How to Win at Sports Betting: Easy Tips on How to Bet Successfully


Every punter wants to win each bet they place as this is the initial expectation when wagering on any event. However, only a few punters know the right strategy for winning bets with bookmakers. Since bookmakers are operating to make profits, a large number of punters are likely to make a loss, win the exact amount staked or just a little above their initial wager. This is why it is important to learn what it takes to bet smart and know how to increase your chances of winning each bet placed.

In this article, we are going to give a breakdown of how online betting works, what most punters are doing wrong and give valuable tips on how to improve the chances of winning at sports betting. All these information are however acquired from several years of online betting experience and knowledge gained from professional gamblers. While living in South Africa, I invited friends over to watch the Superbowl and made sure to also get in on the action here as well.


How to Bet Smart

According to experts, there is more than one strategy to bet smart when it comes to sports betting. However, all of these strategies can be used after the player has done extensive research about and find out the true value of the odds they about to wager on. Knowing the true value of odds also helps to spot truly competitive odds and take advantage of them. Odds with high value are usually not displayed as competitive by the bookmaker to enable them to make more profit, but pro gamblers know these odds and know they are undervalued. Also, it is vital to know that not all events are worth betting on. One of the smart ways to bet is to know how to walk away from bad bets. This includes attractive offers made on big games with very delicate odds and probabilities.

Another strategy is to bet against other bettors rather than the bookmaker. A lot of sportsbooks offer Bet exchanges. Since the bet is not against the bookmaker and you are not restricted to odds offered by the house, the chances of winning are considerably higher. You can also ask for higher odds and let the bookmaker match it. This strategy has been found useful by many experts.


Betting Tips

Always wager on a sport you enjoy and know inside out: A lot of punters wager on games based on the little knowledge they have about the game, the team playing or the league of such events. If you want to increase your chances of winning a sports bet, details of the game and event will help a great deal. This will also help in figuring out which market is of good value and have high potential returns.

Compare odds from different bookmakers: It is quite tempting to stay with only one bookmaker, especially if the website offers what you want. However, your favourite bookmaker may not always offer the most favourable odds for all events. This is why shopping around for other options if you want to increase your chances of cashing out when sports betting.

Don’t always bet on your favourite team: Only a novice would expect their team to win every time. It is always a bad idea to bet with the heart, and professional gamblers are very much aware of this fact. While you might want your team to win all the games, the reality is that this isn’t possible. So it is best to avoid betting on your team and consider alternative markets.

Stick to a few selections: Choosing several selections promises more returns, however, it is obvious your chances of winning all very low. The wise thing to do is to stick to a few selections. Ideally, you should be choosing between three to four selections. There is also a popular myth that bookmakers lose more to single selections made by high rollers. If you think about it, this makes sense. You can see all out “how to” news and other betting odds on our betting tips page.


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