Barefoot Manta resort beach in the Yasawa islands

Island Hopping In The Yasawas: Fiji’s True Island Paradise

Welcome to a realm of pristine beauty, where ivory beaches stretch as far as the eye can see, and crystalline waters hold secrets of vibrant coral gardens beneath. The Yasawa Islands, a dazzling archipelago nestled in the heart of the South Pacific, beckon travelers with a promise of untouched splendor and cultural intrigue.

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This was the last part of my trip to Fiji which already saw me dive in some of the best sites of my life at the Rainbow Reef in Taveuni, as well as the ultra famous Beqa lagoon shark dive. After spending over a week in the Yasawa islands, I must say that this was the Fiji I was expecting. I had ideas in my mind of remote islands with pristine beaches, long coconut trees, a hammock to lounge on, and great food to boot. This is where I found all of that.

Yasawa islands scuba diving fiji

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Getting Around the Yasawa Islands: The Yasawa Flyer

The Yasawa flyer is the main form of transportation within the Yasawa islands. If you’re planning to visit multiple islands, it’s almost guaranteed you’ll buy a ticket or two on this ferry at some point during your trip. I boarded this boat on three separate occasions as I stayed in three different resorts.

Yasawa flyer hopper ferry Fiji

The Yasawa flyer is operated by South Sea Cruises which also have boats to other island chains like the Mamanuca. The ferry terminal is in Port Denarau which is about 20 minutes south of Nadi. As part of the ticket price, they will actually pick you up and drop you off from your hotel in the Denarau area or in Nadi.

Yasawa flyer map and schedule

How the Yasawa Flyer works

The Yasawa flyer is a ferry that runs once daily visiting all of the islands within the Yasawa island chain. It starts at Port Denarau, 10 minutes south of Nadi like every other ferry in this area. It departs Port Denarau around 9am every day and makes its way up the Yasawa island chain stopping at every resort along the way.

Yasawa flyer hopper ferry Fiji

As you can see on the map, it makes quite a few stops as there are plenty of resorts in this archipelago. The stop furthest north is the Blue Lagoon, Coconut Resort, and Nanuya Island Resort which the boat reaches around 1:30pm. After it finishes this stop, it returns southward to Port Denarau and arrives back in Nadi at 6:00pm.

Therefore, it visits every resort In the Yasawas twice a day, once in the morning, and once in the afternoon.

Yasawa Flyer is expensive

The Flyer is not a cheap ferry to take around. Be prepared to shell out the money as a one way fare from Nandi to the Barefoot Manta Resort is about 190 FJD. If you plan on visiting many islands, the Bula Pass might be the way to go for you. The Bula pass allows you to ride wherever you want as often as you like, but for a fixed period of time. However, I find that the value for money with the Bula Pass is not there. For 5 days of unlimited cruising, you’ll pay 500 FJD and for 15 days, 900 FJD. You would need to visit a lot of islands in a short period of time in order to get the value out of that ticket.

The Yasawa Flyer is not for island hopping

When I first learned about the Yasawa Flyer, I thought it was an island hopper and that I would be able to easily visit other islands from my resort. This is not the case. The Yasawa Flyer is not an island hopper because it only runs once a day. To properly island hop between the islands, you would need multiple of these ferries running a day.

Yasawa flyer hopper ferry Fiji

After visiting the Yasawas, the islands are spaced out too far apart from each other anyhow to really make use of the day. Furthermore, the Yasawa flyer makes stops at resorts and unless you’re staying there, most places wont’ welcome you into their private resort. Therefore, the Yasawa flyer should just be referred to as a ferry instead of an island hopper in my opinion!

Visiting one of the Yasawa islands for the day

With all of that said, the Yasawa flyer is good for visiting resorts in the south of the chain for the day. If you’re staying in Denarau or Nadi, this is a popular day trip as you can use the flyer to visit one of the southern islands for the day. The most popular options for this are South Sea Island and Barefoot Koata.

