I’m a big fan of traveling for cheap and finding good deals. In addition to keeping a healthy supply of credit card bonuses to supplement my travel spending, the other part of the equation is to find good flights for a GOOD price. I follow these sites religiously and allow them to scout good deals out there for me.


The Flight Deal

#Airfare Deal: [United] Portland - Toronto, Canada. $306 r/t. Details: https://t.co/wxsr89uNeo #travel

#Airfare Deal: [Air Canada] Los Angeles - Toronto, Canada. $257 roundtrip. Details: https://t.co/vso81uhm25 #travel nonstop flight.

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#Airfare Deal: [UA] Phoenix - Manila, Philippines. $478 r/t. Details: https://t.co/YRA7120gkV #travel

#Airfare Deal: [UA] Newark - Calgary, Canada. $222 r/t. Details: https://t.co/gFAg96sByp #travel

#Airfare Deal: [UA] San Francisco - Montreal, Canada. $326 r/t. Details: https://t.co/igZPpwPPln #travel

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Travel Pirates

7 Nights In Fiji From $1,301 W/ 4-Star Beach Resort & Flights!

Keep Calm & Fiji On!🐚 https://t.co/lsSOdBC4M8

Fly To Puerto Vallarta, #Mexico From $235 Round Trip

Fiesta On La Playa!💃 https://t.co/wXoB6P1Xok

Fly To Milan, #Italy From $440 Round Trip!

Grab Gelato in Milano! https://t.co/qGLtSVueJU

Thai-me to #SundayFunday!👉 https://t.co/S9MpUnxHRV

Spend 9 nights SOLO in Phuket from $462 w/ flights & accom!

How Great is the Great Wall? 🐼

Find out ⬇️
Fly To Beijing, #China From $381 Round Trip: https://t.co/HNBskhDWvz

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Secret Flying

MEGA POST: Luxembourg to Central America from only €360 roundtrip with @KLM, @airfrance & @CopaAirlines.


Dallas, Texas to Ahmedabad, India for only $585 roundtrip with @qatarairways.


Non-stop from London, UK to Krabi, Thailand for only £279 roundtrip.


Non-stop from Glasgow, UK to Toronto, Canada for only £324 roundtrip.


Seattle to Auckland, New Zealand for only $693 roundtrip with @HawaiianAir.


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