Kayon Jungle Resort Ubud Bali

Hotel Review: The Kayon Jungle Resort In Ubud, Bali

The Kayon Jungle Resort in Ubud is one of the premier hotels in Bali. It’s absolutely beautiful and perfect for a couple’s stay, honeymoon, or for the solo traveler looking to treat themselves. The Kayon Jungle hotel was constructed in 2018 and offers one of the most luxurious options you can find in Ubud. The resort is famous for its three tiered infinity pool overlooking the famous rice terraces of Ubud.

Kayon Jungle Resort Ubud Bali

The Kayon Jungle is located about 20 minutes outside of the town of Ubud and its secluded location and position on the ridge top of a rice terrace makes it the perfect escape from the hecticness of Ubud. I stayed here for two nights during COVID-19 and pretty much had the resort to myself. Ubud was completely dead as no tourism was allowed in Bali due to the strict quarantine protocols of Indonesia.

Kayon Jungle resort Ubud

Booking my stay at the Kayon Jungle Resort

Kayon Jungle resort Ubud
Kayon Jungle resort Ubud

Booking the Kayon Jungle Resort was easy with Booking.com. I use Booking.com for most of my hotel stays as I find the Genius discounts to be very effective at securing me the lowest price.

I visited the Kayon Jungle in Jan 2022 in which is normally low season during non-COVID times. Throw in COVID, and you have little to no tourists. I secured an incredibly cheap rate (below $100 a night) for their beautiful jungle suites. I think in normal times, this rate is probably two times or even three times as much!

The service at the Kayon Jungle

One of the most important things for me when staying at a nice resort is the quality of the service. Staying true to the Balinese traditions, there is no shortage of hospitality in this resort.

Even though I was one of the only people staying at the resort, the attention to detail was superb. I was constantly being taken care of and always asked if there was something they could do for me.

The rooms at the Kayon Jungle

The Kayon Jungle resort is large. It’s definitely not considered a boutique hotel because of its size. There are 20 Jungle suite rooms which are their cheapest rooms, 10 pool villas, and 4 Royal pool villas.

Kayon Jungle resort Ubud

I stayed in their jungle suites which come equipped with a big bathtub overlooking the rice paddies, a balcony, and a large 60 square meter room that is more than sufficient for my needs. The toilet however is enclosed in a glass door which might make it questionable if you aren’t at that stage of your relationship yet.

The rooms are tastefully decorated in a modern Balinese style. A beautiful blend of reclaimed woods, tile, and warm lighting makes the room inviting and the perfect place to relax. If you plan to stay here, ask for a room with a higher level. These rooms have much better views of the jungle whereas the lower rooms don’t have much of a view at all.

The pool villas

I looked at the pool villas as well during my stay here. The pool villas are located lower in the valley below the jungle suites. In fact, they are quite a ways away from the main pool and restaurant. It’s almost a 5 minute walk to the pool villas and the descent is quite steep. The hotel offers complimentary golf carts that will pick you up upon request.

The pool villa is slightly larger than the jungle suites and offer a private pool overlooking the rice fields. The rooms definitely feel more premium but because of its positioning so much lower in the valley, the views were not so great. In fact, I much preferred the view from my jungle suite.

The added private pool is nice but again, there is not much of a view. In addition, no private pool is going to beat the main attraction of this resort, which is their enormous multi-layered infinity pool. Why bother with your own small private pool when you have this absolute insane architectural marvel nearby?

The famous infinity pool of the Kayon Jungle

Without a doubt, the infinity pool (or pools) are the main draw of the Kayon Jungle. The rooms are plenty comfortable and fine but I essentially booked my stay because of this pool.

Kayon Jungle resort Ubud

The pictures looked ridiculous and I was sold. Yes I know, I’m basic.

Known as the Wanna Jungle Pool, the resort’s dominant water feature is its arrangement of curved, three-tiered swimming pools — infinity-edged, of course — that mirror the forms of Bali’s famed rice terraces, such as those at Cecking just 15 minutes away from here.

Kayon Jungle resort Ubud

The three levels of curved infinity pools photographs incredibly well with the rice paddies. Mornings are the best time as the weather tends to be clearer. This pool is the ultimate Instagram pool. As I was staying here almost by myself, I had it to myself to photograph as I wished.

Kayon Jungle resort Ubud

I could totally see this pool as just an influencer hangout during normal times. A few people came to the pool on day passes (offered only during COVID as a way to make ends meet) and they were taking photos non-stop. I mean with this pool, it’s hard to blame them!

Communal areas of the Kayon Jungle

The Kayon Jungle resort is quite large in size. There are multiple restaurants, lots of lounging space by the pool, a gym, and a yoga studio. The gym at the Kayon Jungle is very nice. It’s spacious and offers way more equipment than the average hotel. There is a smith machine, dumbbells, and a few machines that will more than suffice for a proper workout.

Kayon Jungle resort Ubud

The Kayon Jungle offers complimentary yoga every morning from their yoga studio. This open air building has amazing views of the valley. I never did the yoga but considered it purely because the views were so nice.

The food at the Kayon Jungle

The food at the Kayon Jungle is fantastic and worthy of its 5* rating. There are multiple restaurants in the hotel but only the smaller pool side bar/restaurant was open since few guests were staying here.

Kayon Jungle resort Ubud

The Kayon Jungle offers a wide range of Western and Indonesia dishes. I chose to stick to the local stuff and ordered the Nasi Goreng, the Bebek Kayon, and the famous Ayam Taliwang. I must say that all of the dishes were incredibly delicious. The Ayam Taliwang is a grilled chicken dish local to Lombok. The amount of spices and herbs used in this dish were mind boggling but the taste was just insane. All of the dishes exceeded my expectation in taste and presentation.

Kayon Jungle resort Ubud
Kayon Jungle resort Ubud
Kayon Jungle resort Ubud

They could have easily dumbed down the standards of their food during COVID but I left full and satisfied every night. Best of all, the prices at the Kayon Jungle are very reasonable. Nasi Goreng was 70k, which is of course much more expensive than a local Warung would charge but the quality is better and you’re at a 5* resort after all.

Kayon Jungle resort Ubud

Floating Bali breakfast

For an extra charge, you can have your breakfast on one of the famous floating platforms that Bali is famous for. The Kayon Jungle offers this option for an additional charge of 200k IDR. The floating breakfast is done at their lowest level pool in a smaller pool.

Kayon Jungle resort Ubud

Unfortunately, I don’t think the view was that great from the smaller pool as you don’t get the big valley in the background. Nevertheless, this was my first floating Bali breakfast which was a cool experience!

An Amazing choice for Ubud

Ubud has no shortage of amazing hotels in all price ranges. I very much enjoyed my stay at the Kayon Jungle especially given how attentive to service they were during unprecedented times of COVID.

Their multi level infinity pool is unmatched and you’ll obtain some of the best photos you can imagine. This place is perfect for a honeymoon or simple getaway while living in Bali.

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