very nice but slightly below that of the Oktopus City Mall location.

Snap Fitness premium Tbilisi

Snap Fitness premium Tbilisi

Location: 12 Merab Aleksidze St, Tbilisi 0171
Price for Gym: 30 GEL for day pass, 225 GEL per month

Oktopus City Mall

Without a doubt the Oktopus City Mall is the best gym in all of Tbilisi. It is located in the city mall which is a bit out of the way for most things. If you’re staying in the old town for example, this gym is a 15-20 minute car ride which doesn’t make it very feasible. Even from Vake, you’ll need to drive here to get a workout in.

Oktopus City Mall Tbilisi

Nevertheless, it is one of the newest and is the largest gym I saw in all of Tbilisi. The machines are brand new and generously spaced out. There is a crossfit area for sled pulls, TRX, etc. There is a spinning studio, pilates studio and more. I particularly liked this gym because it doesn’t get overly crowded even during the peak times. I think that’s due to the high prices and the location but perhaps I just didn’t come here long enough.

Oktopus City Mall Tbilisi
Oktopus City Mall Tbilisi

Location: Tbilisi City Mall, top floor
Price for Gym: 30 GEL for day pass, 225 GEL per month

Photos of Oktopus City Mall

Oktopus Gym Vake

Oktopus has three locations around Tbilisi. The Vake location is slightly more central but is much smaller than the city mall location. It still maintains that nice premium gym feel but the weight lifting area felt a bit small to me.

The prices are cheaper here so that might sway your decision.

Oktopus Vake gym Tbilisi Georgia

Location: N. 20, 0186 Nino Ramishvili St, Tbilisi 0186
Price for Gym: 20 GEL for day pass, 175 GEL per month

Photos of Oktopus Gym Vake

Fit Club at the Art House

The Fit club at the Art House is the closet gym to the old town of Tbilisi. The gym is located in a nouveau building and is the only gym I found with a pool. However, this is not just any pool, it is a large lane pool on the rooftop of the building.

Outside of the pool is a deck equipped with sun chairs with amazing views of Tbilisi. The gym itself is quite basic but has all the machines and weights you’ll need for a good workout. The gym area is smaller than the other gyms and feels like a large hotel gym than a proper fitness club.

The prices here are also some of the highest in the city.

Fit Club at Art house Tbilisi

Fit Club Art House

Location: 18, Lado Gudiashvili St, Tbilisi
Price for Gym: 300-400 GEL per Month

Photos of Art House Fit Club

Urban Garden

Urban Garden is a gym located inside well…an urban garden. It’s located across the river on the busy Davit Aghmashenebeli Ave but located inside a hidden park. This park contains a hotel and a restaurant as well.

Urban Garden Tbilisi Gyms
Urban Garden Tbilisi Gyms

The gym is quite nice here. It’s smaller than the others on the list so during peak times it will be busy. There is only one squat rack for example which gets used constantly. The equipment is a bit dated but the decor with exposed brick makes it look trendier than it is. This gym offers the best value for money in my opinion. The monthly rate is 130 GEL and the daily pass is only 15 GEL. They also offer a 12 visit package for 100 GEL which is perfect for those that are not sure how often they will be in Tbilisi.

Urban Garden Tbilisi Gyms
Urban Garden Tbilisi Gyms

Location: Tbilisi, D. Agmashenebeli str. #73 (Ilia Garden/Rose Garden)
Price for Gym: 15 GEL for day pass, 130 GEL for monthly, 300 GEL for 3 months, 100 GEL for 12 visits

Photos of Urban Garden

Urban Garden Tbilisi Gyms

Other gyms in Tbilisi

There are many other gym brands in the city that are also not on this list. Most are cheaper if you’re more budget conscious. I didn’t have time to visit the other gyms but also wasn’t interested as these gyms on this list are already the nicest gyms in the city.

Here is a list of other gyms that didn’t make it to this list.

  • Aspria Fitness
  • Orange Fitness

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