Ten Things You Should Never Do On Safari

Headed on Safari? Here are ten things you should never do when you’re there.

1. Get Too Close

Not only does getting too close to the animals put you in danger, but it could also put everyone else in the group and your guide at risk too. There is only so much your guide can do to protect you if you do get too close. Furthermore, it could scare the animal away, ruining everyone’s chance to see it. You can never guarantee which animals you will or won’t see on Safari, and getting too close could mean you don’t get to see it again.

2. Wear Bright Clothes

Bright clothes attract the wrong kind of attention on Safari. Plus insects like mosquitoes and flies will be all of you. Wear camouflage clothes, navy greens and white. White is particularly good, as it keeps you cool and you can see if any insects are on you.

3. Ignore Your Guide

Your guide is very well-trained and knowledgeable.  Everything she or he says should be listened to, acknowledge and acted upon immediately. Ignore them at your peril!

4. Be On Your Phone

Unless it’s a very urgent phone call that can’t wait, put your phone away! You won’t be able to get WIFI out in the bush anyway. If you must have your phone with you, turn it to silent. A sudden ring could scare away the wildlife.

5. Be Insensitive To The Locals

In many parts of Africa, it is considered very rude to ask for something without saying polite and proper greetings first. Take time to introduce yourself before requesting anything from the locals if you want to be polite.

6. Leave Food In Your Tent

If you’re sleeping in a tent, never leave food inside. Just because you can’t smell it, doesn’t mean the animals nearby can’t. You don’t want to get back one day to find you tent ransacked and your cereal bars gone! Alternative to staying in a tent is a lodge; check out these stunning ones at www.thanda.com.

7. Shout Or Be Very Loud

In the same way that a mobile phone ringing or getting too close can scare away animals, so can talking too loud. Keep your voice down when you’re out in the wild. You can talk, no problem, but no yelling or shouting.

8. Ask Before Taking Pictures

No, you don’t need to ask the lion directly before taking his photograph! But you do need to ask the locals. It’s just common sense and standard manners. You probably wouldn’t be all that thrilled if someone started taking paparazzi shots of you standing outside your house! Ask permission first, and have respect if they say no. www.our-africa.org/zambia/people-culture has a good guide to local customs in Zambia.

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9. Forget To Tip

This point goes for your guide especially. While he or she will be paid a wage, it may well be quite low. Your guide will have worked very hard to look after you and give you all of their knowledge. Repay them with a generous tip before you leave; in the local currency, of course!

10. Forget To Enjoy Yourself!

Just because there are some important rules, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself.


Have a fantastic time!

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