Why Kenya Is Perfect For Wildlife Lovers

There is something about going on a Kenyan safari and seeing wild animals up close, that drowns all your sorrows and just makes you feel grateful for being alive. From bush drives, hot air balloon rides to flying safaris and nature walks, there is something for everyone in this East African country. All you need to do is to choose what you want to experience and jet set to the big five land.

Masai Mara kenya giraffe

Masai Mara

So without further ado, check out these dreamy things to do in order to explore the captivating wild splendor of Kenya.


Take the road less traveled

In order to get a real feel about the sense of beauty and vastness of the African bush, rivers, valleys and settlements, you must hop on a flight in a small aircraft. Since this is a private charter, on your request, the pilot can tilt wings for the best possible photos, or even circle over an elephant herd so that nobody misses a thing. A selection of private flying safaris can include the Kenyan bush over the Masai Mara, or experience the Great Wildebeest Migration on the Kilimanjaro-Serengeti sector and enjoy a bird’s eye view of Kilimanjaro.

Amboseli national park, Kenya

Amboseli national park, Kenya


View wildlife from your verandah

Tsavo National Park, in the heart of Kenya, promises some of the most unique and thrilling safari experiences, which can be had in the wild. Stay in impeccable resorts, overlooking a waterhole, a veritable oasis, which attracts thousands of animals everyday for bathing and drinking.

The wildlife in this region of Tsavo East is abundant and breathtaking. So irrespective of whether you like to watch elephant herds from your verandah or go for game viewing in your private open safari vehicle, your time at Tsavo will create memories of a lifetime.

Book the best Kenya safari holidays from reputed tour operators to ensure you get the best service and unparalleled game watching experience.

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Explore the territory of Elsa

Kenya’s most famous feline, Elsa, was immortalized by Joy Adamson, and later on in the mega hit ‘Born Free’ that followed. The story of this orphaned lioness began in a remote region of the African bush, which is now known as Meru National Park Straddling the equator and fed by thirteen rivers and streams, this park on the slopes of the Nyambeni mountain range is especially beautiful. The park is a lot less busy and all the Big Five are present, apart from the odd looking gerenuk and the rare Gravy’s zebra.


Gawk at wild Nile Crocodiles

Few people are aware that in the middle of the faraway Lake Turkana, inside the Central Island National Park, lies one of the strangest places in Kenya – the largest colony of Nile crocodiles to be found anywhere in the world. Flaunting a primitive and eerie atmosphere, the island has a lone camping ground on a black sand beach, from where one can get close to these prehistoric reptiles or view the three active volcanoes and their three incredible green and blue crater lakes.


Go roaming with rhinos

Recently crowned a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Lewa conservancy, in the north of the country, is home to one of the greatest success stories with regards to the conservation efforts of the black and white rhino population. By way of a combination of technology, patrolling and support of the local communities, the rhino population has increased tenfold, since the elimination of poaching.rhino and buffalo masai mara

Set in an area of 62,000 hectares, the Lewa conservancy is not only good for rhinos, but also to spot the five super stars of the natural world. The park also supports a myriad of plain game species and a sanctuary for numerous birds like the bustards and coursers.


Watch nature look ‘pretty in pink’

An estimated two million pink flamingos converge upon Lake Nakuru, in the Great Rift Valley of Kenya, making it the most photogenic birding spot on the planet. If  this colorful presentation is not enough, there are over 240 other species of birds which can be spotted here.

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Rhino, lion and buffalo are among the other animals who reside in the Lake Nakuru National Park which surrounds the lake. The park can be accessed by road from Nairobi (156 km) or by air from the Nashi airstrip that serves the park.


Dare go on a night snake safari

Kenya is home to some of the most deadliest snakes found on the continent and there is no better place to see them all than the Bio-Ken Snake Farm near Watamu. From the black mamba, puff adder, bush python and spitting cobra, the farm showcases an astounding number of poisonous reptiles.

For the more daring ones, there are options to go on night safaris to catch and release these slimy creatures in the bush. Most people leave Kenya without seeing a single snake, this night safari, with highly trained and professional snake catchers, is an ideal way to educate the people about the importance of snakes to the African ecosystem.


Visit a Masai Market

Almost every safari to Kenya begins as you fly into the bustling capital of Nairobi. So why not make most of the time available between your next transfer by paying a visit to the colorful Masai Market. Except Monday, the market is held each day in different parts of Nairobi, something which your hotel reception will have on the information list. If you are looking for good and cheap African souvenirs, this loud and busy place is where to get it from. Avoid the guides, and buy things from the locals to support the economy.

Pic with the Masai


View wildlife from a different perspective

There is nothing quite like the feeling of floating noiselessly over immense vistas with nothing but crisp fresh air between you and the magnificent setting below. A pre-dawn lift off on a hot air balloon safari is what makes a trip to Kenya absolutely unforgettable. What makes the ride enjoyable is the control of the pilot over the balloon to make it brush over the treetops. From this vantage position, wildlife can be spotted with little guidance and ease, as there is no sound whatsoever. The experience continues even after landing, when the crew receives you with a lovely hot breakfast in a stunning setting in the bush.mount-kenya

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Perhaps no other name on the planet conjures up visions of adventure and romance more than Kenya.The abundance of wildlife and the diversity of things to do is practically endless. Much after the strenuous bush drives are over, there are a trove of coastal treasures waiting to be discovered. To experience the real charm of Kenya, immerse yourself in the melting pot of cultures and cuisines of a country steeped in Swahili history.

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