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Top 5 Out Of This World Experiences

The earth is one big planet that is full of wonders and there are many things that will leave you thinking how such a beautiful sight can exist. Here are the top 5 places where you can experience something out of this world:


Uttarakhand, India

If you want to go to a healing and growth retreat, you may book a trip to Uttarakhand, India, where you can stay at Vana Malsi and try their Ayurveda, their Tibetan healing massage or some yoga. You may also have a personal meditation session at their shrine rooms. The food served during your retreat is guaranteed to be all locally planted and organic.uttarakhand india mountains


Trans-Siberian in Russia

The Trans-Siberian Railway is known as the longest single railway in the world. It runs for about 5,700 miles across Russia. Taking a tour along this railway will let you experience the Russian, Chinese, and Mongolian culture in one amazing trip.

trans siberian railway russia
For the more adventurous, try the 11 day Trans-Siberian Railway that traverses the entire country of Russia.

You will get to see the famous Lake Baikal, have a glimpse of Ulaanbaatar, get to know some locals in Moscow and experience much more. There are some tours that may pass by Saint Petersburg where you may visit intrinsically designed churches and museums.


The Wave, Arizona, USA

Take a hike at the Wave, Arizona to experience the amazingly surreal red sandstone formations with a length of about 5.2 miles, located in the border of Utah and Arizona. To get this once-in-a-lifetime experience, you must first secure a permit. Only 20 persons per day are given the permit to hike by the Bureau of Land Management.The wave arizona


Machu Picchu in Peru

Machu Picchu is a heritage site in Peru that leaves people spellbound. It is located in a hilltop in the middle of the Andes in Peru. Some of the ruins that you should visit are the Temple of Condor, the Sun Gate, the Intihuatana, the Temple of the Sun and the Huayna or the “Peak”.

Machu Picchu Ruins
Like this one

To get to see this wonder, you have to ride a bus from Aguas Calientes that can bring you directly to the ruins. However, if you fancy doing something different, hike your way up the Inca Trail. To do this, you must pre-book your hike with a tour agency at least 2 months in advance because the slots sell out fast. To make your trip even more memorable, after your trek, why not experience something truly extraordinary and take a visit to the inspiring Ayahuasca Retreat Center in Peru.

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Pamukkale, Turkey

Pamukkale is known as the Cotton Castle of Turkey. It is made of water terraces that are formed from calcite-laden water. The dazzling water basins seen here are hot springs where you can swim, just like the Romans did before. The water in Pamukkale springs is believed to help people recover from kidney, heart, eye, and digestive problems.Pammukale travertine pool turkey

To reach Pamukkale, you may catch a morning flight from Istanbul to Denizli, then take a ride from there to the Pamukkale springs. Denizli is more than 10 miles away. If you want to travel here between June and August, you must book months in advance to secure a slot.

These are just some of the unusually amazing places that you can visit around the world. They might be strange, but these destinations can give you an out-of-the-box experience that will give you beautiful memories to cherish.

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