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The Best Wine Bars in Frankfurt, Germany

When I first moved to Germany, I envisioned myself just pounding beers all day every day. Perhaps also wearing a lederhosen. For better or for worse, the Bavarian culture is what is associated with Germany. If you’re German and reading this, it’s the (sad) truth but I know you agree.

Cochem Castle Germany
Beautiful wine country in the Rhineland Pfalz

To my great surprise, I learned that Frankfurt is actually located right in the heart of Germany’s wine region. Head west of Frankfurt and you’re in the heart of Riesling country. Go east, and you’re in the Silvaner capital. There is so much wine in Germany it’s crazy that so few people know about it.

Rhineland Pflaz beautiful views of the vineyards
Rhine region Germany

This post is all a part of my guide to living in Frankfurt, Germany where I list out all the things you need to know as an expat in Frankfurt and Germany.

Frankfurt Wine Scene

Living in Frankfurt has been amazing, there is no shortage of wine here at all. I’ve probably drank more wine living in Germany for the past year, than I have in the last 5 before that. I hardly drink any beer here either as wine is the preferred drink in Frankfurt.

You’ll find copious wine options at all the amazing markets and festivals around Frankfurt. I’ve had too many sloppy Saturdays at Kleinmarkthalle than I am proud to admit, and it is all because of wine.

For this post, I’m focusing entirely on the wine bars in and around Frankfurt. They’re an important part of the social life in Frankfurt and who doesn’t like a nice glass of a wine in a warm welcoming setting? Best of all, wine is cheap in Germany and you can expect to pay between €4-€7 for a glass of wine depending on the place.

Here is also a list of all the wine bars I will cover on this post in a map.

Weinstube Sachsenhausen and Nordend

Weinstube is probably the most well known winebar in Frankfurt. They have numerous locations around the city and it is the ultimate spot in my opinion. They have very cheap prices, in an old school but very inviting atmosphere.

They have a huge selection of German wines from every region, as well as numerous wines from all over Europe.

They also offer light bites to eat but I’ve only ever come here to drink wine. The location in Sachsenhausen is definitely the spot to be on pretty much every night. The one in Nordend is also busy on most nights and has a large outdoor area that people flock to in the summers.

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The wines here are cheap starting at 4 euros for a large German pour.Bildergebnis für weinstube frankfurt

Location: Multiple locations in Sachsenhausen, Nordend, Bockenheim

Weinkellerei Dünker

This is definitely one of my favorite weinbars in Frankfurt. It’s an old wine cellar with a large underground space. As soon as you walk underground, it feels almost like a WW2 bunker as the walls are all from stone, and the decorations look like they’re from another time.

They are open quite late by winebar standards as well, closing at 3am on weekend nights! The wine selection is top too as they have a healthy selection of German and neighboring wines.

I think this wine bar has by far the most unique ambiance of all. You feel like you are in the wine cellar drinking. The only negative thing about Weinkellerei Dunker is they have a smoking area downstairs. Even though the main area is smoke free, the smoke finds a way inside. If you’re like me, who is shocked that Germany still smokes so much, this will be annoying!

Location: Berger Str. 265, 60385 Frankfurt am Main
Neighborhood: Bornheim

Balthasar Ress Weinbar

balthasar weinbar

Located in the Altstadt, Balthasar is a cute and very picturesque winebar. Whilst the other winebars in Frankfurt are largely of the traditional style, Balthasasr is definitely a more modern and trendy spot.

But like most places in Germany, you never feel like a place is too cool for school as everyone just wants to have a good time and get drunk in Germany.

This place is definitely the happening spot on a Friday afternoon as all the Frankfurt professionals come here for a glass of wine in their outdoor space. There’s plenty of standing room only tables outside and it spills over fast.

The inside looks super cool but there is only a bar top with a few tables and it fills up quickly. While you’d expect prices to be higher at a trendier place like this, it is all still quite reasonable in my opinion.

Location: Am Markt 13a, 60311 Frankfurt am Main
Neighborhood: Altstadt

Die Weinbar

Die Weinbar is another option in Nordend run by this very nice Greek guy. It’s a small space in the colder months but in the warmer months (like every place in Frankfurt it seems), there is a very inviting outdoor space where you can enjoy a glass of wine on the street.

