Top 5 Must-See European Cities

Are you planning your next trip away? Travelling to Europe can be a good choice if you want adventure and a once in a lifetime experience; Europe is home to delicious cuisine, art, architecture, fashion and a whole lot more.

With many European countries offering different vibrant attractions, deciding which place or location can be hard. This article will hopefully help you to narrow down your favourites as it outlines a must-see top 5.


Rome, Italy

This Italian city is one of the oldest and the most visited places in Europe. If you are looking for vast artistic and cultural heritage sites, then Rome has plenty of it; fountains, churches, ruins and religious places.Rome Italy

Travelers also don’t have to worry about finding a place to stay as the city is home to a number of beautiful villas and other accommodation. Roma Apartment, Magical Apartment in Trastevere, and San Saba Roof Top Garden are all highly rated accommodation from past travellers and visitors.


Berlin, Germany

The German capital of Berlin is an interesting place to visit if someone is on a European City Tour. Berlin houses a number of important historical monuments and museums that help to document and inform tourists on significant past events.

Berlin Wall at the East Side Gallery

For example, you are able to visit the Berlin Wall Memorial, the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag Museum, the Memorial of the Murdered Jews in Europe and the TV tower… just to name a few. Not to mention, Berlin also has an incredible and iconic nightlife scene that should not be missed out on.


Bilbao, Spain

If you want to experience culture, see amazing places and taste the best seafood dishes in Europe, then the Spanish city of Bilbao is a perfect place to visit. Visiting Bilbao also means familiarising yourself with the Basque Culture and going to Europe’s biggest indoor food market, the La Ribera Market. Other famous sites to visit include Casco Viejo, the Archeological Museum, Basque Museum and Plaza Nueva.


London, England

If you want to experience British culture and visit iconic monuments, then taking part in a tour around London is a must for any keen tourist and to make your visit a memorable one. The British Museum, Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London are just some of the destinations that should be on your London bucket list.

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A vintage Red London Bus and Thames Tour, Tour of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, London Bridge Ghost Walking Tour, Hop-on Hop-Off Sightseeing Bus Tour and River Cruise are just some of the in-demand tours that are available while visiting the city.


Wroclaw, Poland

Another interesting place to visit whilst on a European City tour is Wroclaw, Poland. This is an under-the-radar place for tourists and visitors alike but is dubbed as the prettiest town in Poland. It is a city of mixed heritage and can be identified by its buildings and other infrastructure. Come to Wroclaw and see the beautiful polish culture and monuments such as St. John of Nepomuk monument, Pomnik Aleksandra Fredry Statue, Sky Train and the famous Wroclaw’s Dwarves.

The list above contains my top 5 must-see cities in Europe and hopefully it may help you to choose the right city for you if you decide to embark on a European tour in the near future.

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