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Lounge Review: Air France Lounge At Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt is home to a solid selection of lounges available for Priority Pass users. Almost all of these lounges are located in Terminal 2 which is the non-Lufthansa/Star Alliance terminal. If you’re flying in Terminal 1, you’ll need an AMEX Platinum or Elite status to visit the Lufthansa lounges.air france lounge frankfurt

Recently, I had a flight from Frankfurt to the wonderful city of Valenia, Spain. I booked the flight for a solid 70 euros on Ryanair which made it an impulse buy. That is why makes Europe so amazing in my opinion. Ryanair flies out of Terminal 2 in Frankfurt Airport as it is a non Star Alliance (or any alliance) airline.

air france lounge frankfurt
Having some bubbly and Iberico Jamon before our flight to Spain

Terminal 2 in Frankfurt is split between Schengen and Non-Schengen areas. As Spain is part of the Schengen, I went to the bottom floor of the Terminal to the D and E gates that belonged to Schengen only flights.air france lounge frankfurt

There are only two lounges in the Schengen zone of Terminal 2, the Air France Lounge and the Premium Traveller lounge. They are both located right next to each other. I ended up going to the Air France to spend my hour before my flight.


How to visit the Air France Lounge in Frankfurt

The Air France lounge services all Skyteam airlines from Terminal 2, but it’s largely just Air France and KLM flights leaving from Terminal 2 – Schengen. All the other Skyteam airlines like Delta or Korean Airways leave from the non-schengen area of T2.

This lounge is fully accessible for Priority pass users. To get a Priority pass membership, you can either pay a yearly subscription fee or open a premium credit card like the Chase Sapphire Reserve or AMEX Platinum. This is well worth the annual fee especially if you’re planning to travel international often like myself. Living in Frankfurt and traveling frequently around Europe, I could never go without a Priority pass membership now.


Locating the lounge

The Air France Lounge is located in Terminal 2 – Schengen area. It is nearby to gate D26 in the D wing nearby. If you have a Non-Schengen flight, you will not be able to visit this lounge and you won’t want to because there are better lounges in the Non-Schengen area. However, I’ve not put this to the test but it does state it explicitly in the app. Plus you’ll need to check through security for the Schengen area and security in Frankfurt is perhaps the worst I’ve seen in the entire world.air france lounge frankfurt


Accessing the lounge if your flight leaves from Terminal 1

If you have a Schengen flight leaving from Terminal 1, I can confirm you can visit this lounge as I met some travelers flying on Star Alliance (which is part of Star Alliance and leaves from Terminal 1). You just need to make sure you give yourself enough time to exit the lounge, exit the terminal, and transit to terminal 1.air france lounge frankfurt

The skytrain that connects Terminal 1 and 2 is fast and reliable so I would recommend giving yourself 20 minutes to get from the lounge to the entrance of Terminal 1. Because Terminal 1 has no Priority Pass lounges except for the Luxx lounge which is located before security (and is not that great), this is your only option if you need a lounge. However, I would only do this if you have hours upon hours to spare because you’ll need to clear security twice, once in terminal 1 and once in terminal 2. Not worth the headache in my opinion.air france lounge frankfurt

If you have that much time, I’d recommend just going to Frankfurt and spending a few hours there. 


Frankfurt Air France Lounge Details

As for the Frankfurt Air France Lounge, here are all the details you’ll need

Location of Lounge: Frankfurt Airport, Terminal 2 – Schengen next to Gate D26

Opening Hours: 05:45 to 20:15 daily, Access is not permitted between 16:30 and 18:30 Wed-Fri

Price of Admission: €39 for a three hour pass without Priority Pass

Showers: No

Wifi: Yes

Hot food: Yes

Full bar: Yes


Checking into the Air France Lounge

I came to the Air France lounge around 2pm as my flight to Valencia was only at 3:30pm. Check in was a breeze and they accepted my Priority Pass without issue.

The lounge was quite empty when I went. It was just myself and maybe 5 other people. Rush hour in this part of Terminal 2 is definitely in the late afternoon when everyone is taking their after work flights to whenever around Europe.


Layout of the lounge

The Air France Lounge in Frankfurt is definitely larger and most definitely nicer than the photos from the Priority pass app. I would not say it is anything special when it comes to airline lounges I’ve seen but it is by far your best option in the Schengen area of Frankfurt terminal 2.

As soon as you step in, the lounge feels old and outdated. It doesn’t look aesthetically unappealing because of warm lighting, but it just feels like it’s a lounge from a different time period. The color scheme is a bit depressing I must say but perhaps that’s just because I’ve become used to other lounge offerings.air france lounge frankfurt

The lounge is spacious and broken off into two areas. The dining area is equipped with numerous tables, chairs, and bar style high top tables.air france lounge frankfurt

There is another more comfortable lounge area that has more comfortable and plush seats equipped with power plugs and noticeable partitions. There is also a quiet area near to the back, as well as an “office” area where there are tables for your laptop. This area wasn’t very appealing but guess it’s better than nothing.air france lounge frankfurtair france lounge frankfurt


Food and Drinks

The lounge doesn’t really have any hot food to speak of besides steamed wursts which are available at all the other lounges nearby as well. There was also an assortment of pastries and breads as you’d expect from a French Lounge. Cold cuts, jams, fruits and the like were also available. It is definitely not as comprehensive as the restaurant quality food served in Zurich.air france lounge frankfurt

As for drinks, the Frankfurt Air France Lounge had a full bar with beers, wines, bottled water, and liquors. There were French wines and bubbly available as well as full selection of liquor like whiskey, gin, and vodka.

The bar is self-service.


This is probably the worst part of this lounge. There is no restroom inside the lounge! You need to go outside of the lounge and walk about 30 meters to use the public toilets which are questionable at best.



As you’d expect in 100% of lounges in the world, the wifi exists and is free to use. The wifi at this lounge was quite fast as I could get up to 30mbps download and 15 mbps upload. Was enough to stream some Netflix during my short stay here.

There are no computers you can use at this lounge.


Best Lounge in Frankfurt Airport Terminal 2 – Schengen

I wouldn’t say this lounge was anything special but it’s probably your best option in Frankfurt Terminal 2 – Schengen. Alternatively, there is an entertainment area in the terminal equipped with PS4s if that is more of your vibe!

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