The Most Underrated Things To Do in Paris, France

People have been itching to get out of their homes since tourism is opening up in various parts of the world. Even if you aren’t in an area where it is opening back up, you are likely to be able to travel again soon. And what better destination than exotic, romantic, and breathtaking Paris, the city of love? 

Paris bridge

Paris has captured people’s imaginations for centuries. Everything from the people, places, and food to history is richly filled with international treasures and culture that attract tourists from around the world. Paris is one the most visited places in Europe and has earned an unmissable spot on your itinerary. So let’s take a look at major tourist spots you shouldn’t miss!


La Pagode

You can’t deny the association between Paris and movies. The city has made its way to the silver screen countless times, and the city has produced cinematic talent like no other. 

Visitors to the city flock to the streets in search of shots and frames from their favorite movies. However, if you want to have a truly unforgettable movie experience, tourists should head over to La Pagode on Rue de Babylone.

This independent movie theater is housed inside an authentic Japanese pagoda. Draped in silk with an exquisitely painted ceiling, it also houses a secret Asian garden. Sip on the tea and refreshments on offer while taking in the movie you saw and your surroundings. With Paris’ weather mainly being mild, you can spend hours lost in this slice of paradise.


Le Carreau du Temple

If you’re a history buff, you can trace this building’s fixture in the history of Paris from the time of the Knight Templars and the Crusades. Paris has been historically very community-oriented, and this is one of the best places to experience this aspect of the city. The building is closed for a month every summer but hosts a plethora of festivals, exhibitions, and fairs throughout the rest of the year.

You will need to check what they have on offer for when you visit. It might be different every time! But this is an excellent way to discover up-and-coming artists and meet innovative, creative people. This is the genuinely Parisian experience that, as a tourist, is hard to find! 

You’ll find the experiences you have here are a stark contrast from the high-end, exclusive, and exclusionist experience in other, more high-end places like art galleries.


Flea Market, Saint Ouen

Known as Les Puces, this is one of the largest flea markets in the country and the world! If you’re at the Coeur Basilica or the Moulin Rouge, Les Puces is just a few minutes away, so don’t miss out on this. You can find high-fashion vintage clothes, quirky pieces of vinyl, time-worn books, vintage furniture, and more. There is truly something for everyone in this gigantic flea market.

The Best Flea Markets in Paris: A Full Guide

As a tourist, you’re probably expected to take back some souvenirs for friends and family back home. This is the perfect place to pick up something that is unique and one-in-a-million find. If you are a food enthusiast, you’ll be happy to find that there are a plethora of local food stalls and restaurants dotting the market, with plenty of local fare on offer for a reasonable price.


Sainte Chapelle

Do you want to visit a private chapel that used to be reserved only for royalty? When in Paris, why not pray like French kings and queens! Head over to the Palais de Justice, which is currently used as a functioning courtroom complex. You might be disappointed at first, but once you step into this magic chapel, you are likely to forget about your complaints about the security checks.

Built by Louis IX, it has stained glass mosaics covering over 600 square meters in the upper chapel. These windows show biblical scenes and are in bright multicolor. These windows are the oldest in Paris, and most of them trace their histories to the 13th century. This site used to house the crown of thorns, a fragment of the cross, and a nail, all supposed to be from Jesus, and many consider it a sacred space still.


Final Thoughts

If you want to truly experience what Paris has to offer, you need to stay away from the many tourist traps across the city. Get off the beaten path, do your own research about where to go, or ask a savvy local.

Paris is more than fashion, music, art, and history. Paris is a melting pot of cultures and histories from all over the world, and you should expand your search to include the warmth and breadth of the city.

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