South Africa is the Perfect Choice for Your Gap Year, Here’s Why!

A lot of people face big decisions when they finish school, and they have to be decisive. You have the choice to continue your education, go straight into work, or take a gap year. A lot of people will elect to take a gap year, and this could be for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it will be to do with finances. But often it will be that people are unsure about what they want to do with their lives.



A gap year gives you a great chance to earn money, explore new places, and find out who you are. It’s very important to make sure you choose the perfect destination for your gap year, so you need to start thinking. One of the best places you could choose would be South Africa, and here are some reasons why.


The Accent

Let’s all be honest for a minute, who doesn’t love the South African accent. It’s like a mixture of several Southern Hemisphere accents and Dutch! It sounds amazing and is really pleasant to listen to. I feel that accents are very important, and can play a big role in the way we experience places. When you visit somewhere you are looking for authenticity, and this means that you want people to sound as they should. So the accent is an important part of the process, and that’s why the South African one is so good.



When you’re taking a gap year, one of the main things you want to consider is landscape. There’s a good bet you’re going to want to take the time to go somewhere foreign. So think about the places that have the most beautiful landscapes. If you want to find out a little more about a gap year in South Africa and how beautiful the landscape is then visit It’s important to enjoy the view and experience things you may never have seen before. And South Africa offers you the opportunity to be able to experience all of these things.


Variety for Work

Another great thing about gap years in South Africa is that there is so much variety in terms of work. Think about this, you could work as part of a safari tour for the year. This puts you up close and personal with nature, and allows you to enjoy the magic of an African safari. You could even work in sports such as rugby which are hugely popular. Then there are other ideas like giving surfing lessons on the beach or working behind a bar. The choice is huge, and his is what makes South Africa such a great place to work.

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South Africa is such an amazing country to visit for anyone on a gap year. It lies on the world’s most mysterious continent. And it has so much to offer for people from all walks of life. Make the most of your gap year by spending it in South Africa, and you’ll discover a lot about who you are as a person.


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