Best Gyms In Singapore: From Someone Who Actually Works Out

Singapore is a wonderful city for young professionals and I absolutely love the life here. It’s very easy to pack on the kilos in Singapore due to all the delicious food at hawker markets and the plethora of drinking options. Thankfully, Singapore offers no shortage of amazing fitness clubs and gyms for those looking to stay in shape.

Gravity fitness gym Singapore

Sandwiched in between looking for apartments in Singapore and eating my way through all the hawker markets, I spent my first few weeks going to every gym in the city and testing it out. In short, there are a lot of great options in Singapore, for prices that are very reasonable considering how expensive the city is.

Virgin Active Raffles Place Singapore

For the purpose of this post, I will only focus on the larger fitness studios and more mainstream fitness options. There are many boutique style gyms in Singapore for things like MMA, Yoga, HITT training, Crossfit, etc. There are too many of these boutique style gyms to list and they don’t really count as traditional gyms. In addition, there are a lot of smaller gyms that are dedicated to personal training. There’s a lot of money and plenty of inexperienced gym goers in Singapore so this makes sense!

Note that these prices are all as of 2023: Expect rates to go up as years ago on.

Things to know about Gyms in Singapore

There’s a lot of things to know about gyms in Singapore so here are just a few of the things I picked up along the way.

Most gyms are concentrated around the CBD

Unsurprisingly, the majority of the gyms and almost all of the nice gyms in the city are located in and around the CBD. You’ll have plenty of smaller gyms and of course many locations of Anytime Fitness in outer areas but most of the larger gyms will be in the CBD. For the purpose of this blog post, I mostly concentrate on the gyms in and around the CBD as that is where I’m staying.

Discounts for longer membership length

Most of the gyms I visited offered discounts on membership based on the length of commitment. This isn’t really unique to Singapore at all as it was the way of life in the gyms of Bali. For example, Virgin Active had a 1 month, 1 year, and 2 year plan. On the 2 year plan, the membership was about $100 cheaper per month than the month by month plan.

Some of the gyms in Singapore are crazy nice

I was truly blown away by some of the gyms in Singapore. The Amenities that some of the gyms offer are pretty crazy. For example, the rooftop pools at the Virgin Active Tanjong Pagar, Gravity gym, or Fitness First George Street would rival any upscale hotel pool in the world.

In addition, I really don’t think the prices in Singapore are that unreasonable. For what you get, the prices are actually much cheaper than comparable big financial hubs like New York, London, Hong Kong etc.

There are many boutique style gyms in Singapore

Singapore is home to an insane amount of boutique gyms that are personal trainer forward. I’m not sure if I just never noticed these gyms in other cities but I’ve never seen so many gyms in a city that is meant for personal trainers + clients.

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Gyms like Evolve, Level, Revolt, Freedom gym, Ritual gym, are all meant for clients that want to train with their trainers full time. Of course, this becomes very expensive but there are plenty of people in Singapore with plenty of cash to afford this.

Ask your company about Corporate discounts

If you work for a godo company in Singapore, make sure to understand the discounts they offer at the gyms in the city. It’s very common for companies to offer either a stipend for you to use at the gym of your choice, or for them to partner up with certain gyms to offer better rates.

Sometimes, this could be half the monthly dues!

Virgin Active Singapore

Without a doubt, the Virgin Active in Singapore is by far the highest end gym that you can find. As soon as I set foot into the Virgin Active in Tanjong Pagar, I knew this was my spot. I had been a member of Virgin Active while living in South Africa and this was one of the best gyms I ever visited.

Virgin active tanjong pagar

There are six Virgin Active locations in Singapore with the three largest being in the CBD area. If you want the premium, luxury experience for gyms, then the Virgin Active is the one for you. The gym is also priced accordingly and it is probably one of the most expensive gyms you’ll find in Singapore, but that is to be expected.

My only gripe with Virgin Active is they try to be a little too much gym meets spa. The gyms are huge but the weights and training areas are so small in proportion. There are way too many treadmills that get no usage when much of that space would be better suited to be used for real training.

Price: $60 per week for a 12 month membership, $52 per week for a 24 month commitment.

Virgin Active Tanjong Pagar

The location in Tanjong Pagar is huge with over 10,000 square feet of gym space. The gym offers a full suite of dumbbell weights, a large jungle gym area for functional training, numerous squat racks for Olympic style lifts, and plenty of cardio machines. The gym also comes with totally excessive things like a sleeping pod if you want to take a nap while at work (no joke), numerous saunas, huge Pilates and Yoga rooms, and my personal favorite, the shared pool with the Sofitel.

Virgin Active Tanjong pagar Singapore

The shared infinity pool with the Sofitel is out of this world. This 30 meter long infinity pool has perfect views of the CBD area and comes with numerous lounge chairs and couches perfect for those looking to get some sun after their workout.

Virgin Active Raffles Place

The Virgin Active Raffles place offers a similar experience to the one at Tanjong Pagar. The gym is strategically located in One Raffles Place making it a closer destination for those working in the northern part of CBD.

Virgin Active Raffles Place Singapore

The gym is laid out over three floors with changing rooms and yoga studio on the bottom, main lobby with treadmills on the first floor, and weights and functional training on the top floor. The Raffles Place virgin has the largest lounge space with plenty of couches, comfortable chairs, desks, and even a meeting room. You don’t even need to pay for a co-working space anymore if you are at this Virgin location.

