Still stranded in America!

So as many may have noticed, I am still on the northern hemisphere and still surrounded by the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. I was originally slated to leave Feb 23rd to London for two months for training. I had planned to travel all around Europe during the weekends and the previous two weeks were slated to be Madrid and Rome! Alas, I am still in the states because the Visa process to obtain a South Africa Visa is a  HUGE pain in the ass. That whole process I’ll write about in another post because with the amount of things I’ve had to do for it, I might as well have bought a house.

The next potential date for me to leave would be March 15th but that looks like it will be pushed back another week. I suppose there could be worse things than having to wait out my departure in NYC, but I’m literally doing nothing with my life at the moment and I’ve completely checked out mentally of my life here. Anyway, I should know something more concrete soon and hopefully can get as much Europe time in as possible before heading to the Rainbow Nation!

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