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Apart from a thrill, globetrotting can also be a challenge. A surprising turn of events can throw a perfectly planned vacation off kilter. If you are not prepared, that is. Fortunately, in this day and age, there is an app for everything. As long as your smartphone is at hand, a solution will not be far behind. Since disruptions may come in many forms, from getting lost in the woods to forgetting to hydrate properly, here are a few travel-related issues you can get ready for by simply procuring the right apps.airplane sunset



The journey may be long and your phone may be one of your only sources of fun. If it is an international trip, a practical option would be to work on the native language you will be surrounded by. Duolingo is a user-friendly and efficient teaching app with over 30 languages, including French, German, or even High Valyrian, to play with on any mobile device. If learning a fantastical language on top of a real one becomes boring, there is, of course, an infinite array of games to suit any tastes.

Apart from whatever Google Play or the App Store have on offer, there is alternative entertainment, such as online casinos. Avid players will already know about sign-up bonuses, but you can play without a bonus if you don’t wish to use the real-money option. You won’t have to make a deposit; you’d just be partaking in the games, focused on the gameplay of titles from developers dedicated to providing the distraction you need on the ride to your destination.



Whether in a labyrinth of a city or in the middle of a jungle, losing your way is easily done, especially if you are not familiar with the landscape. While a compass and map are practical items to carry around anyway, there are several software options that include such features and so much more. PocketEarth, for example, is an iOS app containing travel guides for more than 25,000 locations. After a one-off payment, you have free and offline access to a potentially life-saving archive of maps, as well as GPS tracking and basic tourist information – hotels, restaurants, attractions, bus routes. An essential tool in any traveler’s arsenal and especially great for those doing a road trip.Arches national park arch

But, once safe and sound in a familiar location, there are other games you can amuse yourself with while working on your historical and geographical knowledge. Landmarks Jigsaw Puzzle combines the beloved pastime with education. It is an app that can make travelers proud of their intellect, or at least stop them from feeling guilty about playing on their phones, instead of exploring their whereabouts. Vacations, after all, are about leisure as much as exercise.

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Finally, there is nothing worse than your own body failing you on an exciting trip. This can happen for many reasons, including lack of nutritional knowledge or simply not eating the right breakfast before a strenuous trek. In a foreign country, getting the food and hydration you need can be even trickier. Once again, the digital age is here to help with a range of apps, like Lifesum, available for free on Android and iOS, which organizesa healthy food and exercise routine around your needs. It provides nutritional values, health tips, and even water intake alerts to make sure your body is at its best, especially when climbing a hill in pursuit of a beautiful sunset.

Considering this list consists of common adventurer mishaps, good preparation equals less risk of spoiling a vacation. Time and experiences are precious, so making the most of traveling tools can save you a lot of heartache. Be smart by getting to know your destination long before arriving and packing your bags and phone accordingly. This, combined with a creative, eager and open-minded outlook, will ensure a memorable vacation.

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