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Lounge Review: Sky Lounge at Frankfurt Airport Terminal 2

Frankfurt is home to a solid selection of lounges available for Priority Pass users. Almost all of these lounges are located in Terminal 2 which is the non-Lufthansa/Star Alliance terminal. If you’re flying in Terminal 1, you’ll need an AMEX Platinum or Elite status to visit the Lufthansa lounges. 

Recently, I had a flight from Frankfurt to Kiev to visit the wonderful Ukrainian city and a visit to the Chernobyl.  I flew on Wizzair which leaves from Terminal 2 and because it is a Non-Schengen flight, made a visit to the Skylounge for some pre-flight drinks and food.skylounge frankfurt airport


How to visit the Skylounge in Frankfurt

The Skylounge is the Business class lounge for Korean Air customers, as well as many other Skyteam flights like Delta, China Southern, etc. You can get into this lounge for free if you’re flying Business class on one of these airlines or have elite status of some sort.Skyounge frankfurt airport terminal 2

Otherwise, for the rest of us, this lounge is fully accessible for Priority pass users. To get a Priority pass membership, you can either pay a yearly subscription fee or open a premium credit card like the Chase Sapphire Reserve or AMEX Platinum. This is well worth the annual fee especially if you’re planning to travel international often like myself. Living in Frankfurt and traveling frequently around Europe, I could never go without a Priority pass membership now.Skyounge frankfurt airport terminal 2

The Skylounge is located in Terminal 2 – Non Schengen area. It is nearby to gate D8 in the D wing. If you have a Schengen flight, you will not be able to visit this lounge. However, I’ve not put this to the test. You could theoretically clear immigration and just go to the Skylounge. They probably won’t accept your boarding pass if it is a Schengen flight but could be worth a try especially since you don’t need to clear security after immigration which will save you plenty of time. Skyounge frankfurt airport terminal 2


Skylounge Details

As for the Frankfurt Skylounge, here are all the details you’ll need

Location of Lounge: Frankfurt Airport, Terminal 2 – NonSchengen next to Gate D8

Opening Hours: 6:15am to 8:00pm

Price of Admission: €39 for a three hour pass without Priority Pass

Showers: Yes, €8 fee per use

Wifi: Yes

Hot food: Yes

Full bar: Yes


Checking into the Skylounge

I came to the SkyLounge around noon as my flight to Kiev was at 2:30pm. Check in was a breeze and they accepted my Priority Pass without issue.


The lounge is spacious with ample space for you to relax before a flight. At noontime it was almost completely empty. The once daily flight between Frankfurt and Seoul departs at 7:40pm so I would imagine this lounge gets busy from 5pm to 7pm.Skyounge frankfurt airport terminal 2

The seating capacity is for 70 people but it feels like it could fit much more than that. I don’t reckon you’ll have much problem finding good seating at this lounge.


Layout of the lounge

The lounge has big open windows that face the airport although does not have views of the tarmac with the planes. It is spacious with plenty of seating including desks for eating and doing work, long couches, and single seats. Power plugs are plentiful although I wouldn’t have minded a few more along the windows.Skyounge frankfurt airport terminal 2

The lounge while clean and spacious, looks like something out of the 1980s. It definitely feels outdated to me and reminds me of other Korean Air lounges I’ve been to around the world. I know some people like this type of retro look but I supposed I’ve become spoiled by other more modern lounges. Skyounge frankfurt airport terminal 2


Food and Drinks

For lunch, the lounge offered the standard German lounge fare short of a real meal. The only hot foods to speak of were German wursts and soup. Breads, pastries, and unappetizing mini sandwiches were the other options on offer. Considering how amazing German bread is, I did not want to mess around with the breads being offered at the lounge and opted for the sausages and pretzels. I swear that all the lounges buy the sausages from the same source because every lounge in German offers some sort variation of these snacks.Skyounge frankfurt airport terminal 2

As for drinks, the Skylounge had a full bar with beers, wines, and liquors. There were local German beers and wines, as well as the standard lounge offerings for liquor like Baileys, Jack Daniels, Aperol and more.Skyounge frankfurt airport terminal 2

Everything is self service and there was plenty of alcohol for me to imbibe during my stay there.

You can find a selection of the German beer, Krombacher, inside the cooler. They also have Pilsener, Weizen (Wheat beer), and even alcohol-free beers. The local Frankfurter Apfelwein, or applewine, is also available.Skyounge frankfurt airport terminal 2

Quiet area

One of the more unique things of this lounge is the Quiet area in the back corner of the lounge. This area is, like the name, meant for people looking to sleep. While the area itself does not seem so relaxing or inviting, they’ve equipped it with very plush and comfortable lazy-boy style sofas that can recline and even dish out massages. There are also what look like real beds here but I could not observe closely as there were people asleep inside them.skylounge frankfurt airport

If I was very tired and had a long layover, I would definitely opt to come to the Skylounge for a real nap.



As you’d expect in 100% of lounges in the world, the wifi exists and is free to use. The wifi at this lounge was quite fast as I could get up to 30mbps download and 15 mbps upload. Was enough to stream some Netflix during my short stay here.

There are workstations here with PCs ready to use as well as printing services. There are also plenty of desks for you to do work, as well as Foosball table.


Best Lounge in Frankfurt Airport Terminal 2

As far as all the lounges in Frankfurt Airport’s Terminal 2, I’d say the Skylounge is probably your best bet. If you’re flying Non-Schengen from Terminal 2, then the Skylounge would be my preferred lounge of choice. I think it is more spacious and comfortable than the Primeclass Lounge, which is probably a second place option in my opinion.

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