The Ultimate Guide For Getting A Kenyan Visa

Are you planning your next holiday or looking for a perfect winter-break destination that offers time to reflect on life? Therefore, Kenya is where you need to go next. With beautiful scenery and awe-inspiring wildlife everywhere, it won’t be hard to find peace in this country.

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Before setting off for your African journey, you should get familiar with the term of a visa to Kenya. This blog post will provide all the information you need on how to get your visa to Kenya as well as some essential tips on how to stay safe during your time spent in this amazing African country.

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There are actually four types of eVisa to Kenya. depending on your reason for visiting the country, but in this article we’ll focus on only one type, which is Tourist Visa. So let’s get it started!


What is a Tourist Visa to Kenya?

The Kenyan government introduced e-Visa program in 2005 as an alternative way for travellers from certain nations who are looking forward to visiting marvellous Kenya. They do not need to worry about obtaining a physical visa at arrival point or visiting Kenyan Embassy to receive a traditional visa.

A tourist visa would allow you to visit Kenya for leisure purposes. It is also an ideal option if you’re visiting family or friends. It allows stays in Kenya up to 90 days with one entry into the country.

Tips on getting a Kenyan Tourist Visa

#1. Understand the requirements for a Kenyan Tourist Visa

A traveller’s life is full of uncertainties, but the one thing that should be a certainty for everyone is being well-prepared. In order to apply for a visa one needs to have a valid passport. You will need to prepare a digital copy of its bio-data page and upload it in an online application form. Moreover, every e-visa applicant needs to be an active user of an email, since the visa is delivered to the applicant’s inbox upon approval.

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All travellers who can obtain e-Visa to Kenya online will also need to prepare a face photo that they can simply take with their phones or web cameras. Finally, they will need to upload copies of their hotel accommodation in Kenya and return ticket.


#2. Apply early enough to receive your visa on time

If you are a traveller and want to go to Kenya, then you need to apply for your visa 3 days in advance because it is the standard handling time. The process is simple but there are a few things that could get in the way of getting your visa on time. It’s always best to be prepared before going through this process so you don’t have any surprises! One also must be careful to provide the correct data since any mistake can extend the processing time.


#3. Make sure your passport won’t expire within 6 months

Do I need to renew my passport? This is probably something that has crossed your mind at least once or twice when thinking about traveling abroad. Do not forget to check the validity of your passport since it cannot expire within at least 180 days from the date of your entry to Kenya. If your passport is to expire earlier, you’d better renew it and only then go to the online application to get your visa to Kenya.


#4. Follow 3 steps of an intuitive online application

Start from checking if you are eligible for an online visa to Kenya and then go through only 3 steps, which can be described as follows:

  1. Fill out an online form: enter all the required information filling out every empty box. Make sure there are no mistakes and go to the next step.
  2. Pay for your visa application: cover the processing fee of 99 EUR choosing one of the available methods of online payment.
  3. Download your approved e-Visa: as soon as you receive the mail containing your visa to Kenya, download it and print it out. You will need to carry its physical copy and show it upon arrival in Kenya.


Is Kenya a safe destination for tourists?

Africa is a continent of mystery and beauty, but it’s also home to some very dangerous animals. Visitors should be aware that safaris can bring them into close proximity with wildlife as they explore the countryside. However, most parks do not allow visitors outside certain areas for safety reasons – even those considered safe by locals! Be sure to follow your guide’s instructions when trekking through parklands so you don’t end up with an unwanted encounter.

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Masai Mara

#1. Take necessary vaccines before a trip

It is important to take vaccines before going on a trip, especially if you’re going to Kenya. Many people tend to think that they have still time but it’s best to be prepared ahead of time and make sure all your vaccinations are up-to-date. If you don’t, you could experience some serious health problems while traveling.

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You should check with your doctor about which vaccines you need for Kenya and make an appointment as soon as possible so that everything is taken care of early enough before departure day!

Traveling during COVID-19 times is more complicated. Taking a full coronavirus vaccination dose is also highly advised before going to Kenya.


#2. Leave your valuable belongings locked at your accommodation

You should keep all valuable items by your side or locked away in your accommodation. While walking around town, don’t bring anything with you that you wouldn’t lose. Don’t let temptation get the better of you – if you see anything that could potentially resale for a lot of money just leave it alone!


#3. Use taxi to travel at night

Some travellers are afraid of traveling at night in Kenya. This is because there have been reports of increased crime rates during the night time hours. However, this does not mean that you should be afraid to travel at night. The use of a reliable taxi service will help to ensure your safety and provide you with peace-of-mind while driving through the streets of Nairobi or Mombasa late at night.

Moreover, taxis offer protection from rain and dust storms that commonly occur during evening hours.


Bottom Lines

With these tips, you’ll be well-prepared for your trip to Kenya. You will have the knowledge necessary to keep yourself safe and enjoy all that this beautiful country has to offer. There are many fantastic things waiting for you in Africa! Explore them with a tourist visa by booking your flight right now!

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