Tripitos arch paxos greece

The Best Ways To Explore Europe

Europe is a vast and varied continent with so much to see and do. When it comes to exploring Europe, there are many different options to choose from. Whether you’re visiting the Greek islands or the Algarve coast of Portugal, or somewhere in France, there is something for everyone in this beautiful continent.

Tripitos arch paxos greece

Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to consider what factors are most important to you before making a decision. Here are five different ways to explore Europe, complete with pros and cons.


Flying is by far the fastest way to get around Europe. If you’re on a tight schedule or want to cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time, then flying is the way to go. However, flying can be expensive and isn’t the most environmentally-friendly option.

To best book budget flights in Europe, it’s recommended to book early and be flexible with travel dates. Many budget airlines offer discounted fares for those who book in advance or travel during off-peak times. It’s also important to read the airline’s terms and conditions carefully to avoid unexpected fees or restrictions.

Some popular budget airlines in Europe include Ryanair, EasyJet, and Wizz Air. These airlines often operate from smaller airports located outside major cities, so it’s important to factor in transportation costs and travel time when planning a trip.

When booking budget flights, travelers should also be aware of the airline’s cancellation and change policies, as these may be more restrictive than traditional carriers. Overall, budget flights can be a great way to save money on airfare in Europe, but it’s important to research and plan ahead to ensure a smooth and affordable travel experience.

Train through Europe

Travelling by train is a great way to see Europe at a leisurely pace. It’s also relatively inexpensive and fairly comfortable but sometimes can be slow and unreliable.

Interrailing is a popular choice amongst avid travellers and backpackers. Dragging heavy rucksacks and staying in hostels has never seemed so appealing, given the ease of moving between countries with a single pass.

Not only is this a much cheaper form of travel, but it’s also environmentally friendly and allows for more flexibility compared to flying.

Here are some of the best and most beautiful train routes in Europe:

  1. The Glacier Express, Switzerland: This train journey takes you through the Swiss Alps, passing through stunning mountain landscapes, glacier-fed rivers, and picturesque villages.
  2. The Flam Railway, Norway: This train ride takes you through the heart of Norway’s fjords, offering breathtaking views of steep mountains, waterfalls, and the beautiful Aurlandsfjord.
  3. The West Highland Line, Scotland: This train route passes through the Scottish Highlands, offering stunning views of rugged coastlines, rolling hills, and picturesque lochs.
  4. The Trans-Siberian Railway, Russia: This is the world’s longest railway journey, covering over 9,000 km from Moscow to Vladivostok, and offering incredible views of the vast Siberian landscape.
  5. The Cinque Terre Express, Italy: This train route takes you along the Italian Riviera, passing through the colorful seaside villages of Cinque Terre and offering stunning views of the Mediterranean.
  6. The Bernina Express, Switzerland: This train ride takes you through the Swiss Alps, crossing the Bernina Pass and offering stunning views of glaciers, mountain lakes, and historic towns.
  7. The Belmond Grand Hibernian, Ireland: This luxury train journey takes you through the Emerald Isle, passing through rolling hills, historic castles, and charming towns.

These are just a few of the many beautiful train routes in Europe. Whether you’re a train enthusiast or simply looking for a scenic way to explore the continent, Europe’s train routes offer something for everyone.

Go on a tour

Organising a Europe tour for when you arrive at your destination is a great way of seeing the best parts of the country, especially if you’ve never been before. Whether you’d prefer to go on a small group tour or take things slower on a self-guided tour, the choice is entirely up to you!

Tours are particularly beneficial if you’re a solo traveller looking to make new connections and widen your social circle. Who knows, you might meet friends for life and make amazing memories.


Travelling by bus is often the cheapest way to get around Europe. It’s also fairly flexible, as you can often change your plans at the last minute without having to pay any cancellation fees. On the other hand, buses can be very slow and uncomfortable, especially on longer journeys.

Rent a car

Renting a car gives you the freedom to explore Europe at your own pace. You can make impromptu stops whenever you want and change your plans on the fly without having to worry about things like train schedules or bus routes.

Rent a car Albania
A road trip is what you want to do here!

However, renting a car can be expensive, and it’s not always the easiest option when it comes to navigating unfamiliar territory. It’s worth noting that the road signs and driving regulations in the country may differ – you don’t want to find yourself driving on the wrong side of the road!