Essentials for your first time travel to Cancun

Cancun is a destination that has it all, from breathtaking beaches to colorful reefs and exclusive restaurants. With many options of activities, you must be careful while planning your itinerary and packing. Find here some tips about what to pack, some Cancun airport transportation options and information about popular places.


What should I pack?

Since Cancun is a warm and humid city with sunny days almost all year, pack light and quick-dry clothes to be more comfortable. Do not forget your swimwear and flip-flops! But even though most of the time Cancun is hot, pack also for the weather with a chance of rain.

With all the ocean-based opportunities and outdoor activities, sunscreen is also important on your luggage. Make sure it is high SPF sunscreen, which means it blocks UVA and UVB rays, and ocean-safe. Some standard sunscreens contain chemicals that cause damage to aquatic ecosystems like coral reefs and marine fauna.

Thanks to the tropical weather in Cancun, Mosquitoes can be an issue in certain parts of the city, so also put one or two repellents in your pockets. Leave the expensive jewelry at home and if you are a vivid reader, pack just light books or opt for an e-reader that will take less space and is very practical to take with you.


Find efficient transportation before traveling

On your arrival, you will find plenty of options to move to your hotel from Cancun International Airport. You can take a taxi or bus, reserve private transportation or even rent a car. However, the best and more comfortable option is to book a private service to go directly to your destination without long waits at the airport or share your vehicle with many other people.

Several vendors offer transportation services, that vary in price depending on where you go and the type of service. By booking your private transportation service in advance, you will save money and time. There are different companies like eTransfers Cancun that offer private transfers to the main hotels in Cancun and Riviera Maya. With service available 24 hours a day, spacious vans, even drinks, and snacks!

Private transportation is also very useful since most companies have the roundtrip option on the booking process. That way you can schedule your return to be on time for your flight.


Do some research and reserve your tours in advance

Due to the excellent location of Cancun, you can have access to many other tourist attractions either in the city or any other nearby like Tulum or Playa del Carmen or the amazing Cozumel. For many of them, the travel time goes from 30 minutes to 2 hours, but it will depend on traffic and climate conditions.

In Cancun, you can find different tours to the most popular locations, it can be just a day pass or a several days tour. Since Quintana Roo is a very busy destination, it is recommended to book your tours online in advance to avoid long waits or high prices for last-minute reservations.

In case you don’t want to get a tour and go by yourself, many transportation companies have Transportation from Cancun airport to Playa del Carmen or any other destination with an open service to explore the destinations at your own pace. You can also get your tickets to famous places like Coco Bongo, Xcaret, Xelha, and many other theme parks before traveling.

Definitively, Cancun is a place where you can’t get bored, that’s why so many people keep coming back to this Caribbean paradise. Prepare for your next vacation and enjoy all the adventures that Cancun has for you!

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