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Trip to New Zealand: Exploring Nightlife Activities and Outdoor Paradise

There’s no other place like New Zealand – a country with a unique culture, rich history, and incredible nature. Tourists are attracted to multiple famous sights: something new opens up in front of visitors every time they arrive in the country. Hardly anyone hasn’t heard of the well-known Kiwis’ nature. 

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On the other hand, NZ residents are passionate fans of nightlife and entertainment – and it’s the other side of the country. Exploring the bustling cities is no less exciting than spending time in nature.

Check New Zealand’s Nightlife: Bars and Casinos

Kiwis’ nature is magnificent, but many cannot imagine their lives without the noises of a bustling metropolis. After enjoying nature, head to the big cities that will impress you with their grandeur and various activities. Since New Zealanders like to gamble a lot, land-based and online casinos are a part of their everyday life.

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Kiwis prefer gambling venues with the highest payout rate, therefore popular NZ gambling establishments like Sky City Casino pay out the most. Don’t hesitate to try out New Zealand’s top paying operators online. Virtual gambling is allowed, so you can spin the reel when relaxing in a national park or sailing on a yacht.

Of course, casinos are the first thing to consider – the locals are known as passionate players, so you will find plenty of gaming establishments in the country.

Auckland is one of the best gambling spots: it boasts grand land-based casinos and small underground clubs. Both options are legal, as the country’s government uses the industry for additional income. Therefore, both Kiwi residents and guests can enjoy this entertainment. Check some top NZ casinos famous worldwide:

  • SkyCity Auckland
  • Dunedin Casino
  • Christchurch Casino

They all offer a broad range of entertainment options, so don’t miss the chance to invest several bucks in poker or gaming machines. Moreover, New Zealand land-based gambling establishments such as Dunedin Casino offer a variety of exciting activities apart from gambling, which are worth trying. 

Due to its popularity and low deposit gambling, Dunedin Casino is often compared with Grosvenor Casino and other impressive venues outside the country. 

Visit New Zealand’s Natural Wonders

Unique flora and fauna are precisely what attract millions of tourists to the country. The island is washed by the Pacific Ocean, and no matter where you go, you will never be more than 120 kilometres from the coast. Luxurious white sand beaches are the perfect solution for a lazy retreat. But don’t stop there for long; New Zealand still has a lot to show you!

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Over 30% of the region is covered by national parks, never touched by human hands. And avoiding visiting at least one would be a real crime! The must-visit locations include:

  • Milford Sound is a bay on the southwestern coast. This location is famous for its picturesque mountains and unique fauna. Seeing seals and dolphins when driving a boat cannot be compared with anything else.
  • Tongariro National Park is the oldest wildlife sanctuary in the country; established in 1887, it continues attracting visitors. Water activities, hiking, and many more entertainment options are available. It’s also a hotspot for skiing lovers: NZ is also fantastic in winter.
  • Fiordland National Park is a place whose incredible landscapes will win the hearts of even the most experienced tourists. Incredible lakes, beautiful nature, and rare animal species will make your trip unforgettable.

Overall, New Zealand offers 13 national parks, each of which is unique and amazing. Locals value their natural heritage and treat it reverently, and so should visitors.

Eat Tasty & Try Some Fine Wine

Of course, the nightlife is not limited to gaming establishments: Kiwis also enjoy delicious cafés and amazing bars. Only Auckland offers 36 Michelin restaurants – choosing the best one is so challenging. Grab some ideas on where to have a fantastic dinner:

  1. Sidart Restaurant with authentic NZ dishes and perfect wine pairings
  2. The Grove Restaurant offers the best oysters in the region
  3. Masu by Nick Watt with the freshest sushi & top seafood

You will never stay hungry in New Zealand; the influence of different cultures on the country’s development brought multiple cuisines. New Zealand is famous for its outstanding wineries. For New Zealanders tasting wine is a truly pleasurable endeavour. Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of wine and relish the exquisite flavours of locally produced drinks. 

Discover Maori Culture in Guided Tours

Dipping into the country’s culture and history is the best way to touch it. Maori were the indigenous residents of the region around a thousand years ago. Most tourists are inspired by learning more about Maori culture and habits, but reading articles and books is often not the best solution.

Of course, you can visit the famous Maori locations on your own. Bay of Islands, Te Puia, and Northland are only some destinations to explore these people’s history. However, the best solution is to take a guided course in the still-existing Maori Village. 

Head to Whakarewarewa if you are open to such an experience, and locals will guide you through the secret historical sports. Diving into the past and exploring every little detail is possible even now!

Final Insight

New Zealand is wise and different, and tourists can explore all its sides. Would you prefer a noisy capital with amazing casinos or a secluded picnic somewhere in the mountains? New Zealand amuses tourists with its breathtaking landscapes and unique flora and fauna. 

There’s something new every time you come to the country, and locals are incredibly proud of what nature and history have given them. Explore the Kiwi culture, and you will fall in love at first glance.