The Ultimate Guide to Travel the World as a Digital Nomad

Digital nomads are people who work remotely and can perform their jobs from anywhere in the world. The only real requirement that you need to become one is a stable Wi-Fi connection. But to successfully travel the world and still be effective at your work, you need to be prepared for some additional difficulties. So pack your backpack and follow our tips to make the world your office.


Work is the Top Priority

The most important thing to maintain a digital nomad lifestyle is, of course, to always have work. Working remotely can be a challenge, especially if you are changing locations all the time. Sometimes jobs will be scarce and sometimes there will be plenty of them. Talk to your clients. Tell them about your travel plans and the locations you will be staying at. Different parts of the world have different timezones and you need to explain to your clients when you will be available. If they know they can depend on you, they will keep sending work your way.


Stay Connected

Staying online is very important in the digital nomad lifestyle. So if you plan on traveling around the world, you need to make sure that the places you visit have some sort of stable Wi-Fi connection. Call the hotels you plan on staying at in advance. Make sure that their internet is working properly. In these modern times, people like to believe that there is access to the internet everywhere. You should never depend on that, always make sure in advance. If it happens that the place you are staying at does not have internet access, go for a walk and try to find a restaurant or coffee shop that has one. Plenty of people work from these kinds of establishments and some even prefer it because they feel less isolated.


Shorter Trips

Before fully committing to the digital nomad lifestyle, try taking shorter trips. You don’t have to go to the other side of the planet right away. Try visiting a neighbouring city for a week. Discover how it feels to be working from a different place and if you can live like that. After that try the same thing for a month. Being near your home can have great advantages in case that something goes wrong with the work. If you find that changing places suits you, go for it, start traveling all the time.


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Create a Schedule

Moving to a new place can be a very overwhelming experience. You will need to get the lay of the land, meet new people, discover where to buy things and where to eat. It can all become a little too much if you are not careful. And it can take up valuable time that you could be spending to work or to enjoy yourself in your new location. Make a schedule for yourself and keep at it. It’s good to separate a couple of hours every day for exploring and learning new things about the city you are in. Stick to a tight schedule and after a while, everything will become easier and you will be able to relax and enjoy much more.komodo ocean indonesia diving boat


Digital Nomad Community

Before going to a new country, visit forums and search social networks for digital nomad groups. It will be much easier to set up at a new place if you have someone to help you out with useful information before you get there. A helpful forum might assist you in finding a place to stay, the best restaurants and shops. You might even find some additional work this way. Forums occasionally organize meetups and this can be a great way to meet others that share your lifestyle.


The most popular countries

Digital nomads work from all around the world but there are a couple of places that seem to be really popular with them right now. According to research and interviews, the favorite place of digital nomads is the island of Bali. Taiwan is also quite popular because it is very accessible. Other popular places you might want to consider visiting include London, Lisbon, Barcelona, Chiang Mei, New York, Los Angeles, Thailand, Paris and Berlin.

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