4 Reasons Why You Should Bring Sunglasses on Every Trip

More people are traveling to different regions across the world. According to statistics on the outbound tourism market, there are approximately 93 million people who go overseas from the US. The report valued the market at $101,697 million in 2022, and it is projected to reach $458,986 million. With an increasing number of people traveling, the demand for travel gear is at an all-time high. It can be tricky to find the right things for your next trip, but no matter where you’re visiting, always remember to bring a pair of sunglasses.

Not only do these sunglasses accessorize and make you look good, but they also safeguard your vision and minimize eye damage. If you’re still unsure why you should bring a pair of shades, here are four reasons why you should bring sunglasses on every trip:

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Protect your eyes from UV rays

One of the biggest reasons travelers should wear sunglasses is to protect their eyes from harsh ultraviolet rays. UV light is a form of electromagnetic radiation that comes in several forms:

UVA – Emits the least energy but causes wrinkles and “sunspots”.

·  UVB – Has a longer-wavelength responsible for penetrating the skin, leading to most sunburns and some skin cancers.

·  UVC – Mostly blocked by Earth’s ozone layer, so it only comes from limited sources like welding torches and UV sanitizing bulbs.

Like putting sunscreen on your skin, wearing sunglasses with UV protection, mainly UV 400, safeguards your eyes. This can prevent you from developing macular degeneration or cataracts, lowering the risk of worsened vision. In addition to directly protecting your eyes, wearing glasses can also minimize sunray exposure to your eyelids, safeguarding your eyelids from skin cancer.

Protection from glare

In environments like the sea or snowy areas, the environment can sometimes be blinding and prevent people from seeing clearly. Having crystal clear vision is especially important when you’re a person navigating transport, such as a car or a boat, so it’s critical to equip yourself with the proper eye protection. The sunglasses from Oakley feature lifestyle designs that not only protect your eyes but also enhance your look.

Their famous Holbrook™ model is equipped with varying colors of their Prizm™ lenses, which enhance contrast and detail, optimizing your experience. Depending on your expected environment, some lenses may work better than others. For instance, brown lenses are ideal for bright outdoor activities like golfing, sailing, or driving, whereas yellow lenses are best for foggy and low-light environments.

Shield eyes from the elements

You can easily be exposed to random debris while traveling in windy environments, potentially hurting your eyes more than they should. As we mentioned in our previous post on exploring North Africa, it’s essential to bring a pair of sunglasses to protect yourself— not only from the sun but also from the sand and dry wind.

Enjoy clearer vision

If you need a prescription, it may be helpful to have an extra pair of glasses in case you accidentally damage your eyewear. Alternatively, it may be helpful to rely on transition lenses from Transitions that darken in sunlight and lighten in softer light or the dark. When in doubt, there are plenty of technical specialists that can assist you with choosing the perfect pair. If you’re traveling somewhere far, keep a prescription record or bring a repair kit and lens cloth to ensure you’re always ready for any situation.

Sunglasses are a multi-purpose accessory that not only reduces bright lights but can also safeguard your eyes from UV radiation, glare, and the elements to ensure you have clear vision. By wearing sunglasses, you can enjoy your trip without any risk of eye damage.