There is a solid selection of German and other European wines here. There’s also a solid selection of Mediterranean style tapas to go along with your wine.

Location: Jahnstraße 51, 60318 Frankfurt am Main
Neighborhood: Nordend

East Grape Wine bar

Located in Ostend, the East Grape Wine bar is the spot to be if you’re looking for a location in East Frankfurt.

East Grape Wine bar

It’s got an impossibly cute and picturesque atmosphere that mixes the modern and traditional. It’s hard to describe, but you’ll love the vibe as soon as you step in.

The owner was also there greeting us and recommending all different types of wine which I absolutely loved. They also have a full kitchen and serve loads of different types of food. However, it is still definitely a wine bar first, and a restaurant second.

I’d say this is probably the most romantic of the wine bars I’ve been to. The lighting, decor, and ambiance makes it the perfect date spot in my opinion. If you’re a single dude reading this, make sure this spot is tops on your list when you’re going out with that next Tinder date. Which girl don’t like a glass of wine with a cheese spread in front of them? I’ve yet to meet that girl.

Location: Louis-Appia-Passage 12, 60314 Frankfurt am Main
Neighborhood: Ostend

Raum and Wein

raum und wein frankfurt

As a resident of Nordend, this is one of my most frequented spots for a glass of wine. It’s located on Friedberger-landstrasse and offers a solid selection of local wines.

They also make a damn good flammkuchen as well. In the summer months, my go to move is the glass of Grauburgunder and a classic flammkuchen to eat outside. There are no chairs or tables outside, but it’s Germany and drinking outside is a way of life that no one will complain to the authorities about.

They even take credit card which is kind of unheard of in Nordend and especially with a wine bar. In the summer months, it is the natural spillover spot from the aggressive Friedbergerplatz markets on Fridays. The market has a hard stop at 11pm, but people walk next door to this wine bar to continue the party. Great times.

Location: Friedberger Landstraße 86, 60316 Frankfurt am Main
Neighborhood: Nordend

Cafe and Weinbar Luise

winebar luise nordend frankfurt

Another amazing option in Nordend for wine and food. Did I mention that Nordend is just the ultimate neighborhood?

winebar luise nordend frankfurt

Living close by is a benefit because I can go directly from work and relax in the evening after a long day, The decorations and atmosphere are perfect and there is always smooth music playing.

The patio in the summer months is fantastic and the wine selection is on point.

Location: Rothschildallee 20, 60389 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Neighborhood: Nordend


Oinotheke is another fantastic wine bar in the heart of Nordend. It’s run by a lovely Greek couple that are very accommodating for their guests. It’s also located next to the Nibelungenschänke Greek restaurant. I’m sure there is some connection here!

The wine bar is in a very cozy, spacious, and welcoming space and is a great spot to meet up with groups of friends!

Location: Eckenheimer Landstraße 184, 60318 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Neighborhood: Nordend

Wine Bank

wine bank frankfurt

Wine Bank is a very cool concept where you can buy storage space in their beautiful wine cellar to store your best bottles under perfect conditions. When it’s time to drink said wine bottles, you can invite your friends to the tasting rooms downstairs with designer furniture, and mood lighting.

The underground tasting room is very pretty and looks like a modern trendy version of Weinkellerei Dunker in Bornheim.

wine bank frankfurt

They also have a wine lounge on the street level that is perfect if you aren’t looking to be a high roller and just have a glass of wine with the rest of us. For such a nice place, the prices are very reasonable here. Especially since there are bottles right beneath you running in the 4 digits.

Location: Meisengasse 9, 60313 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Neighborhood: Innenstadt

Weinkontor Bockenheim

If you live in Bockenheim, then Weinkontor is the spot to be full stop. It’s a large, eclectic space with a large outdoor area in their garden. I absolutely love coming here in the warmer months when everyone is outside and hanging out.

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Location: Schloßstraße 92, 60486 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Neighborhood: Bockenheim

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