Top Water Activities in Rocky Point, Mexico

When it comes to luxurious vacation destinations that promise to provide the fun and scenery in equal measure to the thrill, there’s something undeniably wonderful about setting your sights on Rocky Point, Mexico. Known locally as Puerto Peñasco, this destination delivers up stunning stretches of coastline that highlight a collection of tidal pools and sand dunes that seem to bring postcards to life. Rocky Point is popular amongst those vacationers who value a resort-style feel to their getaway, but it’s also a place that has long beckoned to locals and guests called to the sea in the name of fishing adventures.Image result for rocky point mexico

Rocky Point sits on the pristine Gulf of California and its ties to the land and water make it the ideal home for the Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans. It comes as no surprise then that first-time visitors and those that return year after year find time spent on the water to be a priority. With so many options for connecting with the blue waves, it’s hard to imagine a trip this direction without some well-deserved time paddling through vacation. When you’re hoping to make the most of every second of your journey, be sure to add these top water activities to your list of must-experience moments in Rocky Point.


Sonoran Scuba Kayak Rental

Whether you’re headed to Rocky Point as a pair or arriving with the entire family, kayaking is a fantastic way to spend quality time together on the water. This fairly simple water sport comes with the added benefit of getting you up close and personal with amazing sights and sea creatures along the way. Renting a kayak from the Sonoran Scuba Dive Shop and Activity Center is a streamlined process and rental options are flexible by the hour or day. The shop is located within the greater Sonoran Sea Beachfront Resort and is owned by the husband and wife team of Daniel Guemes Castorena and Erika Reyna Castro. Rentals are available to resort guests as well as the public if you happen to be staying in a nearby vacation rental. For guests who would prefer a guided kayak adventure, those are readily available as well.

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Snorkeling at Tucson Beach and Cholla Bay

Those with a passion for snorkeling and those that are hoping to try it for the first time alike will appreciate the tranquility of the waters waiting to be explored at Tucson Beach. Situated just off of Cholla Bay, this pristine area is notorious amongst snorkelers for its crystal-clear waters and a perfect combination of gentle currents and light winds. Once you’ve geared up, hop in and swim your way into an underwater world that’s brimming with tropical fish, plant life and perhaps even a sea turtle or two to be discovered. Tucson Beach tends to be more crowded towards mid-day so those looking for an extra peaceful experience will want to consider a snorkeling adventure earlier in the day.


Scuba Diving with Eco Fun Boat Tours

There’s no reason to limit your fun on the water when you can book combination experiences with Eco Fun Boat Tours. This company has earned its reputation as one of the best in overall land and sea excursion in Rocky Point and is a great choice when you’re a traveler looking for a diverse experience on the sea. Pick and choose from outings that include whale watching, island hopping, kayaking or paddle boarding combined with time spent scuba diving too.

Those that go with the island-hopping experience will enjoy time on a luxurious catamaran cruising towards San Jorge Island where views of sea lions, dolphins, amazing rock formations and stunning waters filled with tropical fish await. Gear is included in the cost of a tour and your knowledgeable and friendly guide is always on hand to provide insight into the history of the area, amazing marine life you’ll encounter or just to drop some local knowledge you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

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Banana Boat Rides from Rocky Point Fishing Club

Whether you’re traveling with kids or just a kid at heart, there’s something irresistible about a banana boat ride when the waves are calling your name. Fortunately, it’s not hard to find one in Rocky Point. Those travelers looking for some thrills on the waves will want to make their way to the Rocky Point Fishing Club where banana boat rides are readily available every day of the week. Once your life jacket is securely in place, you’ll hop on this inflatable boat and enjoy being pulled at heart-pounding speeds through the crystal-clear waters. You’ll want to hold on tight for what’s sure to be an unforgettable Rocky Point experience.

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Del Mar Charters

The art of angling is acquired over time, so if you’re new to the sport or looking for a refresher course, heading over to Del Mar Charters is a great place to start. Ask for Captain Oscar and get ready for a day of fun on the water. Del Mar Charters offers deep sea fishing trips onboard a 30-foot speed boat or a 42-foot catamaran depending on guest preference. Those looking to make even more of their fishing adventures can combine the experience with a sunset cruise, sightseeing day trip or a stopover at Bird Island. Tours can be customized according to Spanish or English language preferences, and if you do opt for the fishing experience, all the gear you’ll need is included in the cost of the charter. Guests will enjoy access to rods, reels, bait, tackle and if you happen to pull in the catch of the day, Captain Oscar is happy to help clean and fillet it for you!


Relish the Waters of Rocky Point

While there’s much to do in the way of restaurants, shops and moments spent soaking up the scenery, a trip to Rocky Point isn’t truly complete without time set aside for fun on the water. Capture the heart of Rocky Point by booking one or all of these excursions while you’re in the area and be sure to bring your sense of adventure with you!

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