Traveling Tips For Planning Your Next Vacation To Thailand

Thailand ranks among the top travel destination for travelers. Although the country is quite easy to navigate for visitors, you still need some useful tips that will make your trip there worthwhile. To ensure that you enjoy your trip, follow our tips for traveling to Thailand.thailand beach


Go Slow

You’re most likely going to land in Bangkok, and I’ll advise that you take your time to enjoy the city. Spend some time visiting Khao San Road, and then visit the islands at the south or head for the north and visit Chiang Mai. This will take you two weeks, and if you have three weeks to spare, then you should add a stroll over River Kwaibridge to your itinerary.

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Savvy Street food

You shouldn’t go to Thailand without trying their street food; the food is astoundingly cheap, abundant, and of high quality. Perhaps even better than the hawker food in Singapore! Before eating the food, take necessary precautions like washing your hand before and after eating.

Only buy food where there is a crowd because restaurants with a lot of crowd tend to cook fresher foods.


Avoid Mosquito Bites

There are mosquitoes everywhere in Thailand, and quite too often, tourists fall ill after visiting Thailand. To prevent this, you should always use mosquito repellent when you’re visiting a bushy area in the city and at night.


Visit an Open-air market

To enjoy the fullness of what Thailand has to offer, you should consider going to one of its beautiful open-air markets to shop for unique goods at the best prices. Although Thailand has a lot of counterfeit products, there are also a lot of original products provided you know how to identify fake from the original. When pricing, don’t pay for the price you’re first given as they are often inflated, ensure you haggle the price down by %30. Some open markets that you should consider visiting are Kha Floating Market near Samut and Chatuchak Weekend Market that is situated in Bangkok. If you’re in Thailand primarily for its market, then you should consider traveling from Bangkok to Chiang Mai to see its night market.

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Check-out your accommodation

If you plan to sleep in a guesthouse or in a hostel because they are cheaper, you can’t have an issue finding one, but I’ll advise that you check the room to ensure that everything works perfectly before paying. Most hostels and guesthouses require that you pay extra to use its air conditioners which you should pay for if you’re visiting Thailand between May and October, as it is the hottest period of the year. If you have enough money, then you should book a mid-range hotel if you can’t go afford a five-star hotel, you’ll be surprised at the value you’ll get for a small price.


Avoid Scams

So many people will come around to introduce programs and events to you, don’t fall for it as it’s usually a way to scam tourists. Don’t trust strangers with your loads, and always keep them close.

Always ensure the meter on your taxi is active, and agree on a price before getting in a tuk-tuk.


Respect their culture

In Thailand, they consider the head as a sacred part of the body; as such, never touch anyone on the head, and also, never point your feet at anyone or sacred image as the feet is considered the lowest part of the body. Thais are friendly people who love to smile, so you shouldn’t have any problem with them.

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