Plaza Premium SIngapore Changi airport

Airport Lounge Review: The Plaza Premium Lounge at Singapore Changi Airport

Singapore Changi is one of my favorite airports in the world and consistently ranked as the best airport in the world for good reason. Living in Singapore means I get to enjoy this airport regularly. It’s also home to a plethora of airport lounges for you to enjoy. I was recently at the Plaza Premium lounge in Terminal 1 and here is a review of my stay.

Plaza Premium SIngapore Changi airport

In Terminal 1 of Singapore Changi airport, you have the Marhaba, SATS Premier and Plaza Premium lounges to choose from within the Priority Pass network. There are also a bunch of other airline lounges that are only accessible for premier members of those airline networks. This review will have a lot of comparisons to the other Priority Pass lounges Singapore Changi has to offer

Plaza Premium SIngapore Changi airport

Singapore’s airport is easily one of the nicest airports I’ve been to with countless options for nice seating, great food, and bars galore. There are also an insane amount of free things that the airport offers like a movie theater, multiple gardens, the famous Jewel lounge, massage chairs, and video games galore. You won’t go bored in Singapore’s airport but if you want free stuff, time to go to the lounges!

How to find the Plaza Premium Lounge in Singapore

The location of this lounge is in Terminal 1, nearby to Gate 52. The lounge is located to the left of the immigration e-terminals. You’ll see signs for the other lounges in this terminal and Plaza Premium is on the list. Do not get it confused with the other lounges like SATS premier as some of these lounges are in the opposite direction of where you’ll need to go. You’ll walk about 100 meters before you see signs for the plaza premium and an escalator up.

The Plaza Premium lounge in Changi airport is also located next to the Qatar and Emirates lounges.

How to access the Plaza Premium Lounge in Singapore Changi

The Plaza Premium lounge in Singapore can be accessed with Priority Pass membership which you can get for free from holding a variety of credit cards like the Chase Sapphire Reserve, American Express Platinum, Citi Prestige, etc. If you want to know more about credit cards and how to use them for getting into lounges for free, flying for free, and just how to improve your travel experience many fold, read my  comprehensive travel hacking guide.

Multiple credit cards

Plaza Premium lounge, while located in Terminal 1, can be used for flights from any terminal. If your flight is departing from terminal 2, you can still use the lounges in Terminal 1 or 3 as the gates are all connected to each other viathe sky train. Just makes sure you give yourself ample time to reach your gates if they depart from another terminal. As an example, walking to terminal 1 from the Plaza Premium was 15 minutes.

Plaza Premium Singapore Lounge Amenities

The Plaza Premium lounge in Singapore is an average to above average Priority Pass lounge. It won’t wow any one but it is a solid option for being free and part of the Priority Pass network. It certainly does not compare to the Primeclass lounges that I visited in Europe but beggars can’t be choosers after all!

Plaza Premium SIngapore Changi airport

The asthetics of the lounge are modern and mildly stylish. The chairs are standard leather one seaters that do the job. There is a section by the entrance with plush couches and communal tables for big groups. Along the walls of the main seating area are mini booths with a little bit of privacy that is great for laptop work. Finally you have direct views of the tarmac for aviation geeks like me.

Plaza Premium SIngapore Changi airport

Some of the amenities the Plaza Premium lounge has to offer are:

  • Free onsite shower
  • Free wifi
  • Beers and Wine (liquor is extra)
  • Hot food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.I was here for dinner and the offers were Singaporean chicken rice, laksa, various vegetables, and pastries

Power outlets are readily available in all seats with universal plugs. There are also pod like seating in the back that’s perfect for those looking to do work on their laptops. There are also a few communal tables that are perfect for families or group’s of friends looking to sit together.

Plaza Premium SIngapore Changi airport

Size of the lounge

The only downside to Plaza Premium Singapore is the size of the lounge. It’s quite small with limited seating during peak hours. When I visited, it was almost full with limited seats available. However, this was during the peak after work hours between 6pm and 8pm.

Plaza Premium SIngapore Changi airport

The food and drinks at Plaza Premium Changi

I was here between 6pm and 8pm. My flight was at 9pm so I was here for the dinner offerings. The food here is among the best I found with the Priority pass lounges in Singapore. They have a standard buffet menu with offerings like chicken rendang and grilled fish. However, their stand-out offers were the a-la cart items like the famous Singaporean chicken rice and laksa.

Plaza Premium SIngapore Changi airport

Now the chicken rice here clearly does not compare to the plethora of chicken rice options in Singapore that I’ve frequented. If you are visiting Singapore and did not eat chicken rice until the airport, you have failed in life. Nevertheless, the chicken rice here is surprisingly better than I expected with tender chicken and fragrant rice.

The laksa was also very good with a flavorful broth and your standard bee-hoon noodles. I always prefer the Penang asam laksa to the curry laksa but this was a hearty and filling meal.

Plaza Premium SIngapore Changi airport

As for alcohol, there is a bar with bartender service to help you refill your glass. They have standard beer and wine options for free but liquor including cocktails are pay to drink. I didn’t bother with their cocktails but helped myself to a glas of wine. In addition, they also have a Guiness draught machine for the perfect draft Guiness which was very surprising (but welcome).

Plaza Premium SIngapore Changi airport

The bathroom and showers

I always feel weird taking photos of the bathrooms at a lounge so I will spare that on this review. But the bathrooms are plenty cleaned and up to standard with the best of the lounges. The showers are free of charge and offers a sizeable private room for you to use. The only time I’ve ever used a shower is in the Maldives before our flight as I was covered in sweat from it being so hot.

Plaza Premium SIngapore Changi airport

Plaza Premium Singapore is a solid lounge choice

Like I mentioned earlier, Plaza Premium lounge is a totally acceptable and solid Priority Pass lounge option in Singapore’s Changi airport. It will not wow anyone and certainly won’t blow your mind like the Singapore airlines business lounge in Terminal 3.

The Jewel waterfall Singapore CHangi airport
Spoiled for amazing choices in Singapore’s airport

However, this lounge offers arguably some of the best food of the Priority pass lounges in all of Singapore’s terminals. The lounge is not as big as other lounges like the Marhaba or the SATS Premier, but it makes up for it in the food options. If you really want a good meal, I would avoid the lounges altogether as they are nothing special. THere are plenty of good restaurants in the airport and even better restaurants in the Jewel terminal like cult classics Ding Tai Fun and Tim Ho Wan.

Plaza Premium SIngapore Changi airport

All in all this is a fantastic lounge and definitely one I go back to when I’m flying from Singapore Changi terminal 1.

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