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Russia is an amazing country with rich cultural and historical heritage, beautiful landscapes that have inspired artists and poets for many generations. For a long time, Russia was considered as a complicated, unsafe and inaccessible country, too different from western culture, or as not as welcoming to foreigners as other countries. Many things have changed recently, and there is no reason to put your Russia tour off.

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Tours to Russia from the USA are becoming more and more popular as there are so many reasons to visit this country. Great reasons for visiting include the fascinating culture where modern life mixes with old traditions, vibrant and controversial history, masterpieces of art and architecture, and purely natural landscapes.


Who and why travels to Russia

Visiting Russia is a unique opportunity to get first hand acquainted with the Russian way of life, its history, and culture. Russia is a huge country – it spans eleven time zones and two continents with an array of rivers, forests, and majestic mountains. If you want to explore the land of striking beauty and diversity, get ready for the Russian adventure. The whole new world will open for you to be discovered.orthodox church russia

Before planning a trip to Russia, you probably want to know how much it will cost, and if Russia is an expensive country.

A few years ago, big Russian cities like Moscow or St. Petersburg were quite expensive. However, after the significant devaluation of the ruble, Russian cities have become quite reasonable. When comparing the prices of big capitals like London, New York, or Paris, in Moscow, the prices are much more affordable. The image of Moscow as one of the most expensive cities in the world is now far away. Going deeper into the country, you even might think that it is very cheap in Russia.

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The unbeatable reason to visit Russia is its Untouched Nature.

Russia is a vast country, and there is an endless amount of pristine nature waiting to be discovered by nature-lovers. –Image result for russia siberia"

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In Siberia, you will find an extraordinary system of high mountains – the Altai Mountains. Deep river valleys and impressive canyons separate the mountains. The Altai Mountains is home to rare fauna like the snow leopard and the Altai argali, the world’s largest wild sheep. Another natural wonder in Siberia is Lake Baikal, the biggest, deepest, and most diverse freshwater lake on Earth.


The famous Russian cuisine.

Russian cuisine features the cooking traditions of different Russian people. The cuisine has been influenced by European, Caucasian, Siberian, Central Asian, and East Asian cultures living harsh climate. The Old Russian cuisine is characteristic of plentiful fish, meat, mushrooms, caviar, berries, and honey. They have a variety of breads – rye, wheat, barley, beer, and of course, vodka. Soups and stews have been the staples for the majority of Russians for centuries.Image result for russian vodka"


Russia boasts of the longest railway in the world.

The Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow to Vladivostok 9.289 km long, is the longest and probably the busiest railway line in the world. Consider one of the journeys crossing several time zones with the scenery of Siberia, including the Ural Mountains and Lake Baikal, the largest freshwater lake in the world.trans siberian railway


Moscow and St. Petersburg

And of course, Moscow and St. Petersburg offering the highlights of Russian architecture and art.

The glorious Moscow Red Square is the best symbol of Russia in the world, with the history as old as the fortress itself.  It is in the very heart of Moscow and has been the center of Russia’s political power since the 13th century.

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art features the most extensive collection of modern and contemporary Russian art.  The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts houses an outstanding collection of Russian and foreign art from ancient to modern times.

In St. Petersburg, the number of attractions is overwhelming. If you’re short on time, make sure to visit the highlights – The Hermitage, World famous Opera and Ballet Theater Mariinski, famous Churches and the splendid bridges of the city, created by most celebrated architects and engineers over the last three centuries. Of the 342 bridges in the town, several of them are technical and aesthetic masterpieces.

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During recent years Russia has opened up tremendously, and those who have taken the plunge and traveled to this stunning country come back with beautiful memories of the glittering churches of St. Petersburg, the fabulous palaces of the Russian monarchs or the haunting and unique landscape of the wild steppes.

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