The Best Places to Visit in Uganda

Visitors to Uganda have an unforgettable experience of fantastically beautiful landscapes, unique flora and fauna and bright coloring of the country. National parks with diverse wildlife, savannahs and untouched rainforests are the centers of attraction for tourists. These are the best places to visit while being in Uganda.

Rwenzori Mountains

The oldest rocks with pristine nature, untouched by the hand of man, will satisfy those who enjoy extreme emotions, like those they feel while betting at the best betting app in Uganda or parachuting. Here is a national park with picturesque savannahs and lakes, which is protected by UNESCO. The main attraction of the mountain range – snow-capped Margarita Peak height of just over 5,000 meters.

ankole cows uganda
One big and awesome surprise Uganda has in store are their cows. The ankole cows, a breed native to Uganda and South Sudan, have the biggest horns in the world, reaching up to 1m per horn!

Mausoleum (Kampala)

This ancient mausoleum is located on Kasubi Hill and represents the burial place of the rulers of the local kingdom of Buganda. The monument is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is under its protection. The structure is made of wood and cane sticks.

Interestingly, there was a fire here 12 years ago that destroyed the finishes, but did not touch the remains of the kings!

Uganda Museum (Kampala)

A great place to learn about the culture of the locals. The exhibits presented here show the peculiarities of life of Africans in different parts of Uganda. Here you can see national costumes, crockery, religious items, jewelry, weapons, musical instruments and much more.

Queen Elizabeth Park

The Queen Elizabeth reserve covers almost 2,000 km² and consists of valleys of swamps, tropical jungle, extremely beautiful savannas and many magnificent lakes. Hippos, elephants, buffalo, monkeys, and lions live here. Nearby there are fishing villages and a science center where experts watch the migration of birds. This park is home to some of the best game viewing in Uganda.

The beautiful Queen Elizabeth Park


In 1993, Uganda opened Kibale National Park to protect the rainforest. The area of 766 km² is covered by evergreen rainforest. The diversity of flora and fauna makes it a center for safari and eco-tourism. The reserve is home to endangered primates.

When you come here, you can see red colobus, mangabeys, tame chimpanzees, and red-tailed monkeys. There are hiking trails through the park.

Murchison Falls

A violent stream of water formed by the Nile River and plummeting 40 meters high! The best way to see its beauty is from a boat ride through the body of water surrounded by stunning scenery. During the boat ride, you can see dozens of hippos wandering leisurely along the coast.

A misty but beautiful morning at the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

Mganga Reserve

A small but attractive park for tourists. The large population of mountain gorillas attracts travelers’ attention! These rare wild animals are protected by the staff of the reserve, but they live in natural conditions. Visitors have the opportunity to observe the animals, but must get permission from the national park administration.

Parliament Building

The capital of Uganda has a beautiful four-story palace lined with white marble. In front of the main entrance, there is a well-kept square with monuments, flowerbeds and benches. Twice a month the parliament of the country gathers in the house.

On other days, the palace is open to guests who wish to learn about the culture and traditions of the African people. An organized tour of the parliament building introduces the history of Uganda. The souvenir store on the first floor sells national costumes, jewelry, and books telling about historical events.

Liberty Monument

The granite Liberty Monument shows a mother holding out her baby to the sun, a symbol of the republic gaining its long-awaited independence. The monument rises five meters above the ground. Locals treat it with special reverence.

Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is the second largest of all freshwater lakes on our planet. It’s a beautiful place with a heavily indented shoreline surrounded by savannah, evergreen trees, and an impressive variety of aquatic fauna.

It’s better to visit this place with a guide, there are often storms, a lot of snakes and crocodiles in the water, and on land – dangerous insects!

Lake Kyoga

Lake Kyoga, covering an area of 1,720 km², has an average depth of 3 meters. The water comes from the White Nile, which flows here, following from Lake Victoria to Lake Albert. The shoreline is covered with water lilies, hyacinths, and papyrus. Numerous algae and tuna create floating islands, drifting between real islands within the lake’s limits. There are many crocodiles and fish in the water.

Lake Mburo

Between the towns of Masaki and Mbarara is Lake Mburo, surrounded by high hills. This area is included in a national park consisting of valleys and forests. In the south of the reserve, the Ruizi River flows into the lake.

Mburo is famous for its biodiversity. During a tourist trip, travelers admire king herons, zebras, giraffes, antelopes, observe hippos, engage in photo-hunting and catch a huge amount of fish.

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