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Lounge Review: The Primeclass Lounge at Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt is home to a solid selection of lounges available for Priority Pass users. Almost all of these lounges are located in Terminal 2 which is the non-Lufthansa/Star Alliance terminal. If you’re flying in Terminal 1, you’ll need an AMEX Platinum or Elite status to visit the Lufthansa lounges. primeclass lounge frankfurt

Recently, I had a flight from Frankfurt to Kiev to visit the wonderful Ukrainian city and a visit to the Chernobyl.  I flew on Wizzair which leaves from Terminal 2 and because it is a Non-Schengen flight, made a visit to the Primeclass lounge. I had previously visited a Primeclass lounge in Zurich Airport which was out of this world so my expectations for Frankfurt were quite high as well.

Primeclass lounge Viewing Deck Zurich
Primeclass lounge Viewing Deck at the Zurich lounge. No such thing at the Frankfurt lounge!


How to visit the Primeclass Lounge in Frankfurt

The Primeclass lounge is a standalone lounge meaning it is not connected to any specific Airline unlike the nearby Skylounge which is the Business class lounge for Korean Air customers, as well as many other Skyteam flights like Delta, China Southern, etc.

This lounge is fully accessible for Priority pass users. To get a Priority pass membership, you can either pay a yearly subscription fee or open a premium credit card like the Chase Sapphire Reserve or AMEX Platinum. This is well worth the annual fee especially if you’re planning to travel international often like myself. Living in Frankfurt and traveling frequently around Europe, I could never go without a Priority pass membership now.


Locating the lounge

The Primeclass Lounge is located in Terminal 2 – Non Schengen area. It is nearby to gate E7 in the E wing nearby to the flights for Emirates. If you have a Schengen flight, you will not be able to visit this lounge. However, I’ve not put this to the test. You could theoretically clear immigration and just go to the Primeclass Lounge. In this specific terminal, you don’t need to go through a security check to clear immigration. All security checks are done at the gates.

Frankfurt Primeclass Lounge
Frankfurt Primeclass Lounge

The lounge probably won’t accept your boarding pass if it is a Schengen flight but could be worth a try especially since you don’t need much time to clear immigration.


Accessing the lounge if your flight leaves from Terminal 1

If you have a Non-Schengen flight leaving from Terminal 1, I can confirm you can visit this lounge as I met some travelers flying on United (which is part of Star Alliance and leaves from Terminal 1). You just need to make sure you give yourself enough time to exit the lounge, exit the terminal, and transit to terminal 1.frankfurt lounge primeclass

The skytrain that connects Terminal 1 and 2 is fast and reliable so I would recommend giving yourself 20 minutes to get from the lounge to the entrance of Terminal 1. Because Terminal 1 has no Priority Pass lounges except for the Luxx lounge which is located before security (and is not that great), I’d recommend visiting the Non-Schengen area of Terminal 2 if you have an exceptionally long layover (3+ hours).

When you arrive at Terminal 2, you’ll want to follow signs for Gates D49-D54 which are the Non-Schengen flights on the second floor (the bottom floor is Schengen only). If you have a passport from countries like the US, Canada, Australia etc. you can actually use the expedited machines and clear immigration in a matter of seconds.


Frankfurt Primeclass Lounge Details

As for the Frankfurt Primeclass Lounge, here are all the details you’ll need

Location of Lounge: Frankfurt Airport, Terminal 2 – NonSchengen next to Gate E7

Opening Hours: 6:00am to 10:30pm

Price of Admission: €39 for a three hour pass without Priority Pass

Showers: Yes

Wifi: Yes

Hot food: Yes

Full bar: Yes


Checking into the Primeclass Lounge

I came to the Primeclass lounge around 1pm as my flight to Kiev was at 3:00pm. Check in was a breeze and they accepted my Priority Pass without issue.

The lounge was quite empty when I went. It was just myself and maybe 5 other people. However, compared to the Primeclass lounge in Zurich, this lounge is just a fraction of the size. It has the same layout and aesthetics as the Primeclass lounge in Zurich which I think is very nice but I could see this place feeling very cramped as soon as more people arrive.Frankfurt Primeclass Lounge


Layout of the lounge

The Primeclass lounge focuses on an open design concept with brightly accented furniture, imitation brick walls and ambient lighting. It’s definitely one of the more Modern lounges you’ll find in the Priority Pass portfolio and it is just very welcoming when you step in. The floor to ceiling windows give you views to the Skytrain that connects the terminals and allows for great natural light to come in.Frankfurt Primeclass Lounge

The furniture features a mix of traditional looking chairs and bar stools, coupled with modern sofas and tables. The colors contrast well with the walls and carpet but above all, the furniture is quite comfortable. There are power plugs in fewer places than expected but still enough to get you where you need to go.Frankfurt Primeclass Lounge

My favorite part of this lounge, like the sister lounge in Zurich, is the long main bar. All the drinks you’d want are in this main bar. Strangely enough, it is not self service but the employees at the lounge are quite eager to pour you a stiff drink.primeclass frankfurt lounge

The one main difference is the lack of viewing deck in the Frankfurt lounge but it’s to be expected as this lounge is probably 1/4th the size of the mothership in Zurich!

Primeclass frankfurt lounge
Stiff pours at the Frankfurt lounge


Food and Drinks

For lunch, the lounge had meatballs and pasta as the hot food. There was also an assortment of breads, cold cuts, jams, fruits and the like. It is definitely not as comprehensive as the restaurant quality food served in Zurich. Frankfurt Primeclass Lounge

As for drinks, the Frankfurt Primeclass Lounge had a full bar with beers, wines, and liquors. There were local German beers and wines, as well as the standard lounge offerings for liquor like Baileys, Jack Daniels, Aperol and more.Frankfurt Primeclass Lounge

The beers are self service but the wine and liquor are done by the employees of the lounge.

They also had bottles of still and sparkling water for you to take as well as a water kettle serving mint and lemon ice water.


There are two shower stalls that are free to use at this lounge. You can even ask for a shower kit from the front desk which includes a small towel, slippers, comb, and a dental kit. Shampoo and the like are available in the shower stall. It’s a small space but very clean and more than enough to refresh yourself before going on a flight.



As you’d expect in 100% of lounges in the world, the wifi exists and is free to use. The wifi at this lounge was quite fast as I could get up to 30mbps download and 15 mbps upload. Was enough to stream some Netflix during my short stay here.

There are workstations here with PCs ready to use as well as printing services. There are also plenty of desks for you to do work, as well as Foosball table.


Best Lounge in Frankfurt Airport Terminal 2

As far as all the lounges in Frankfurt Airport’s Terminal 2, I’d say the Skylounge is probably your best bet. If you’re flying Non-Schengen from Terminal 2, then the Skylounge would be my preferred lounge of choice. I think it is more spacious and comfortable than the Primeclass Lounge, which is probably a second place option in my opinion.




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