SO/ Bangkok infinity pool hotel

Review Of The SO/ Bangkok Sofitel Hotel: Stunning Infinity Pools

Bangkok, Thailand is littered with amazing hotels. The city has gone on a massive modernization and Westernization spree and out has come a wide array of incredible hotels for its booming tourism market. One of these hotels is the beautiful SO/ Bangkok hotel. The SO/ hotels are a brand of Sofitel. This is not to be confused with the Sofitel Bangkok which is an entirely different hotel.

SO/ Bangkok infinity pool hotel

From my point of view, it seems like the SO/ is a more urban, modern, take on the Sofitel brand. It has a feel of a trendy boutique hotel but with the same amount of rooms as a typical hotel. The SO/ Bangkok is most famous for its incredible infinity pool which offers panoramic views of the Bangkok skyline. There are many hotels in Bangkok with rooftop infinity pools and after doing an insane amount of research, I settled on the SO/ Bangkok.

SO/ Bangkok hotel sofitel

I had to quarantine in this hotel as part of the Thailand Sandbox program of 2021. I stayed here for a week and was plenty impressed with the hotel in the end.

Booking a stay at the SO/ Bangkok Hotel

I booked my stay at the SO/ Bangkok using As part of the Thailand COVID reopening program, the SO/ Bangkok was one of the SHA approved hotels.

The room rates were very reasonable in my opinion. I paid about $90 per night for the cheapest room available. The room (as I’ll go into detail later) was quite spacious and more than adequate. The amenities included like the infinity pool, gym, and just general hospitality were great.

The price I paid did not include breakfast. This was an extra $20 a day which is just insanity considering you can pretty much go anywhere else for breakfast and get a much cheaper meal. I didn’t need a huge expansive buffet (even if it was very good) everyday.

Checking in at the SO/ Bangkok hotel

Checking in at the SO/ Bangkok hotel was a breeze. In normal times, I would take a Grab taxi from the Airport but due to traveling during COVID times, I had to abide by the Thailand sandbox program. This involved me being picked up from the airport in an official airport taxi, driven promptly to a COVID test center where I underwent a PCR test, and then finally dropped off at the hotel. This whole ordeal cost me an insane 5,000 THB which is about $130 USD.

SO/ Bangkok hotel sofitel

But that is the price to pay to visit paradise during the Coronavirus era and I think it is a small price to pay, especially since the requirements to enter Indonesia were completely prohibitive.

SO/ Bangkok hotel sofitel
Reception on the ground floor

Upon arrival, I was immediately greeted by the porters who opened my door and promptly took my stuff. The reception floor was trendy yet inviting. The check in process was straight forward and I even got an amenity kit to go along with my stay. The staff are very friendly and offer the quintessential Thai hospitality experience you expect.

SO/ Bangkok hotel sofitel
Reception on the 9th floor

Common spaces in the SO/Bangkok

The SO/ Bangkok is one of the more trendy hotels in Bangkok. The decor and atmosphere is focused on chic but not overly pretentious. The abundance of modern art and retro furniture scattered through the common space makes it feel very inviting.

Main reception area

The main reception area is not the ground floor but rather the 9th floor. This area is equipped with a bar, plush couches, velvet chairs, and a huge cone shaped light show. It also faces the Lumpini park so you get the same view as from the infinity pool one floor above.

SO/ Bangkok hotel sofitel
SO/ Bangkok hotel sofitel

I loved hanging out in the reception area. It wasn’t overly loud and stuffy which made it perfect for getting work done.

Communal Gym at the SO/ Bangkok

The fitness gym at the SO/ Bangkok is a very nice offering. It’s located on the 10th floor on the same floor as the infinity pool. The gym has floor to ceiling windows overlooking the pool and the Bangkok skyline. There is an assortment of working machines, as well as dumbells going up to 24 kg. There is even a smith machine which is perfect for those that need to do a more intensive work out.

SO/ Bangkok hotel sofitel
SO/ Bangkok hotel sofitel
SO/ Bangkok hotel sofitel
SO/ Bangkok hotel sofitel

Of course, you’ll find plenty of treadmills, ellipticals and the like.

SO/ Bangkok Spa

As you’d expect with upmarket hotels like the SO/ Bangkok, there is an onsite spa with the utmost of quality and amenities. I did not visit the spa but it looked very inviting in there. Albeit the prices for the typical Thai massages are multiple times higher than what you can get elsewhere in Bangkok but you are paying for the ambiance and upmarket setting.

Hi-So Rooftop bar

The rooftop bar on the 29th floor offers a panoramic view of the Bangkok skyline. Like all other rooftop bars in Bangkok, expect to pay up accordingly. Drinks here are between 350-450 THB. Even beers are between 250-300 THB.

