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Feeling like you’ve done some amazing traveling and can’t rest until you put it in words for the entire world to see? Ya I may know someone that feels the same way…

I traveled all around Africa and while I think I had an amazing experience with all my adventures, hearing about other people’s adventures makes traveling even more fulfilling. It also gives me ideas for my next trip.

So with that said, if you’d like to guest post on my blog about trips you’ve taken in Africa, or anywhere else in the world for that matter, I would love to have you write. Whether you recently did a safari in the Serengeti like me or hiked Machu Picchu, I want to hear about it! More pictures the better. If you have your own blog/website, the post will have a link accordingly.

Please read First!
However, if it’s a specific travel question related to a post I’ve written, please leave a comment on that post as this will encourage discussion and hopefully help out future readers! In addition, please use the search bar to look for any specific posts. I’ve written many posts about many countries so please start there!

If I do not respond to you, it means you asked me a specific travel or finance question that is better done by leaving a comment on the posts. Thank you.