I’m a big fan of traveling for cheap and finding good deals. In addition to keeping a healthy supply of credit card bonuses to supplement my travel spending, the other part of the equation is to find good flights for a GOOD price. I follow these sites religiously and allow them to scout good deals out there for me.


The Flight Deal

#Airfare Deal: [B6] New York - Fort Lauderdale (and vice versa) $126 r/t. Details: https://t.co/3gK8qQq3mH #travel

#Airfare Deal: [B6] Dallas - Boston (and vice versa) $122 r/t. Details: https://t.co/Pzs9VxW7vz #travel

Summer #Airfare Deal: [DL] Chicago - Berlin, Germany. $489 r/t. Details: https://t.co/BKIQXDtvN2 #travel

#Airfare Deal: [B6/DL] New York - Las Vegas (and vice versa) $232 r/t. Details: https://t.co/i4GZ4qSV8b #travel

#Airfare Deal: [DL] Boston - Frankfurt / Munich, Germany. $443 r/t. Details: https://t.co/J8PIUFKUCF #travel

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Travel Pirates

Beach Bound! 😎 https://t.co/mSkPQOOi12 Nonstop Flights To #Miami From Only $109 Round Trip


Get Down In NOLA! 🎶 https://t.co/7vqbthySue Fly To New Orleans From Just $49 Round Trip—N'awlins, Y'all!


Amster-DAM! ✈️ https://t.co/jwGBUXDG3e Fly To Holland From Just $380 Round Trip—An Amsterdam Good Deal!


Cheap Caribbean Flights! ✈️ https://t.co/vDkcSSg29P Flights To Providenciales, Turks & Caicos From $69 One Way & $213 Round Trip


Get Hunting! 😍 You would win a free vacation by participating in our Treasure Hunt. ✈️ https://t.co/s216G7k8ds

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Secret Flying

Non-stop from New York to Las Vegas (& vice versa) for only $232 roundtrip with @Delta, @United or @Jetblue


SUMMER: Chicago to Berlin, Germany for only $453 roundtrip with @Delta


Qatar Airways CEO apologises for calling US air hostesses 'grandmothers'.


SUMMER: Washington DC to Zurich, Switzerland for only $393 roundtrip with @Delta


Non-stop from Paris, France to Havana, Cuba for only €389 roundtrip.


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