Yasawa flyer hopper ferry Fiji South sea island
South Sea Island day trippers

It’s possible to vis these islands because it is the first few stops the flyer makes which means you will arrive on these islands between 10:00 and 10:30am. The Yasawa flyer will continue its path northward before returning to pick you up in the afternoon. The afternoon pickup at Barefoot Koata is around 4:00pm and South Sea Island is around 5:00pm.

This gives you much of the day to have lunch, enjoy the beaches, and explore what the island has to offer. South Sea Island is an island purely made for day trippers while Barefoot Kuata is a proper resort that people stay on and is home to the famous bull shark diving (not to be confused with the even more famous Beqa Lagoon bull shark diving).

Taking a helicopter to the Yasawa Islands

If you don’t fancy spending many hours on the Yasawa flyer, then taking a helicopter is your next option. There are numerous helicopter companies that depart from Nadi Airport and lands at most of the Yasawa island resorts.

Helicopter nadi to yasawa islands fiji

We ended up taking a helicopter to get to the Yasawa islands purely based on time constraints. We had just completed multiple days of diving on Taveuni at the Rainbow reef and were due to fly out in the morning. The flight arrived in Nadi at 10am which was already too late to take the flyer. The only option would have been to stay a night in Nadi and take the Yasawa flyer the following day.

This is essentially wasting a day of doing nothing and when you’re short on time, the helicopter is the way to go. Thankfully while I like to travel like a backpacker, I can afford simple splurges like a private helicopter thanks to being financially independent!

Booking a helicopter

To book a helicopter, you can have the resort arrange this for you or simply do it yourself by contacting on of the helicopter companies. Not all resorts have a helicopter landing strip so keep that in mind when you book your resorts. I ended up flying with Island Hoppers which had fantastic helicopters with glass windows all around the cockpit. This allowed for incredible views of the archipelago and ocean below us.

I’ve taken helicopters before in the Okavango Delta and Victoria Falls but it is always a treat. The Yasawa islands are truly beautiful and the variety of the islands makes it one of my favorite places in the country.

Cost of helicopter

As you can expect, Fiji helicopter transfers are not cheap. For a one way transfer to Nanuya island in the northern part of the islands was 850 FJD per person (~$380 USD). As this was one of the furthest destinations from Nadi, the price will go down the further south your resort is.

Where are the Yasawa Islands?

The Yasawa islands are located in the northwest of Fiji. It is located a ferry ride away from the main island of Viti Levu and the ferries depart from the main town of Nadi.

Location of the yasawa islands on Google Maps.

The Yasawa islands consist of 20 or so islands that form the greater Yaswa island chain. Directly south of the Yasawa islands are the Mamanucsa island chain which comprise another dozen or so islands. It’s common to combine these islands together in one trip but take note that there is no easy way to get between these islands without going back to the mainland.

History of the Yasawa Islands

The Yasawa Islands, nestled in the western expanse of Fiji, boast a captivating history that spans centuries. The archipelago’s origins trace back to ancient Polynesian and Melanesian voyagers who navigated the Pacific, cultivating unique societies rooted in agriculture, fishing, and inter-island trade. These early settlers crafted distinct cultures and traditions, engraining their connection with the land and sea into rituals and oral legacies.

European exploration in the 18th and 19th centuries ushered in a new era. Contact with outsiders introduced novel technologies and ideas, but also introduced devastating diseases that decimated local populations. Fiji’s colonization by the British further reshaped the Yasawas, and the islands became vital stopovers for ships crossing the Pacific.

Fiji’s independence in 1970 reshaped the Yasawa Islands once again, marking the inception of modern tourism. Recognizing the islands’ pristine beauty, the government promoted sustainable development while safeguarding traditional ways of life. This harmonious blend of cultural heritage and contemporary progress drew travelers seeking the islands’ white beaches, cerulean waters, and vibrant coral reefs.

Today, the Yasawa Islands thrive as a sought-after tourist destination with much of their economy dependent on tourists. Resorts and eco-lodges cater to travelers, serving as bastions of sustainable tourism that bolster local economies while preserving the environment. These efforts are complemented by initiatives for cultural preservation and environmental protection, honoring the islands’ diverse history and captivating natural splendor.

