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Tips on Organising Great Safaris for Your Blog Readers

Whether you are an experienced adventure travel blogger, or just starting out, you may have decided that you want to do more than just write about amazing safari exploits – you also want to help your readers experience those places first hand.

This might seem a daunting task when you think about everything that needs to go into planning safaris. So here are some main points for you to focus on and make your blog a small safari travel operation quickly and successfully.


Know your brand

What is your specialization and are you passionate about it? If you can’t answer this question, then you have bigger troubles than organizing a safari. Every business, big or small, needs to be clear about what it wants its brand to represent.

You’re a travel blogger. Why? What made you choose this path? And now you want to organize safari trips for your readers. Again, why?

You need to be able to explain (to anyone who asks) what your brand is and what it represents, and you need to do it passionately. And not only you, either.

Every one in your on-the-ground safari operation needs to be able to speak passionately about what you do and why you do it. When people you work with are passionate about their work, it shines through in everything they do, and your readers-customers will recognize this.


Know your customer

This is important for every business. You need to know to whom you are selling. Thankfully for you your readers are a great audience. But how well do you know them?

Who is reading your blog – students, couples, young families? Work this out before putting your first trip plan together, as this will guide your itinerary and presentation.

If, for example, you are aiming to provide safari tours for students who are taking a gap year, or young couples, then you shouldn’t advertise family-friendly trips. Focus on adventure tours for those notoriously thrill-seeking students and romantic getaways for young couples. Finding a right angle will make it or break it with your first tour.

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If you are looking to draw in more customers, you should consider using Facebook to promote your tours to your target audience. It provides excellent promotional and marketing tools for businesses. Remember to post things that align with your brand, and that will draw in the audience that you need.


Have a detailed itinerary and plan each day

We live not only in the technological and digital age, but also in the information age.

People value information and being able to provide as much information about your safari tour as possible, will help you paint a colorful and inspirational picture for your potential customers.

Having a detailed day-by-day itinerary that provides a solid outline and a rough schedule of what to expect on each day of the trip, will go a long way in easing the minds of your customers and by default help you manage their expectations.


Have a booking and payment solution on your site

There are many times when potential customers decide on a tour, and then change their mind because there is no booking form and payment facility for them to place a booking directly.

Very few people are fond of calling in or emailing back and forth for weeks to make a booking or reservation, especially if you ask them to share their credit card or bank details with you.

If you are confident you found the best safari team and your tours are amazing, make it easy for your readers to book them. WeTravel software provides everything that a tour operator needs: booking and payment facilities, embedded checkout and so much more.


Ask for feedback, early

Once the booking and payment has been completed, ensure that you speak to your customers in advance, often.

So that you could ensure that there are no changes that they wish to make, or any other complications, which could be dealt with right there and then. But could leave a bad taste if not addressed promptly.


Deliver on your promises

Don’t promise things that are out of your power to provide. This is another reason why it so important to have a detailed itinerary. Your customers know what to expect for their trip, and you know what you need to provide to ensure their satisfaction.

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Now all you need to do is meet those expectations that you have set – and exceed them. If you promised your travellers excellent accommodation, then be sure to provide it, and try to improve on it in even the smallest way – have a small souvenir waiting for them in their room, for instance.

If you promised a fully catered breakfast and dinner, then deliver, and provide the best local cuisine there is.

Exceeding your customers’ expectations doesn’t have to be expensive, only needs to show that you are putting in the effort to make them feel special.


Ask for online reviews

Having a review platform is an essential aspect for your safari business. Ask customers to send you a review when they return from their trip. Their endorsements will go a long way to encourage others to take a chance on you. Be sure to use an independent, third-party platform to host your reviews on.

Another important aspect of asking for a review, is that if there were any problems or issues, it is best to know about them. Receiving feedback from recent customers is the perfect way to know if there are any glitches in your service delivery, so that you could work on fixing them and show your customers you truly are trying to give them the best safari experience ever.

Building a successful safari business is going to take a lot of planning, and there are constantly going to be wrinkles and bumps that would need to be smoothed out, but don’t give up. Just remember that it takes commitment to become successful at anything. Be passionate. Take risks. Have fun.

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