Lebua Rooftop bar bangkok Thailand

Top 7 Rooftop Bars In Bangkok, Thailand: My Favorite Rooftops For Drinks And Views

Bangkok is an amazing city and one of my favorites in the world. It’s totally underrated but it’s a definite must visit for those visiting Thailand. One of the most unique things about Bangkok is its incredible rooftop bar scene. In fact, I don’t think I’ve been to a city around the world that has as many rooftop bars as Bangkok. Even Hong Kong with its 500 skyscrapers does not compare to the scene in Bangkok.

Lebua Rooftop bar bangkok Thailand

There are many luxury high rise hotels in Bangkok all offering beautiful rooftop bars with panoramic views of the skyline. I went to a different bar every day because there’s no better place to see the sunset than from up in the air. There are many more rooftop bars in Bangkok that I did not visit so by no means is this list the full list, but this list definitely has the best rooftop bars in Bangkok for your trip.

Lebua Rooftop bar bangkok Thailand

I know most people visit Bangkok for less than a week so just pick your rooftops wisely! Of course, you could visit multiple rooftops in a day. Many of the rooftop bars are open for lunch and serve decent food. Of course, I had no interest in eating at these upscale places because Bangkok street food is the way to go.

Make reservations before you go

If possible, I would recommend making reservations at some of these rooftop bars before visiting. I visited in Dec 2021 right after they reopened from COVID lockdowns. Bangkok was quite empty and the rooftop bars were as well. Places like the Lebua hotel which were once completely packed was completely empty. No reservations were needed for any of the places I visited.

However, whenever we recover from COVID in the world, then perhaps it’s always a good idea to book a table beforehand!

Dress codes for the rooftop bars

Depending on which rooftop bar you visit, some will have dress codes and some do not. Dress codes mean that men cannot wear shorts, flip flops, or a tank top. Women have more free reign but generally cannot wear flip flops without back support.

Marriott Bangkok rooftop bar octave

When I visited during Dec 2021, no rooftop bars had any dress codes to speak of. They wanted business since COVID lockdowns had such a large impact on them. However, just do the research beforehand. If you want to be extra safe, any long pangs with a t-shirt will suffice.

What about rooftop bars with infinity pools?

There are many hotels in Bangkok with famous infinity pools that overlook the Bangkok skyline. I stayed at one of the famous ones with an incredible pool overlooking Lumpini Park at the SO/ Bangkok.

SO/ Bangkok infinity pool hotel
Don’t expect to have something like this at the bar

Sadly, every hotel restricts access to their infinity pools for guests only as you would expect. The rooftop bars and the infinity pools are generally on completely different floors. The pools generally have a casual pool bar but nothing extravagant like those of the rooftop bars on this list.

Map of all my Bangkok rooftop bars

Here is a list of all the rooftop bars I visited on Google Maps to help you plan your route of attack.

Lebua Rooftop Bar – Most Iconic

Without a doubt, the most famous rooftop bar in Bangkok has to be the Lebua Hotel Skybar. It is the rooftop bar featured in the Hangover 2 which has skyrocketed its fame and recognition worldwide.

Lebua Rooftop bar bangkok
Famous Hangover bar!

This bar offers sweeping 360 degree views of Bangkok’s skyline and has one of the most unique architectural styles of any rooftop bar I’ve seen. Tuscan style pillars, a water fountain, and a grand golden dome highlight the rooftop terrace of the Lebua skybar. It is quite something to behold and it’s no wonder it’s one of the most sought after bars in Bangkok.

Rooftop Lebua hotel bar Bangkok Thailand

What to know before visiting the Lebua ROoftop bar

The Lebua rooftop bar is unlike other rooftop bars in the city. It’s by far the most upscale and expensive bar in the city. There is a strict dress code to enter the skybar. No shorts are allowed and women cannot wear beach style flip flops. The bar gets incredibly packed and busy because everyone wants to take their Instagram photos and soak in the Hangover 2 style views.

