The Best Co-Working Spaces In Mallorca

The sunny Balearic island of Mallorca is fast becoming a popular destination for digital nomads and remote workers. A positive that’s sprung out of this global pandemic is the ability for many to work from anywhere.

The likes of South East Asia and Central America were already well established among the best places for digital nomads.

Now Europe is entering the fray. Croatia has a fantastic digital nomad visa currently available. But Spain is now also poised to join the fold. In particular, the Balearic island of Mallorca offers a robust variety of co-working spaces.

After all, what good is a digital nomad visa if there isn’t the infrastructure to support those using these types of visas?

So as a full-time blogger based in Palma, I’ll be diving into the best co-working spaces on the island.

Let’s get straight into it!

Cómodo&Co La Rambla

One of the most established factilites in the city of Palma. There are three different locations spread around the city.

Their main space is on the idyllic La Rambla (high street) and features private offices, co-working rooms, virtual meeting rooms, and regular office spaces for larger teams.

They have a minimum tenancy of 2 weeks and focus on longer-term remote work of a month or more. This is the co-working space that I personally use, and it’s where I blog full time for On The Beating Travel.

The prices are reasonable, and the staff are accommodating. For example, I have 24/7 access should I have a late night in the office or need to produce content on the weekend.

The building has coffee/tea facilities and a lunch break area. Overall it’s a tranquil space, and my recommendation if you are looking to be in based in Palma de Mallorca for an extended period of time.

Fàbrica Ramis

Described as an area for ‘ideas in progress’ Fàbrica Ramis is one of the few spaces outside the capital of Mallorca, Palma. Located in the town of Inca, which is roughly 30 minutes from the capital’s Old Town.

It serves as a broader events venue, and the co-working space is in a large, naturally lit hall. However, the social aspect is what makes Fàbrica Ramis worthy of consideration.

So I’d recommend it if you are looking to make business contacts on the island of Mallorca.


One of the newer spaces in the Mallorcan capital of Palma, the space features 25 desk areas spread across 5 uniquely decorated workrooms. In addition, you have a conference room, kitchen and bathrooms complete with showers should you come from an early morning workout.

Palmapolitan is situated in the emblematic Triquet building, which is ideally placed for those living along the coast in Portixol or Can Pastilla.

You can choose between private offices or hot desks (up to 100 hours), and they also have an option of weekly/daily rates if you want to test out the space.

The office is operated by Mary Kay, who is highly approachable and ready to field any questions you have about the working space.



Now I can hear you saying, why choose to work remotely and be confined to the city of Palma? Well, you are in luck because there are some spaces on the Eastern side of Mallorca that will definitely spark your interest.

Rayaworx is one such place, and it’s located in the boutique shopping town of Santanyi. The town itself runs at a much slower pace than Palma, and you have the option to enjoy lunch on the beach before heading back to work.

The facilities are excellent, with high-speed internet connectivity, a bistro kitchen and even a podcasting room which is extremely handy.

Rayaworx market themselves more as a ‘workation’ space and actively encourages you to network and be social with your co-workers.

Sa Multidisciplinar

This space was created for both solopreneurs, digital nomads and business veterans. The location is the town of Felanitx on the East of the island.

There are numerous different desk options to choose from and at really attractive prices with a 24/7 private office space costing you €350 per month.

In sticking to the theme of the co-working culture in Mallorca, they offer networking opportunities and actively encourage the space to share ideas and collaborate as much as possible.

A nice feature about this space is they list all the long term co-workers on their website with a short bio about the work they do. A nice little SEO boost if you wish to use the space for a few months.

Palma Coliving

Okay, so I’ve saved something a little more unique for last. And that is one of the coliving areas in the city of Palma.

While coliving/co-working spaces are nothing new in the rest of the world, they are starting to pop up on the island.

The best known of them is Palma Coliving, which offers its 9 bedroom 500m2 villa from €1035 per month.

Now, as someone who personally knows how hard it can be to get a medium-term rental on the island, this is a great option. Because let’s face it, Airbnb is a rip-off (yes, Airbnb, you need to do better), and you might not want to commit to a full year.

So looking into coliving, which does it all for you, is definitely something worth considering.

What We Know About Spain’s Digital Nomad Visa

The visa is in its final stages of approval and should become live in the next couple of months. The visa will last for 12 months with the option to extend another 24 months if you continue meeting the criteria.

It will be open to non-residents and foreign workers employed by non-Spanish companies. For a comprehensive breakdown of the visa check it out here.

Update 2023: The Spain digital nomad Visa is now live. It offers a period of 12 months validity with a minimum salary requirement of €2,330 per month.

Final Thoughts

And there you have a short introduction to the best co-working spaces in Mallorca. So why not stop what you are doing and walk into your boss’s office to apply for a few months in Mallorca!

Just kidding, don’t do that right now. But with a little bit of planning, I’m sure you could make it happen.

The scene is evolving, and there are always new spaces opening up. They are affordable, social, and they are on one of the most beautiful islands in the world. What’s not to love?

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