Wedding Tips For Travelers: How to Plan a Destination Wedding

The idea of ​​exchanging your vows in a remote and exotic destination is like a dream coming true. For such an exotic wedding there are a few things you shouldn’t forget. The wedding dress and suit needed legal documents, and of course, engagement and wedding rings. And you already know that such an adventure needs outfits and jewelry that will go perfectly with it. If you are not sure about the rings you should click here to discover the collection of beautiful and unique ones. Maybe you’ll find the right one that will, in itself, hold a piece of your destination wedding. Paradise Weddings blog is a fantastic resource for planning destination weddings if you want to take this seriously. And for the rest, don’t worry, here is the list:wedding victoria falls


Marriage laws

Marriage laws vary from country to country, so if you want your marriage to be legal, you must first check the law in the country you want to be married in. Find out if there are any special conditions you need to meet. Or find the certified marriage official that will give you all the information you need.

south africa wedding wine farm
Like SA’s winelands that much? Why not get married? So many wineries offer wedding venues and to us Americans, a wedding at one of these estates would be relatively “cheap”.


Schedule a hairdresser and makeup artist

Today, the Internet offers various options, so this shouldn’t be a problem. Just search for hairdressers and makeup artists in the place you are going to get married and choose the ones that suit you. If you are not sure how they will treat you, check online reviews and get in touch with the salon before you embark on your wedding journey.


Find the right hotel for your guests

Try to find a hotel that is suitable for group visits. That way, all your guests will be in one place and the price will probably be more affordable. Make sure that each guest is happy with the accommodation, and if they want to find the right hotel themselves, let them. The most important thing is that everyone is happy, that everyone can afford it and that you all celebrate that special day together.

De Zeven
De Zeven



Packing is always complicated and stressful. To keep the drama to a minimum, start making a list of all the things you need a few weeks in advance. Have your wedding dress, shoes and accessories always in front of you, because you mustn’t forget them! Don’t pack too much, but do bring a makeup and hair products just in case something happens to your beauty appointment. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Anything can happen at destination weddings so be prepared.


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Wedding party

In case you want your best friends and siblings in your wedding party, you need to be aware that traveling abroad to your wedding can be a huge expense. That is why you need to plan the whole journey in time and make sure you all agree on everything in advance. Decide who will finance the trip, where everyone will be located, and how long you will stay. If someone is not able to go through the whole plan, don’t be upset. Just try to make them as comfortable as possible, because the important thing is that they are there for the celebration. It doesn’t matter if that person can’t be there the day before and after the ceremony.



Once you’ve found your location and set a date, start making invitations. You should usually start sending invitations at least 3 months in advance, especially if you are expecting that your guests will go abroad for you.


Check your location in person

This is huge! You shouldn’t plan a wedding on a destination you never been to! And even if you were, it doesn’t count if you haven’t been there in the last 6 months. You need to check if the location you picked looks, and is equipped the same as it seems on the internet. It would also help if you booked everything in person so there are no mistakes when you get there for your wedding. Planning the venue, decoration, catering, and booking your beauty appointments will be so much easier if done in person. That way you will be sure that everything is to your liking and that are no misunderstandings. Maybe you even get some inspiration for your honeymoon.

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