How much does it cost to travel the Yasawa islands?

The Yasawa islands are not a cheap destination for travel. Fiji as a whole is not cheap to begin with but when you leave the mainland of Viti Levu and travel to remote islands will always drive up the costs. While it is possible to travel the Yasawa islands on a backpacker budget, you’ll need to be flexible as you simply don’t have many options.

Yasawa islands

The Yasawa islands comprise of 20 islands of which more than half are populated. It’s common that each island will only have one or two resorts making your options limited. Some of the bigger islands will also have homestays which are budget style accommodations with locals where you can expect to pay less than a Western style resort.

Yasawa islands

These islands are completely cut off from society so everything they have at those resorts are imported from the mainland (which drives up costs). Some of these resorts are cheaper and offer backpacker hostel style accommodations while other resorts are for the luxury travelers and have rates that run up to $1,000 USD a night.

Transportation between the islands is also expensive using the Yasawa flyer. If you buy the Bula Pass (unlimited rides on the Yasawa Flyer), ranging from $500 FJD for 5 nights to $1,000 FJD for 15 nights, you are already spending a ton of money before you even stay somewhere. It’s best to plan your route out beforehand so you have the options you need.

Yasawa islands beaches at the paradise cove resort in fiji

Prices for accommodations in the Yasawa Islands

Here is a general guidelines of the costs for staying on the various resorts on the Yasawa islands. These are not fixed prices but merely a reference point to plan out your travels.

Homestays and Hostels: Expect to pay about $40-60 FJD per night in a shared dorm style hostel accommodation. Just to clarify, there are no pure hostels on the Yasawa islands. Some resorts will offer dorm style hostel accommodations but also offer private rooms and even luxurious rooms all in one place. You can find dorms in resorts like the Barefoot Manta, Barefoot Koata.

Budget Hotels: These are 2* or 3* hotels that offer private rooms (some with a shared bathroom some with a private). Expect to pay $150-250 FJD a night for these hotels. Examples of budget hotels are Barefoot Manta, Barefoot Koata, Oarsman Bay Lodge.

Mid Range Hotels: These are 3* and 4* options that are the majority of the hotels in the Yasawa islands. These are typically slightly nicer but notthing fancy. Expect to pay $300-$450 FJD a night for a private room. Examples of these hotels include places like the Coconut Beach Resort, Blue Lagoon Resort, Octopus Resort, Manta Ray Resort, etc.

Luxury Hotels: These are the 4*-5* options and there are definitely a few of these. Expect to pay $500 FJD and above for these with no ceiling to the extravagance that you want. Examples of luxury hotels are Paradise Cove, Navutu Stars, Turtle Resort, and Vomo Island Resort.

The Yasawa islands are special in that you don’t need to splurge to have an amazing time. It’s all about the natural beauty in this part of the world and some of the “cheaper” hotels have beaches that are nicer than the luxury options. Sure you don’t get a fancy room with a big bed, but do you really need one when you have paradise in front of you?

Price for food on the Yasawa Islands

Now that you know the cost of accommodation, you’ll also need to plan out a food budget. Because you’re on a remote islands, there are zero options for food besides the resort you’re staying at. Every resort offers “meal plans” which mean you pay a fixed price and all your meals are included.

Eating lunch at barefoot manta resort
Lunch time at the Barefoot manta

You can expect to pay $120-$150 FJD a night for meal plans are more budget hotels which includes your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Luxury resorts will have much higher prices but also include much tastier food. Some resorts like the Nanuya island lodge does a la carte dining plans which I actually much preferred. This means I could eat less and pay less if I wanted to instead of paying a fixed price and feeling pressured to eat my money’s worth. I would often times split a main with my significant other over lunch as the portions were big enough for the two of us.

Paradise Cove Resort food

Generally, I found the food to be quite good at the resorts I stayed at. The Nanuya island lodge had some of the best food I ate in Fiji ($35 FJD for lunch and $60 FJD for dinner). I also stayed at the Paradise Cove which is a high end hotel with incredibly tasty food and even offered an omakase style tasting at one of their two restaurants.