Lebua Rooftop bar bangkok Thailand

None of these things applied when I visited because it was right after they reopened from their COVID lockdowns. I came on a Friday night in Dec 2021 and there were hardly any people. Really it felt like I had the place to myself which was just mind boggling. The bartenders told me in normal times it would be completely packed and you’d have trouble getting a decent place to sit. There would be no way for me to get the type of pictures that I did.

Rooftop bar lebua hotel bangkok
View from the Lebua!

In fact, the staff outnumbers the guests 2 to 1 the night I came. I felt like I was saying sawadee kap over and over again because everyone was greeting me constantly.

Prices of drinks at the Lebua Rooftop Bar

If you’re visiting the Lebua, prepare yourself to spend some serious cash. This is the most expensive bar I’ve ever visited in my life. It’s more expensive than the drinks at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore or even my Cavo Tagoo drinks in Mykonos.

Rooftop Lebua hotel bar Bangkok Thailand
$30 cocktails!

The price for cocktails start at 1,000 THB. Yes no joke, each drink is 1,000 THB ($30 USD). Thankfully, tip and taxes are already included in this price but this is twice the price of every other rooftop bar I visited in Bangkok.

I had an Negroni which was quite good but at $30, you’d hope it would be one of the best you’d have. Again, just think of paying this price as the cost of doing business. You’re visiting this beautiful rooftop for the views. The admission fee is $30 USD and the price includes a delicious cocktail.

Rooftop bar lebua hotel bangkok

I will say that of all the bars in Bangkok, the Lebua had the most Instagrammable views by far. The Golden dome is just so unique and stunning that you can’t really take a bad picture.

Rooftop bar lebua hotel bangkok

Of course, this is likely because I visited when no other tourists were in Thailand so I was extremely lucky. In normal times, expect huge crowds and no opportunities to take stunning photos at the sunset hour!

Vertigo Bar at the Banyan Hotel – Best View

The Vertigo Bar at the Banyan hotel is absolutely stunning. The views from the 60th floor are completely 360 degree views with multiple floors of dining and bars.

Banyan hotel rooftop bar bangkok

The rooftop bar consists of two levels; one for dining, and a smaller platform a floor up for the bar. If you’re just drinking, proceed to the bar and grab a seat facing the sunset. The view here is absolutely incredible. You have complete and panoramic 360 degree views and a dead on view of the sunset. The view of the restaurant in front was also quite nice.

Banyan hotel rooftop bar bangkok

I ordered a gin based cocktail here that was quite good but not exceptional. They also have house beers which you can buy for 300 THB.

Cocktail Prices: 350-450 THB
Address: 21/100 S Sathorn Rd, Khwaeng Thung Maha Mek, Sathon, Bangkok 10120

Octave Bar at the Marriott Hotel

The Octave Bar at the Marriott Hotel is probably the most relaxed of the bars I visited. The rooftop is spacious and has many seating options, with a view to die for.

Octave Bar Marriott Hotel Rooftop Bangkok

The 360 degree views from this bar are stunning but not as beautiful as the Banyan hotel in my opinion. The drinks were acceptable but nothing to write home about. I came here for the sunset before walking next door to the Tichuca rooftop to meet a friend.

Octave Bar Marriott Hotel Rooftop Bangkok

Cocktail Prices: 350-450 THB
Address:2 Soi Sukhumvit 57, Khwaeng Khlong Tan Nuea, Khet Watthana, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10110

Tichuca Rooftop Bar – Best vibe and party

Tichuaca Rooftop bar is located right next door to the Skybar of the Marriott Hotel. Unlike other rooftops which mostly consist of tourists taking photos, this is definitely the rooftop bar that locals and tourists alike come to party and have a good time.

Tichuca Bar Rooftop Bangkok

It was by far the most lively and busiest bar I visited while in Bangkok. It’s not difficult to see why. Located almost 50 floors up, you have 360 views of the entire city. The main floor is equipped with rustic wooden chairs and Tiki themed decorations and lights. The music is pumping and Bangkok’s finest are having a good time here. There is another platform two floors above the main bar with a smaller more intimate bar overlooking the main bar.