SO/ Bangkok hotel sofitel hi-so rooftop bar

One floor above the Hi-SO is the Cassette Sky Bar. It operates separately from the hotel but all hotel guests are welcome. I think the views here are even better especially if you can snag a table on the edge.

SO/ Bangkok hotel sofitel hi-so rooftop bar

The view here is quite impressive but there are nicer rooftop bars in Bangkok with even better views. The Vertigo Bar at the Banyan Tree hotel down the street from the SO/ Bangkok offers incredible 360 views of the city.

The SO/ Bangkok Infinity Pool

Located on the 10th floor of the hotel is the ultra famous and picturesque Infinity pool. This 25 meter infinity pool faces the beautiful Lumpini park with the Bangkok skyline behind it. It has a dead on direct view of the park with no buildings in front which makes it extra special.

SO/ Bangkok hotel sofitel infinity pool

The pool is 25 meters long and 4 meters wide making it plenty spacious for swimming and photographing. There are a bunch of lounge chairs available, as well as a few that are directly on the shallow end of the pool. There is also a pool bar area where you can order drinks and watch the sun set over the skyline.

SO/ Bangkok hotel sofitel infinity pool

The pool is only accessible to hotel guests which made it feel very intimate and private. The pool area doesn’t get crowded (at least when I was visiting) because the rooftop bar on the 29th floor is where people get rowdy.

SO/ Bangkok Sofitel Rooftop bar

I absolutely loved coming here in the morning when it first opens at 6am. Watching the sun rise over Bangkok was a special treat every morning. I mean just look at these pictures after all.

One thing to point out about the infinity pool is that it points north. This means the sun is gone from the pool by 10am so if you had dreams of sunbathing the day away, you won’t get that opportunity here. Thankfully I like the shade so it works out for me but for those looking to work on their tans, you’ll have to wait until you get to the islands!

Breakfast at the SO/ Bangkok Hotel

Breakfast at the SO/ Bangkok is an extravagant affair. The breakfast spread is incredible offering everything you could think of to start off your day. There is a selection of Western dishes like pastries, cheeses, pancakes, bacon, sausage, and omelets, as well as Asian dishes like dim sum, roast pork, congee, and more. Fresh juices, coffees, smoothies, and fresh fruits are also on offer.

SO/ Bangkok hotel sofitel
SO/ Bangkok hotel sofitel
SO/ Bangkok hotel sofitel
SO/ Bangkok hotel sofitel

The breakfast is served on the 7th floor of the hotel with fantastic views of the park and Bangkok skyline. The service is very attentive and I felt like I was constantly being offered food.

The rooms at the SO/ Bangkok Hotel

The rooms at the SO/ Bangkok are overall very nice. They split the hotel into four sections of four floors each. Each section focuses on a different theme. For example, one section is called “wood” which emphasizes sleek wood finishes throughout the room. Another section is metal which as you’d expect puts more emphasis on glossy metal finishes.

SO/ Bangkok hotel sofitel

Each section has rooms that face the park as well as rooms that face the other side of the city, as well as different room options (deluxe suite, regular room, etc.)

I got the most basic and cheapest room (SO Cozy Double Room With City View) which did not have a view of Lumpini Park. I figured I would never be in the room and it didn’t make sense for me to pay an extra $15 a night just for that view when I could just go to the pool or lounge area. But let’s be clear, the park view is much better.

SO Cozy | Luxury Design Hotel in Bangkok | SO/ Bangkok

The room itself is very nice. It was spacious at almost 40 square meters with a large and comfortable king bed. There is a large flatscreen TV equipped with Google Chromecast allowing you to cast Netflix or YouTube. The bathrooms were nicely finished, albeit a bit awkward in that there was no door closing off the bathroom area from the rest of the room. Great for one person but might be questionable for two depending on your style.

SO Comfy I Luxury Design Hotel in Bangkok I SO/ Bangkok

I was moved to another room in the Earth section because the entire floor of my old room was being painted. I got upgraded to a corner suite room which had amazing views of the park. The room was slightly bigger but the views just made it up for it. The Earth room had intricate indigo blue walls with paintings of animals and trees. I thought this would have been the Water elemental rooms but it still looked nice.

I would never pay this for myself because the SO Cozy Double room was already huge with more than ample space. The rooms are also equipped with high ceilings which makes the room feel much more comfortable. However, if you are two people and want to splurge a bit, this is the room I’d go for.

A great hotel for your trip to Bangkok

All in all, I was very satisfied with my stay at the SO/ Bangkok. The rooms were plenty spacious and the amenities were incredible for the price. I think during non-COVID times, the rates at this hotel would be much more than the $80-90 I paid. However, for this price, it is a no brainer.

The SO/Bangkok is located in the modern business district of the city so it is a bit far from the main Bangkok sites but this is easily rectified with 90 THB Grabtaxis.

Along with the infinity pool and great staff, I can definitely recommend this hotel!

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