Alcohol is always separate to the meal plans and you can pay this altogether when you check out. The cost for a Fijian beer is typically $7-8 FJD and a glass of wine is $9-13 FJD. Many of these resorts have a happy hour in the afternoon where you can enjoy decent discounts.

Daily budget for the Yasawa islands

With all that said, here is how I would plan out a daily budget if traveling through the Yasawa islands. This budget includes accommodations, food, one or two drinks a day, and catching the Yasawa flyer every few days. None of these numbers include any day activities as that is all based on your personal tastes.

Budget Backpacker budget: $225-250FJD. This includes accommodation at a hostel dorm style room with a meal plan and a few drinks.

Mid Range Budget: $500 FJD a day per person.

Luxury Budget: $800 FJD a day per person.

Yasawa islands scuba diving fiji
Expect to pay 120-150 FJD per dive

Best Beaches in the Yasawa Islands

As you can expect with this archipelago, there are no shortage of amazing beaches. The Yasawa Islands in Fiji are renowned for their stunning beaches and pristine beauty. While there are numerous breathtaking beaches scattered throughout the Yasawa archipelago, here are some of the best beaches that you might consider exploring:

Nanuya lailai beach
Nanuya island beach
  • Sunset Beach (Naviti Island): As the name suggests, Sunset Beach offers unparalleled views of the sun sinking into the Pacific Ocean. The powdery white sand and calm waters make it an ideal spot for relaxation and beachcombing.
  • Barefoot Manta Beach (Drawaqa Island): The beach at Barefoot Manta Resort is a true gem. The soft sand meets crystal-clear waters, perfect for swimming and snorkeling. The resort’s commitment to conservation adds an extra layer of appreciation to the experience.
  • Sawa-i-Lau Beach (Sawa-i-Lau Island): Apart from the enchanting caves, Sawa-i-Lau Island boasts a stunning beach. Its turquoise waters and fine sand are ideal for both lounging and exploring the underwater world.
  • Blue Lagoon Beach (Nacula Island): Blue Lagoon Beach is renowned for its idyllic setting. The azure waters are sheltered by coral reefs, making it an excellent location for snorkeling and swimming. The scenery here is postcard-perfect.
  • Naviti Island Beach: Naviti Island is home to several stunning beaches. The beaches offer a mix of powdery white sand and volcanic rock formations, creating an interesting contrast against the clear blue waters.
  • Tavewa Island Beaches: Tavewa Island boasts a few exquisite beaches, such as White Sandy Beach and Sunrise Beach. These spots offer not only mesmerizing coastal views but also opportunities for water activities like kayaking and snorkeling.
  • Nanuya Island Beach: Nanuya Island features a pristine shoreline with inviting waters. The serene atmosphere and picturesque surroundings make it a great spot for a leisurely day on the beach.
  • Wayalailai Beach (Wayalailai Island): Known for its laid-back ambiance, Wayalailai Island offers a charming beach where you can soak up the sun, enjoy beach volleyball, and relish the feeling of being away from it all.
Paradise Cove beach yasawa fiji

Remember that the beauty of the Yasawa Islands lies in their untouched and natural appeal. The beaches mentioned above are just a glimpse of what this paradise has to offer. Whether you’re seeking solitude, adventure, or a bit of both, the Yasawa Islands’ beaches are sure to captivate your heart and leave you with unforgettable memories.

Internet Service in the Yasawa Islands

Internet is absolutely abysmal in the Yasawa islands. You will only get 3G pretty much anywhere on the islands. Wifi is offered at most resorts (some for a fee, some for free), and they use the same signals as you would get on a SIM card plan with Vodafone or Digicell.

I didn’t have much issue with having slower internet but if you’re planning to get work done or live a digital nomad lifestyle, the Yasawa islands are not for you.

What to do in the Yasawa Islands

There is no shortage of amazing activities to do in the Yasawa islands. I only spent a week here but felt like I could have spent a month so here is the list of the things I did but by no means is this the final list!


