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Three destinations for solo travellers in the Greek Islands

The Greek Islands are a popular tourist destination for good reason: they boast amazing weather, stunning scenery, and plenty of activities to keep even the most seasoned traveller entertained. And while the Greek Islands are often thought of as a romantic getaway spot, they’re actually perfect for solo travellers, too. Here are three destinations that are ideal for those travelling on their own:

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When most people think of Greece, they picture white-washed houses with bright blue shutters, sun-drenched beaches, and gorgeous turquoise waters (after all, that’s what’s made the country so famous). And while all of that is certainly true of Skiathos, what sets this island apart from its more popular counterparts is its size. At just 48 square kilometres, Skiathos is intimate enough to feel like a home away from home, but large enough to offer plenty of activities and adventures for solo travellers.

There are plenty of water sports to enjoy, like stand-up paddleboarding, windsurfing, and kitesurfing. Or if hiking is more your thing, there are tons of trails crisscrossing the island waiting to be explored.

It’s really easy to get around. Whether you’re exploring the island by foot or renting a scooter, you’ll never feel lost or like you’re stuck in one place. There’s always something new to discover, whether it’s a hidden beach cove or a secluded taverna with the best views in town.


This stunning island is another place for solo travellers who want to enjoy beautiful scenery, tasty food, and plenty of opportunities to meet new people. Unlike some of the other Greek islands that can feel overrun with tourists during peak season, Hydra is small and intimate with a charming character and relaxed atmosphere.

If you’re hoping to explore as much of Greece as possible during your trip, Hydra is the perfect home base. The island is located just a short boat ride away from Athens, so you can easily pop over for a day of sightseeing before returning to your tranquil retreat in the evening.


There are few places on earth as stunning as the Greek island of Santorini. With its dramatic cliffs, bright blue waters and white-washed buildings, Santorini is a photographer’s paradise. But it’s not just the landscape that makes this island so special – it’s also the vibrant culture and welcoming people.

Santorini Oia blue domes

Santorini has something for everyone, whether you’re looking to lounge on the beach all day or explore Greek culture and history. The island is home to numerous archaeological sites, including the ruins of Thera, an ancient Minoan city. If you’re a foodie, you’ll be in heaven with all the delicious seafood and traditional Greek dishes on offer. And with plenty of sunset bars and beach clubs to choose from, there’s no shortage of opportunities to socialise. Finally, of course, no trip to Santorini would be complete without enjoying a sunset from Oia overlooking the Caldera.

santorini oia
Views of Oia in Santorini Island


Mykonos is known as the party island of Greece. People flock here from all over the US, Canada, Australia, Europe, Cruise ships, and the like to see the Chora and experience the nightlife. Mykonos is probably most famous for its numerous beach clubs that are party by day, and party by night.

Mykonos Chora

The Chora of Mykonos, otherwise known as Mykonos Town is located right at the port and is actually one of the most picturesque towns in the Cyclades. It satisfies everything you’d want in a Cyclades town with its beautiful windmills, whitewashed churches, stone streets. It’s also home to the famous Little Venice which are colorful houses located on the waterfront that is famous for its views.

Mykonos is too touristy for me

Mykonos was my first island in the Cyclades purely because there are flights that go there from Greece and Europe. I visited in July 2020 as Greece was reopening to the world. There weren’t many people in Mykonos which made it much more of an enjoyable experience. I really liked the Chora and especially the sunset bars. However, July 2020 saw about 10-15% of normal capacity. There were no cruise ships at all. The Chora is not a big place after all, and I could only imagine how terrible it would be in normal times. Mykonos is among the most popular islands in the entire world.

Little Venice Mykonos

The price for food and alcohol are significantly more expensive on Mykonos and Santorini. I would factor in a 50% price increase from Mykonos versus the neighboring islands.

mykonos cavo tagoo pool bar susnet

With that said, I think Mykonos is still worth a visit if not just to check off the FOMO checklist. However, I am purely ranking it at the bottom because it’s one of the last places I would re-visit after seeing so many other more charming and less frequented islands.

Mykonos would be good for solo travel

With all that said, I think that Mykonos would make for a great solo travel destination. If you’re a solo traveler looking to meet other travelers and want to have a good time, then Mykonos could be one of the best destinations. There are loads of hostels, parties, and great social vibes on this island to keep you occupied.


Ios is known as the party island for Greeks. Mykonos steals the thunder normally because of how exclusive and done up it is, but those that want to party without breaking the bank come to Ios. The Chora is actually quite picturesque as it’s built alongside a hill but I found it to be better for pictures from afar (of the Chora) than walking within it.

Ios Chora
Ios Chora

Perhaps it’s because I had been to so many other islands before Ios but the inside of the Chora was not as impressive as others even though it was a beautiful ancient city. Nevertheless, the island still boasts incredible mountain landscapes and perhaps the most pristine beaches in the Cyclades.


Again, the Cyclades are not the top beach spots in Greece. That honor would go to the islands in the Ionian sea like Kefalonia, Zakynthos, and Lefkada. The beaches in the Cyclades do not compare to those islands. Ios is probably as close as it gets from the places I visited. There are long stretches of sandy beaches with super clear blue waters.

So there you have it – three Greek Island destinations that are perfect for solo travellers. So what are you waiting for?

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