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Top Things to do in Vietnam, Myanmar, and Laos

Choosing to visit Southeast Asia will be the highlight of your tours around the world. The region is famed for its numerous tourist attractions, like the wildlife, landscape, and wonderful people. Visitors have the opportunity to view wildlife, scenery and landscape, experience cultures and also take a break from the busy life and obligations at home. Vietnam, Myanmar, and Laos are among the beautiful destinations in the region that combine all these experiences.


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Vietnam has a lot to offer to the adventurous traveler. With endangered species, the wildlife of Vietnam is bound to be unique and equally satisfying. Visits to the ancients civilization ruins spread across the nation, as well as direct engagement with the local population in festivals,  is a cultural highlight unmatched anywhere else. The country has attractions that range from the mystique, traditional to the modern and urban thrills that interest many tourists.

Whatever you have scheduled in your itinerary, you will not go wrong with Vietnam. The country has breathtaking beaches, dramatic scenery and also offers an experience with diverse cultures. Among its famed attractions are wildlife, landscape, cities, cultures, cuisines and historical sites that provide insights into the pre-colonial, colonial and even recent past of the nation.


bagan myanmar

While much of the country is restricted to visitors, the areas where tourists can go offer more rewarding attractions.  Given the lack of modern infrastructure, any plans should focus on key highlights. You can plan to visit cities like Yangon (Rangoon) and of Mandalay both of which are capable of providing adventure and serenity.

Inle Lake is also a notable location to visit. Its floating villages and monasteries are a beautiful sight to behold. All these itineraries still offer you boundless opportunities for adventure. You can take hot air balloons over the beautiful Bagan area and have the unrestricted view of Burma’s Pagodas and landscape.


Like its neighbors, Laos is a breathtaking place. The kingdom is not as modernized as Vietnam or Thailand and as such, the tourist attractions are boundless. Filled with stupendous historical sites and attractions, the country is one of the places one visits to unwind and forget the hustles and bustles of the modern world.

While in Laos, you will experience nature in a unique sense. The landscape and the natural appearance of the land are rare and not even similar top sites in other nations of the Southeastern region of Asia. The country has a unique array of wildlife ranging from endangered cat species to sambar deer and the Asian antelopes. In protected areas, you can partake in organized treks and hikes aimed at raising awareness and resources to facilitate conservation.

Laos has temples and other historical sites that speak to the richness of the country’s history. With visits to the famed Luang Prabang area, visitors have the opportunity to partake in adventure and or simply relax and unwind in the beautiful city. You can take Kayak rides along famed rivers, trek in guided tours and or simply engage with the locals during the many festivals that add to the awe of this region. So whatever you have planned, make sure to add any of these itineraries to ensure maximum fulfillment.

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