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How To Stay Busy While Traveling To Not Get Bored

2022 is a year of travel for many, with COVID-19 restrictions no longer causing (too much) disruption. Many people are heading off on vacation, going on once-in-a-lifetime backpacking adventures, and resuming business travel for the first time in a few years.

maeklong railway market
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As fun, exciting, and valuable travel experiences can be, you will find that it is not all action and adventure. A lot of travel involves sitting around, whether waiting for a flight, relaxing at a hotel, or traveling on a long train journey. So, what are a few ways to stay busy when traveling? Keep reading for a few simple ideas!


Post On Social Media

The quieter parts of your trip are a great chance to update everyone on what you have been up to. Posting on social media will allow you to share your most recent developments, touch base with people, and cement the memories and experiences that you are having.

It is also a chance to see what everyone else has been doing back home, which can help to stave off homesickness.


Keep A Journal

You will also find that keeping a journal is a great way to stay busy during a travel experience. Keeping track of what you have been doing, expressing your thoughts and emotions, and even just creating lists and doodles will help document your trip so that you can enjoy looking back through it when you get home.

Naturally, it can be easy to forget small details when you are on a travel adventure, so a journal is a great way to cement your memories and a therapeutic way to pass the time.


Take Photos

Another way to solidify the memories of your trip as well as keep yourself entertained is to take photos. Even if you are just sitting around at the hostel or out for a walk, you will find that this is a chance to take photographs and create an accurate representation of what your trip was like.

You might find the images of the quieter moments in your journey to be special when looking back through them, ensuring you will never forget any moment of your travels – yes, even the duller, less spectacular times.


Play Blackjack Games

If you are looking for a fun way to pass the time, you could always play online blackjack games on your smartphone or laptop, which would be fantastic fun on the go. For instance, if blackjack is your game, you can enjoy playing on online slotslv and similar reputable sites with excellent gameplay, colorful graphics, and a real casino-like experience. The game can be played pretty quickly

Ultimately, it is hard to get bored when you have a smartphone, and online casino games will be one of the best ways to pass the time in between all that adventuring and during your downtime.


Video Call A Loved One

Travel can be eye-opening, exciting, and character-building, but it can also cause people to be homesick. This is why it is a good idea to arrange a video call with a loved one back home if you know that you have some time to kill.

A video call will be the closest thing to a face-to-face conversation and often the best way to get in touch with someone as you can see and talk to them. Just be wary of any geographical time differences before setting up a call!


Read a book

Reading is always a worthwhile activity when looking to pass the time and can enrich your life in many ways (much like travel). In a time when people are often glued to screens all day, there is something genuine and serene about getting stuck into a good book and disconnecting for a while.

There are many iconic books to read while traveling, from fiction to informative – so be sure to pack a few of your favorites and ones that interest you before heading off on your travels.


Card Games

Anyone who has traveled before will tell you how useful it is to have a deck of cards on your person at all times. There are a lot of solo games that you can play when bored, but card games are also the best way to meet new people and have some fun. What’s more, many card games are universal, so you may be able to make new friends even if there’s a language barrier between you.


Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article will have given you a simple few ideas for keeping busy while traveling. Traveling can be life-changing, but it is not all action and adventure, and people often spend a lot of time waiting around. To help keep boredom at bay during that time, consider the above suggestions – after which you’ll be sure to stay entertained and enjoy a more enriching trip.

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