Top 5 Cities Families Want to Move to After Visiting

How many times have we visited a lovely city on vacation or business and thought, “Wow, I’d love to live here!” In most every case this is just dreamy, wistful thinking. But there are indeed some people that are able to do just this. Whether it be a job relocation, financial security, and independence giving them that ability to make that location change, retirement, or one of many other viable reasons, that move took place.

With oh-so-many beautiful cities and towns, literally thousands of them spread all across the landscape from sea to shining sea, many people wonder where the most popular cities are that people are moving to. However, if you plan to relocate with your family, you may have to consider many factors before finalizing a decision. For instance, you probably would like to move to a city with easy access to various amenities, such as grocery stores, hospitals, and churches. If you have kids, you would certainly love the idea of moving to a city with several schools and playgrounds around it.   

For these reasons, it’s best to narrow down your options to help you choose the right city to move to for you and your family. Listing most of them, or even a majority of them would fill volumes. Here we highlight five top cities Americans have visited and subsequently moved to after their passions for becoming a resident of that particular community led them to “pull up stakes” and relocate there.


Orlando, FL

If you work in the tourism industry, or other industries and businesses (like lodging, entertainment, restaurant, travel-related, etc.) and really want to live in perhaps the most exciting and vibrant young city in the country that you can really “spread your wings” in, Orlando has to be at the very top of the list.

One of the most popular vacation destinations for travelers from all over the world, Orlando and the surrounding area has absolutely everything anyone in any industry could ask for. All under sunny, pleasant skies that provide year-round beautiful weather. With both coasts just a short drive from this centralized location, and with natural, remote beauty to be explored close by, getaways are quick and easy.

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For instance, one of the popular tourist destinations in Orlando is the International Drive. Because of the things tourists can do in I-Drive, it’s known for being the center of tourism in Orlando. Whether your family loves to shop, relax, eat, or enjoy recreational activities, the International Drive offers numerous things. If you’re planning to spend a few days there, the city’s main tourist strip also has several accommodations you can choose from. When looking for a place to stay, these are the best hotels on International Drive in Orlando for families. Just conduct thorough research online, and you’ll find the perfect hotel for your stay.  

With pleasant hotel accommodations and spectacular attractions and entertainment, your family can have the most memorable trip, making it one of the reasons for wanting to move to Orlando after visiting.

Now, if you already have a move to Orlando in your plans, be sure to contact Suddath Orlando local movers to help make the transition into your new home a seamless and smooth one.


Austin, TX

Here in the capital city of Texas, Austin has been named the Live Music Capital of the world, which should thrill professional and amateur musicians alike. Ranking number one in U.S. News & World Report in best places to live, this metro area, with a population of just over two million, is a young and energetic city (the median age of residents is 34.2 years old).

The weather is beautiful year-round (79.7/54.8 degrees average high/low), and with a very low unemployment rate at 2.9 percent, most everyone moving here will find gainful employment quickly if that’s one of the new resident’s top priorities upon settling here.


Denver, CO

There are very few cities that offer such a breathtaking landscape all around you, right out your front door. Denver, CO has a very low unemployment rate compared to the national average, and the job market is quite strong, with prominent industries in the area which includes telecommunications, biotech, health care, hospitality, and finance. Tremendous growth in the defense and aerospace sectors have been bolstered by Lockheed Martin relocating its headquarters to Denver.


Minneapolis – St. Paul, MN

This really popular midwestern city area, of which St. Paul sits as the state’s capital, is an area that boasts of museums, the arts, professional sports teams in all major leagues, popular concerts and events year-round, fabulous winter activities, and so much more. The strong job market here sees a considerable number of science-focused employers; retail and manufacturing industries also thrive here. This is a much safer city than many other similar metro areas in the country, a factor many people look at when considering moving to a bigger metropolitan area.

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Charlotte, NC

This city of 2.4 million metro residents brims with southern charm while at the same time growing and expanding thanks to new and progressive industries and a strong economy. Top industries here include Accommodation and Food Services; Health Care and Social Assistance; and Administrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation Services. The unemployment rate is lower than the national average here in the city that averages a very comfortable 70.9 degrees year-round.

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