The 5 Worst Airports in the US


The US is not known for their high-quality airports. Learn which are the bottom of the barrel and the worst airports in the US.

Did you know that consumers ranked airline customer service as one of the top 10 worst in business? And while airports may not have Chick-Fil-A type manners, there are certain airports that you want to avoid.

Let’s face it. One of the worst things you can experience is missing a flight. And with all the extra steps that you have to take before boarding, you’d be surprised how a lot of flyers blame airport customer service for their missed trip. But to make the best out of a terrible situation, make sure you have Priority Pass or access to other lounges to pass your time by.

Whether it be customer service or low-quality airports, the US has never been known for its high-quality airports. Here’s a list of the worst airports in the US.


Newark Liberty International Airport

When it comes to the worst airports in the US, Newark Liberty International comes first on the list. Constructed in the 1920s was the first major airport for all New Yorkers.

Let’s be real. Northerners aren’t exactly known for their southern hospitality. So stressed out TSA agents and flight attendants in Newark Liberty have been a huge part of their negative reputation.


Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta

If you want to feel the stress of an Escape Room without the group-bonding fun, visit Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta. Undeniably one of the world’s busiest airports, it looks like Atlanta’s airport has more passengers than they can handle.

In addition, traveling throughout the airport could be super confusing. With all the signs and directionals the airport has displayed, you would think that exiting the airport would be an easy task.


Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport

Much like Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta, customers complain about the unclear signs in Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport. But apart from the confusing signs, it’s poor customer service makes it one of the worst airports in the US.

One customer wrote, “Baggage Claim personnel were fighting and cussing, making it very very uncomfortable to even wait for your luggage.


Chicago Midway International Airport

If you want to avoid one of the worst airports in the US, try flying into O’Hare International Airport instead. Even though this airport has been undergoing reconstruction since 2018, the renovation seemed to make it worse, not better.

Between the crowded lines and the low-quality food chains, you want to be sure to avoid Chicago Midway International when flying into the windy city.

San Francisco International Airport

Last on our list of worst airports in the US is San Francisco International Airport. Besides being overwhelmingly busy, there are limited food options when it comes to this airport. In addition, you’ll find yourself toggling with dysfunctional charging stations when trying to charge your smart device.


Worst Airports in the US and More!

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