As these resorts are all beach front, you can expect some of the resorts to have fantastic snorkeling. No resort is better for snorkeling than the Barefoot Manta Resort. Literally, this is perhaps the best snorkeling I’ve ever done and it’s just the house reef. Simply grab some fins and mask and walk out from the beach and you’ll be fully immersed in the breathtaking underwater world. The corals go all around the island meaning you can easily snorkel for hours a day without getting bored.

Fiji yasawa manta island snorkeling

Scuba Diving

Diving is another popular activity in the Yasawa islands. As you can expect with Fiji, the underwater world in the Yasawas is impressive and beautiful. I only did one dive in front of the Paradise Cove resort which was fantastic. I only opted to limit my dives because I shad spent so much time diving at the Rainbow Reef right before the Yasawas.

Yasawa islands scuba diving fiji

The diving at the Rainbow reef is by far the most impressive in Fiji so I felt like I didn’t need to see much more of the Yasawas.

Rainbow Reef corals diving in Taveuni Fiji


Kayaking is a popular activity at just about every resort. I grabbed kayaks at all of the resorts to explore the nearby area. Sometimes, a kayak is the only way to go to explore hidden beeches and islands nearby. From my stay at the Paradise Cove, we kayaked to a hidden beach at the other end of the island which meant unspoiled and untouched beaches without another soul!

Yasawa island kayaking

Swim in the Sawa i Lau Caves

Hidden amidst the azure waters of Fiji’s Yasawa Islands lies a captivating natural wonder that beckons adventurers and nature enthusiasts alike – the Sawa-i-Lau Caves. These mystical caves, tucked away within the heart of a volcanic island, offer a unique and exhilarating experience that combines awe-inspiring geological formations with the thrill of swimming through underwater passages. I did this as a day trip while staying on Nanuya island lodge (120 FJD for the trip which includes 35 FJD for the entrance fee). You can book this day trip if you’re staying in the Blue lagoon area (Nanuya Island Resort, Coconut Beach Resort, or Blue Lagoon Resort).

A Journey to the Caves: Accessing the Sawa-i-Lau Caves is an adventure in itself. Embarking on a boat ride from the mainland or nearby resorts, you’ll be treated to stunning views of the turquoise waters and lush islands. As you approach the caves, the anticipation builds, and you can’t help but marvel at the island’s rugged beauty.

Entering the Underworld: Upon reaching the Sawa-i-Lau caves, you’re greeted by an otherworldly landscape that seems straight out of a fantasy novel. The caves are nestled within limestone cliffs, their entrances framed by lush vegetation. Stepping into the darkness, you’re instantly enveloped by an atmosphere of mystery and wonder.

Swimming Through Crystal Clear Waters: The main cave is a spacious chamber with a crystal-clear freshwater pool that shimmers in hues of blue and green. The water is inviting, and it’s not long before you find yourself taking the plunge. As you swim through the cave’s calm waters, sunlight filters in through openings in the rock, creating a mesmerizing play of light and shadows. The sense of tranquility is palpable, and it’s easy to lose track of time as you float in the cool embrace of the cave.

Exploring the Inner Sanctums: What makes the Sawa-i-Lau Caves truly special is the opportunity to explore their inner chambers. To access the second cave, you’ll need to swim through an underwater passage – an experience that combines excitement and a touch of adventure. The passage is short, but the feeling of being surrounded by rock and water adds an extra layer of exhilaration. Upon emerging in the second cave, you’re rewarded with an even more intimate and enchanting setting.

Best Resorts in the Yasawa islands

There are roughly 20 or so different options to stay in the Yasawa islands ranging from budget homestays to the ultra luxury. I only stayed in a handful of these resorts but when I was doing research on planning this trip, I pretty much saw what every resort looked like. In addition, when taking the Yasawa flyer, I was able to see each resort from the ferry which is actually one of the highlights of the boat trip.

Nanuya island lodge yasawa fiji

I stayed at three different resorts in three different areas of the Yasawas just to get a feel of how different the islands were. I’m glad I got the experience because there are things I liked and disliked about each resort. I stayed 2 nights in all of them which I think were enough for some but way too short for others!

