Spare Your Wallet: How to Find Cheap Hotels Wherever You Travel

Do you love traveling but dread having to break the bank when it comes to lodging? Here’s how to find cheap hotels wherever you travel.

Hotels make up a huge part of your vacation budget even though you spend the least amount of time in your room. In 2019, the average daily rate of a hotel has risen to $135.

That is money that you could spend on exploring your chosen destination.

Luckily, there are several tricks on how to find cheap hotels and alternative accommodations.

Before you spend half your budget on a hotel, take a look at these booking tips.


Try a Home Stay

One of the best ways to find cheaper hotel rooms is to not use one at all. There are plenty of people who rent out their guest rooms and vacation homes to travelers at a fraction of the hotel fee.

Try looking for a last-minute stay to negotiate the price. Most renters will cut the cost if they have no one else coming during your scheduled dates.

Airbnb sunset cozumel

Enjoying the sunset from our Airbnb condo


Buy Unwanted Reservations

If you ever had to cancel a trip last minute, you know how difficult it is to get a refund. Some sites help people get those refunds with the assistance of last-minute travelers.

You can save money by taking an unwanted room for cheaper than the original price. You also help someone else get some of their money back.


Use the Same Site

Booking hotel stays can have you jumping from one site to the next looking for the best deal. A little brand loyalty can help you save money! If you use the same site over and over again, you can gain rewards like a free stay.

Look at the site to see what kind of membership or account offers they have. You may need to sign up for a loyalty program. Sometimes, you can give your email address to get exclusive coupons and deals.


Avoid Weekend and Holidays

If you want to know how to get hotel deals, you need to be strategic with your booking dates.

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Hotels jack their prices up during peak times like the weekend and holidays. If you are booking outside of the country, check for international holidays. Try to check in on a weekday to avoid inflated costs.


Check Credit Card Deals

Sometimes, the best way to get a hotel discount is in your wallet already. Your credit card may partner with hotel chains and offer discounts if you use it to book your stay. Or you can apply for new credit cards and earn the sign on bonus which is one of the best ways to save money on travel.

Multiple credit cards

Multiple credit cards

Go online or call your credit card company to see if they have any traveling partners. You may need to book certain dates, but it could save you a bundle.


How to Find Cheap Hotels But Still Be Comfortable

When considering how to find cheap hotels, you shouldn’t think that you will have to skimp on comfort. These tricks and tips will not sacrifice luxury. You will have the extra cash to indulge even more on your trip.

Check out the rest of this site for more information on how to save money while traveling the world!

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