Tichuca Bar Rooftop Bangkok

The drinks here, priced around 350-400 THB, were the best drinks I had in any of the rooftop bars in Bangkok. They have legit bartenders that know how to make a drink. I was not so impressed with the cocktails from the other bars but this place was an exception. I ended up drinking way too many old fashioneds and negorinis while at this bar but what a great time it was.

Cocktail Prices: 400-450 THB
Address:T-One Building 8, 46th Floor, ซอย เหมวงศ์, Phra Khanong, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110

Hi-SO at the SO/ Bangkok

The Hi-SO bar at the SO/Bangkok hotel where I stayed for a week is also highly recommended. I stayed at this hotel for a week so I was able to visit the rooftop bar on multiple occasions.

SO/ Bangkok hotel sofitel hi-so rooftop bar

The SO/ Bangkok is great because it is located right adjacent to the Lumpini Park. This park is like the Central Park of Bangkok and offers a different type of view versus all of the other rooftop bars. The view of Lumpini park and then the Bangkok skyline behind it is beautiful.

SO/ Bangkok hotel sofitel hi-so rooftop bar

The view here isn’t 360 degrees however and if you don’t have one of the seats on the edge, then your view isn’t that great. However, one floor above the Hi-SO bar is the Cassette Bar which is a standalone bar operating separately from the SO/ Bangkok. This bar has even better views in my opinion and is definitely a place that Bangkok’s finest come to party. I frequently saw big groups of people join the elevator with me as they were heading up to the bar.

Cocktail Prices: 350-450 THB
Address:2 North, S Sathorn Rd, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500

Mahanakhon sky bar

The Mahanakhon building is the highest building in Bangkok. At 318 meters, this skyscraper stands out (literally) among the insane amount of other skyscrapers in the city. The building itself is quite unique as well as you can see from the pictures.

Mahanakhon sky walk rooftop

The building is famous for its rooftop sky walk. This is a glass floor 80 floors up where you can see directly below you into the Bangkok streets! This glass floor is huge and is a great place to test your fear of heights as well as taking amazing photos.

Mahanakhon sky walk rooftop

There is a casual bar here that serves affordable drinks. I had a Singha beer for 190 THB which is at least 100 THB cheaper than the other rooftop bars in Bangkok.

Mahanakhon sky walk rooftop

There is another restaurant & bar a few floors below the top floor which has more upscale drinks and food. I never ended up visiting this bar because I spent the entire time in the open air deck at the very top. I heard the drinks and food at this restaurant are actually quite delicious however.

Mahanakhon sky walk rooftop

You’ll need to pay 580 THB to visit the top which includes access to the famous sky walk glass floor. Even if you don’t plan on visiting the sky walk and only want to eat at the restaurant, you’ll still need to pay this price.

Cocktail Prices: 400-500 THB
Address: 114, 1 Naradhiwas Rajanagarindra Rd, Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500

Rooftop Bar at sala rattanakosin Bangkok – Most unique

Every other rooftop bar on this list belongs to a big hotel and is located way up in the sky. The views are generally of Bangkok’s skyline which is beautiful in its own right.

Rooftop Bar at sala rattanakosin Bangkok

However, after visiting so many of the stunning temples around Bangkok, I wondered how amazing it would be if there was a rooftop with views of the temples over the sunset. Every city has big skyscrapers, but no other cities have stunning Thai temples. Turns out there is an option!

Rooftop Bar at sala rattanakosin Bangkok

The Rooftop bar at the Sala Rattanakosin Hotel is the place to be. This Boutique hotel is located on the Phraya river and has dead on views of the beautiful Temple of the Dawn. You also have views of the huge Wat Pho.

Rooftop Bar at sala rattanakosin Bangkok
`Just a beautiful view
Rooftop Bar at sala rattanakosin Bangkok

The drinks here are slightly cheaper and while they are not that great, you’re here for the views beyond anything else. There are also a handful of other rooftop bars next door to the Sala hotel in case you wanted to try something else. They all have the same beautiful views of the Temple of the Dawn.

Cocktail Prices: 300-350 THB
Address: 39 Maha Rat Rd, Phra Borom Maha Ratchawang, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200

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