The list of resorts in the Yasawa islands

Here are the resorts that exist in the Yasawa islands as of 2023/2024. Many of these resorts either closed permanently or are temporarily closed until further notice due to COVID.

Nanuya Island Resort

The first stop on my Yasawa island hopping adventure was the Nanuya Island Resort. I came here by helicopter from Nadi since I wanted the helicopter experience and I didn’t want to waste a day in Nadi since I arrived in Nadi after 9am when the Yasawa flyer departs.

Nanuya island lodge fiji yasawa islands
Nanuya island lodge fiji yasawa islands
Nanuya island lodge fiji yasawa islands

The resort itself was also very nice with comfortable yet spacious rooms. There were beach front rooms as well as rooms located on the hill with incredible views overlooking the Pacific. What stood out to me most was the food at this resort. We didn’t have to buy a meal plan which means we could eat less and save money (win win for everyone). The homemade bread and attention to detail for the dishes were surprising given how remote we were. This island also faces west which made for fantastic sunsets from the restaurant.

Nanuya island lodge fiji yasawa islands

Located on the island of Nanuya Lailai, this island has probably one of the most beautiful and idyllic beaches in the Yasawa islands. The long strip of beach is adorned with beautiful white sand, perfect turquosie waters, and a little peninsula that makes for amazing sun lounging and photos. We pretty munch came here at all times to take advantage of the incredible beach.

Nanuya island lodge fiji yasawa islands

The only downside to this beach is that it is one of the few public beaches on the peninsula which meant that there were numerous yachts and sailboats anchored here. This is also one of the stops for the cruise ships that traverse the Yasawa islands. I absolutely hate cruise ships and think they should all be sunk. The ship docks along the beach every Tuesday which sort of ruins the view and vibe of the place. It also destroys the corals underwater so the snorkeling here is not worth mentioning.

Nanuya island lodge fiji yasawa islands

Nanuya Island Resort is located on the Blue Lagoon which is a beautiful lagoon that is surrounded by three different islands. There are three other resorts nearby to Nanuya Island Lodge including the Coconut beach Resort, Blue Lagoon beach Resort, and Oarsman’s Bay. I actually wanted to stay at the Coconut Beach resort as the beach looked incredible and private but unfortunately, they were sold out!

Yasawa islands scuba diving fiji

Barefoot Manta Resort

Next stop on the Yasawa island chain for us was the Barefoot Manta Resort. From Nanuya Island Lodge, we took the Yasawa flyer 1h south to the beautiful Drawaqa island, home of the Barefoot Manta resort.

barefoot Manta resort yasawa fiji
barefoot Manta resort yasawa fiji

As you’d expect, this resort is famous for its manta rays which are residents in the nearby channel. This channel is a feeding station and attracts mantas year round. Guests at the resort have the opportunity to snorkel with them (no diving allowed). The resort sends out drones in the morning to check if there are mantas in the channel and then proceeds to beat a drum to let everyone at the resort know that mantas have been found and to prepare for snorkeling.

Sunrise at the barefoot Manta Resort

I didn’t bother with this as there were way too many people for too few mantas. For a price of 85 FJD, I decided it wasn’t so worth it. I’ve dived with hundreds of not thousands of mantas during my trips to the Komodo National Park and especially during my divemaster training where I saw them almost every day.

barefoot Manta resort yasawa fiji

Barefoot Manta is a special place. It is an eco resort that maintains a rustic but comforting vibe. The whole resort is adorned with sand so you are literally walking barefoot the entire time which was incredible. All the bungalows are located directly on the beach (even the dorms are on the beach) and while my room was basic, it was 5 meters from the beach. The windows opened up completely and I could hear the waves crashing at night and wake up to the sunrise in the morning. It’s the island paradise I had envisioned before coming to Fiji.

