The Ultimate Travel Guide For Chandigarh

This clean green well planned city with wide spacious roads is a dream destination for urban India. Lately the city has grown in popularity among tourists. It is no longer a pit stop destination for the beautiful hill stations of Himachal Pradesh. It has its own attractions to offer and you need a minimum of two days stay to explore the city.

You can still see the iconic work of Le Corbusier in the modernist buildings that make up the Capitol Complex, a collection of buildings that was awarded UNESCO World Heritage status in 2016. Despite its many sectors and its contemporary architecture, the garden city of Chandigarh has managed to retain a friendly village vibe, one that attracts visitors from around the globe.

Shimmering jewels on colorful saris and a large portrait of Gandhi, positioned so the first rays of the morning sun fall at his feet, are reminders that, while this city is an icon of modernity it is still firmly rooted in the country’s traditions.


Why Visit Chandigarh

1. The World of Le Corbusier

Whether you’re an enthusiast of modern architecture or just want to get a flavor of modern India, visiting the city’s iconic Le Corbusier buildings is a must. Start with a tour of the Capitol Complex.

2. Chandigarh Festivals

Visiting local festivals is a great way to really capture local color and culture. See the life of Rama re-enacted at Navratri, while the Mango Festival is also a lively and popular occasion.

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3. Delicious Punjabi Food

From upmarket eateries such as the Swagath Restaurant to a huge variety of dhabas or street food stalls, you’ll never go short of flavor-filled food in Chandigarh.

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4. Tranquil Gardens

From the quirky Rock and Cactus gardens to the tranquility of the Garden of Fragrance, Chandigarh is full of areas that provide a green contrast to its architecture.


5. Chandigarh Hospitality

One thing you can be sure of in Chandigarh is the warm and friendly welcome you’ll receive. A welcome that truly brings the city alive.


What to do in Chandigarh

1. The Open Hand Monument

A drive past the Open Hand Monument is the perfect introduction to Le Corbusier’s Chandigarh. This monument was created to promote peace and prosperity.Related image


2. The Rock Garden

Originally started as a hobby by government official Nek Chand, this unusual garden is now a city icon. 2,000 or more sculptures have been crafted out of everything from rocks to rubbish.Image result for Chandigarh rock garden


3. Shop at the Elante Mall

Representing modern India is the vast Elante Mall. Indulge in a spot of high-end shopping or pick up some vacation souvenirs in India’s largest shopping center.


4. Take a Ride on Sukhna Lake

Escape the city bustle with a luxurious cruise around Sukhna Lake or, if you’re feeling more energetic, take to the water on a colorful pedalo.


5. Mansa Devi Mandir

Take a short trip out of the city to visit the spectacular architecture and cultural heritage of this Hindu temple.


How to Get to Chandigarh

By Plane

Chandigarh Airport receives national flights from major Indian cities as well as flights from Bangkok and Dubai. Its new terminal is located in the village of Jhiurheri, which is around 9 miles from the city center. Regular bus services and taxis connect the airport to the city.


By Train

There are frequent services into Chandigarh Junction from New Delhi and Mumbai. There are also one to two services a week linking Chandigarh with Chennai, Lucknow, Jaipur, and Bandra.Image result for Chandigarh train


By Car

Chandigarh lies approximately 4.5 hours drive from New Delhi on the fairly modern NH1 road. Visitors have a choice of reserving a hire car for their journey or booking a taxi. The advantage of a taxi is that the scenic route can be fully enjoyed. When planning a journey, it’s worth remembering that early morning fog is common.

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By Bus

Chandigarh has two bus terminals. The Interstate Terminus in Sector 43 links the city to neighboring states such as Himachal Pradesh and Uttaranchal, while the Interstate Terminus in Sector 17 provides a frequent link with New Delhi. Several companies operate bus routes, including Chandigarh Transport Undertaking and Volvo A/C buses. Chandigarh Transport Undertaking also provides a regular link between the two bus terminals.


Where to Stay in Chandigarh

As a prosperous city, accommodation in Chandigarh for international visitors tends to focus on upmarket luxury. With peaceful rural views, The Lalit Chandigarh is a sleek hotel with a design inspired by Le Corbusier. The Hotel Taj Chandigarh in the Capitol Complex District is perfect if you prefer being in the heart of the city. Its 5-star amenities include a rooftop swimming pool, a shopping arcade, and a lobby enhanced with contemporary sculptures.

In terms of areas to stay in, Sector 17 and the Capitol Complex District are good bets. The former is the bustling heart of the city, home to its university as well as a good choice of shopping malls and the comfortable James Hotels Limited.


Where to Eat in Chandigarh

All types of cuisine from local Punjabi dishes to international food can be enjoyed in the city. Just about every international fast-food chain is represented, catering for those on a budget, while high-end dining can be enjoyed around the clock in the Taj Chandigarh hotel’s Café 17. Two people can dine here for around Rs. 1,500.

Trendy nightlife and cocktails are a feature of Peddlers Bar in Sector 35, but for a true flavor of the Punjab, sample the delights of the many dhabas that line the city streets; expect to pay between Rs. 50 and Rs. 100 for a serving.

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