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5 Ways to Conveniently Enjoy South Africa with Your Family

There is nothing more fun or more relaxing than a nice, relaxing family getaway, finally, a chance to bond and ...
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bagan myanmar

Top Things to do in Vietnam, Myanmar, and Laos

Choosing to visit Southeast Asia will be the highlight of your tours around the world. The region is famed for ...
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Mexico City Zocalo

The Perfect Mexico Travel Itinerary: Mexico City, Puebla, Oaxaca, And Mazunte

When visiting Mexico, most tourists opt for the familiar areas of the country like Cancun, Cabo, Tulum etc. Those are ...
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I’m a dual Canadian-American who moved out of my comfortable life in Manhattan to move abroad and travel the world.  I’m a bit obsessed with scuba diving,  churning credit cards so I never pay to fly, and eating the most questionable of foods in the most peculiar of places. My bucket list is the world, and some day I might make it there.

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