The beaches at this resort are also incredible. There are multiple beaches that are idyllic and pristine. One beach faces the sunrise and the other faces the sunset. Simply walk from one end of the resort to the other in 1 minute and you can take your pick!

barefoot Manta resort yasawa fiji

For those seeking underwater adventures, the waters surrounding Barefoot Manta Resort are a veritable playground. Snorkeling merely steps from the shore, I found myself immersed in a vibrant underwater wonderland. Schools of tropical fish glided past, and the kaleidoscopic coral formations painted the ocean floor in hues that only nature could conjure. Guided diving expeditions cater to all skill levels, offering an opportunity to explore deeper realms teeming with marine life.

Barefoot Manta resort beach in the Yasawa islands

Barefoot Manta Resort’s commitment to sustainable tourism and environmental preservation was a heartening aspect of my stay. Participating in coral planting initiatives and marine education programs, I felt a sense of purpose in contributing to the conservation of this pristine ecosystem. The resort’s dedication to leaving a positive impact on both the environment and the local community was truly inspiring.

barefoot Manta resort yasawa fiji

Paradise Cove Resort

Finally, to end the trip, we stayed at the Paradise dove resort which was by far the most expensive of the bunch. This resort is catered towards bigger spenders which means you’ll find an older crowd and plenty of families. This was a huge change from the vibe at the Barefoot Manta.

Paradise Cove Resort Fiji yasawa
Paradise Cove Resort Fiji yasawa
Paradise Cove Resort Fiji yasawa
Paradise Cove Resort Fiji yasawa
Paradise Cove Resort Fiji yasawa

Nevertheless, the resort is beautiful and every bit the 4* rating it claims to be. It’s both modern and traditional at the same time with a beautiful beach in front of the resort. I thought the rooms here were very basic as only the much more expensive beach front villas will enjoy beach views. Everything else is one level back which means you have a view of nothing.

Paradise Cove Resort Fiji yasawa
Paradise Cove Resort Fiji yasawa

The food here is the standout with two restaurants serving traditional elevated Fijian dishes. One of the restaurants even had an omakase style tasting menu for dinner which was impressive given the price we paid.

Paradise Cove Resort Fiji yasawa

Paradise Cove also has a beach on the southern tip of the island which you can reach by hiking (45 minutes) or kayaking. I would highly recommend visiting this beach as it is beautiful and secluded from the rest of the resort. Sometimes I felt like the resort was just too busy with beach chairs all taken up. You wont’ have that issue with this beach. Not only is it more idyllic but there are no people here allowing you to truly enjoy the Fijian experience!

Paradise Cove Resort Fiji yasawa

Best time to visit the Yasawa Islands

Fiji enjoys beautiful and warm temperatures year round. There are, however, seasons as you would expect with any tropical country. Fiji does receive tropical cyclones albeit it is not as common in this part of the world.

Sunrise at the barefoot Manta Resort

Dry Season (May to October): This is generally considered the best time to visit the Yasawa Islands. The weather is cooler and less humid, with temperatures ranging from around 20°C to 30°C (68°F to 86°F). Rainfall is lower during this period, and the seas are usually calm, making it ideal for activities like snorkeling, diving, and enjoying the beaches. July and August tend to be the peak tourist months due to school holidays. Australians and New Zealanders come in full force to escape the winter as well as taking advantage of school holidays.

Wet Season (November to April): While the wet season brings warmer temperatures and more humidity, it’s also characterized by higher rainfall and the possibility of tropical cyclones. The wet season is less popular among tourists due to the increased chance of rain and storms, but it can also be a good time to visit if you’re looking for more affordable rates and fewer crowds. Just be aware that some activities might be limited due to weather conditions.

Yasawa islands scuba diving fiji

Shoulder season is a great time to visit the Yasawa islands as less tourists come along with great weather. September and October are particularly great times of the year to visit when temperatures are hot and the summer tourist rush has passed.

Yasawas are drier than the rest of Fiji

The weather in the Yasawa islands tend to be overall drier and sunnier than the rest of Fiji. There were numerous occasions where it was raining whenre I currently was (in Taveuni in the east), but it was sunny and clear in the Yasawa islands. You can see from the landscapes here as well that it is not as lush or fertile as other parts of Fiji.

nanuya lailai beach yasawa islands


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