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Best Golf Courses in South Africa

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South Africa is one of the most stunning places on Earth, with beautiful, expanding vistas and stunning wildlife.

This makes the rainbow nation a fantastic place to golf – you can enjoy your game under the beating sun, or in cooler days and evenings while surrounded by some of the most special landscapes on the planet.

With so many brilliant courses in South Africa, though, it is difficult to choose where to go. But don’t worry – our list of the best golf courses in South Africa have narrowed it down to the top five.


Legend Golf and Safari Resort

Situated in the Limpopo Province, the Legend Golf and Spa Resort is home to one of the most challenging golf courses in the world. Though it is by no means a classic course, it is a special one, most notably due to its 19th hole.

Number 19 is a par three, and is the highest and longest in the world, making it a real challenge for beginner golfers and experienced ones alike. It is so high, in fact, that it can only be reached by helicopter.Legend Golf and Safari Resort

What adds an element of uniqueness and brilliance to Legend Golf and Spa Resort is the wildlife you come across along the way. It is not uncommon to find yourself among herds of giraffe, antelope and zebra. Get your timing right and you’ll have a truly authentic African experience.


Royal Johannesburg and Kensington Golf Club

If you’re still on the Royal Wedding hype, the Royal Johannesburg and Kensington Golf Club might be the one for you. The ‘Royal’ part of the name was added following the former Prince of Wales’ visit in 1930; the ‘Kensington’ part of its name came from the merge with the Kensington Golf Club in 1998.Royal Johannesburg and Kensington Golf Club

If you are in any doubt about the prestige of the Royal Johannesburg – don’t be. It’s one of the best in the Gauteng province.

The east and west courses at Royal Johannesburg are the best, and most sought after by international golfers.

They come to over a whopping 7,000 yards with the 10th and 11th holes on each of the courses becoming the longest par four holes in the world. So, if you want a course with respect and one to challenge your ability, this is it.


Durban Country Club

A golf course with true history and respect the world over is the Durban Country Club. It’s been running since 1922 and has hosted the South Africa Open Championships a spectacular 17 times in its history.  It easily harbors hundreds of cabbies, all equipped with the best cart batteries. Its sprawling grounds spread for acres.

The Durban Country Club is a credit to the nation, being the only one in the continent of Africa to be named in Golf Digest’s top 100 courses.

One view which particularly stands out is from the third hole, a par five, which overlooks the stunning Indian Ocean. It is a true spectacle, and a hole which offers something unique to this part of the world. Oh, and we should also mention that the third hole is rated the best third in the world. So, we’d certainly recommend the Durban Country Club with all of its splendour and fantastic reputation.


The Links at Fancourt

The Western Cape is home to the Links at Fancourt – one of the most geographically breath-taking courses in South Africa. It’s 700,000 cubic tonnes of land which was moved to transform what was once an airstrip into a links golf course. And it is testament to the human’s ability to create and engineer.Golf Links Fancourt

If you love a game which is rigorous and testing, you’ll get that at the Links at Fancourt. The manmade hazards and lush fairways make for an enthralling game in all aspects, and the mountain range setting is even more special.


Leopard Creek Country Club

Perhaps our favourite golf course in terms of luxury is the Leopard Creek Country Club in the Mpumalanga Province. It is ultra-exclusive, and only those lodging in nearby accommodation can play. And when you’re allowed to play, you can only do it on a weekday.Leopard Creek Country Club

But it is simply fantastic.

You’re able to combine the game of golf with safari on a course unlike any other. The 13th par five hole is elevated and looks over the world-famous Kruger National Park, as well as the Crocodile River. It’s excellent – and so are the animals, ranging from baboons to giraffes to hippos. Leopard Creek has it all.


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  1. I’ve been golfing for a very long time. I love golfing and whenever I got time, I go on any golf course and practice. I’ve visited South Africa three times but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to visit these golf courses. Anyway, thanks for writing an informative post. It helped me a lot. I hope I’ll visit these courses so soon.

  2. Hi,
    your review just fantastic.I love to play golf.it is difficult to choose where to go for golf.After reading your blog it is easy to choose best golf club in South Africa.
    Thanks for this useful review .

  3. Johnny,

    My wife and I are planning a trip to south Africa next year. As avid golfers we have played some of the most beautiful courses in the United States. Our favorite is Pebble Beach. Is Durban the best ‘coastal’ course in SA? We’re always looking for courses comparable (better?) than Pebble and we tend to favor vacationing along the coast – no matter what country we’re visiting!

    Thank you for the great course pictures too!

    • Hi Bill, I think Durban is definitely a great bet for golf courses. There are loads of courses along the Garden Route although I have not been to them. My one golf course in Cape Town, the Erinvale was very impressive. The views are absolutely spectacular!

  4. Great blog! before reading this i was actually totally in the dark about south Africas golf courses it seems they are beautiful , i was planing for a trip and i was thinking where should i go and then i seen this so now its easier for me to decide and it is south africa
    thanks ,jhonny

  5. These are some great List Johnny (Y). You should have a look at some of the golf communities in Dubai, they have some of the best one out there!