The gym itself is smaller than Tanjong Pagar. The weights part is particularly small and harks back to my opinion that Virgin Active tried to be too much of a spa gym with far too little space for weights.

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Virgin Active Marina

Virgin’s third and final location in the CBD is in the Marina One building. This gym is the smallest of the three but is the only one with a lap pool. This indoor pool has views of the CBD area and is probably one of the best lap pools you’ll find in Singapore. There is also a huge jacuzzi recovery area next to the pool.

The Marina location also has a rock climbing wall where you can boulder and climb whenever you want. There are also rock climbing classes if you want to climb with other people.

Finally, the Marina Virgin has rooftop yoga in the mornings for the sunrise. I have not done this yet but it looks incredible. Just look at these views!

Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness is one of the most popular gyms in Singapore. It’s franchising model has led to it expanding massively over the past years. With 80 locations in Singapore, you’ll always find an Anytime Fitness in your area.

Don’t expect anything fancy here like you will find in Virgin or Pure gym. Anytime Fitness is a chain gym with many locations all over Singapore and are known for being open 24/7. If you’re always working late, this might be a good option for you.

I would compare Anytime Fitness to Planet Fitness gyms in the US. They’re nothing special but they have all the things you need to compete a workout. You’ll find ample free weights, stationary bikes, machines, and everything is cleaned regularly. Some of the locations are actually very nice and while they might not have the extra bells and whistles like an outdoor pool but the gyms have great equipment and a good amount of space.

I visited the location in Tanjong Pagar, Cecil Street, and the location in Orchard. The location in Orchard is actually much nicer than I expected. It’s one of the more spacious locations of Anytime Fitness in the city.

Because of its affordable price, Anytime is gets quite busy especially during the rush hours.

Price per month: $75-100 per month

Pure Gym

Pure Gym is the other high end luxury gym chain in Singapore. They have multiple locations throughout Singapore offering a premium experience. I went to the location in the Suntec mall which is their largest and premier location. The gym itself is huge with one of the biggest paintings of someone working out that I’ve ever seen.

Pure Fitness Singapore

The gym is fully equipped with 8 squat racks, dumbbells up to 55kg, jungle gym, sled track, and much more. For the non workout aspects, there is a steam room, pool, and more. Pure also has numerous classes every day including Yoga, Pilates, boxing, and more.

Pure Fitness Singapore

Pure Gym is also priced as a premium gym. Membership runs between 200 – 250 SGD making it on par with Virgin Active.

Pure Gym Singapore Suntec

I think ultimately the Virgin Active is probably a bit better. I like the variety of the clubs at the Virgin Active whereas the other clubs with pure gym weren’t as impressive. For the same price, I would choose Virgin Active, especially if you are working in the CBD area. If your work is in the Suntec area, then Pure is the best option for you. I did not check out the Pure gyms in the CBD area so I ultimately cannot comment on how those compare to Virgin.

Price per month: $200 per month

Fitness First Gym

Fitness First is a global franchise gym with locations all over the world. In fact, it was one of the popular gyms in Frankfurt when I lived there. Fitness first has four locations around the CBD area with some of the locations being very luxurious and amenity heavy.

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The pool at the Fitness First at One George street is absolutely ridiculous. The fact that so many gyms in Singapore have these crazy rooftop infinity pools is just incredible to me.

You’ll find plenty of free weights, machines, power lifting and more. The locations in the CBD also offer your typical yoga, spinning, group HITT classes and more. The equipment feels a little outdated but things are cleaned well maintained. As I only visited the location at George Street, I thought the gym was on the smaller end and I could see it getting very busy during peak times. During the early afternoon, there was already a good amount of people at the gym.

Nevertheless, the view from the gym at night would be stunning. You don’t even need to go to a rooftop bar or to Marina Bay Sands, simply come here!

I would rank Fitness First just a level below Pure Gym and Virgin Active.

Price: $135 – $200 per month

The Loft Gym

If you’re living in the Little India area, then the Loft Gym is a great option for you. This boutique style gym is a small-ish two floor gym located near Bugis center. The gym is simple but packs in everything you need into their small space. There’s plenty of dumbbells, benches, squat racks, and cardio machines.

As I am not living in the area, I wouldn’t sign up for this due to its location but it is a great option if you are living in the area at a great price.

Price: $109 per month (12 month contract)

Gravity Gym

Gravity gym is the upscale luxury brand of Fitness First. This gym is ridiculous. It is probably the most luxurious and high end gym in Singapore. It’s located right in the CBD so it’s perfect if you’re working or living in the area.

As soon as you enter, you feel like you’re in a fancy hotel lobby with the decor more akin to a spa than a job.

The gym itself is located many floors up which affords you fantastic views of Singapore’s CBD. The gym area itself is not that big as the gym is more geared towards clases and personal training. Nevertheless, you’ll find all the weights you’ll need for a solid work out.

The main highlight of this gym has to be the infinity lap pool at the top of the building. This enclosed outdoor pool is a literal oasis within the city. It’s surrounded by palm trees, beach chairs, and a spa vibe that makes you forget you’re in Singapore for a few moments.

The gym is priced accordingly and is the most expensive gym I could find in Singapore

Price: $345-$400 per month

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