Restaurant Spreadsheet list tracker

The Ultimate Restaurant Tracker List Spreadsheet

In addition to my comprehensive spreadsheet on tracking your credit cards to help fuel your travels for free, and my travel planning spreadsheet to organize your next travel itinerary, this next spreadsheet is the ultimate resource to keep track of the restaurants you’ve visited. I find that living somewhere abroad, I always visit so many new restaurants that I can never remember which one was which. However, utilizing a spreadsheet to keep track of everything makes sorting and finding your favorite spot that much easier.

This post is part of my comprehensive guide to travel hacking where I go into detail about how I fly for free, book the cheapest flights, and how to be an overall better traveler!

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Why use a spreadsheet to track restaurants?

I have never been able to find a good spreadsheet or app to track restaurants. Sure you can use Google Maps or Yelp to save the restaurants you’ve been to but it’s a pain to add any sort of commentary or analysis to the restaurants. With a spreadsheet, you can see everything in one page and easily filter based on your personal rating, neighborhood, cuisine type etc. without having to go through much hassle. This was perfect while I was living in Bali and visiting amazing Bali restaurants as well as the best cafes in the entire world (This is not a debate).

A spreadsheet is also much more personal so this sheet is specifically for the places I have visited and with my own analysis so I have something to remind me of the experience if I were to return. This is not a complicated spreadsheet. While I could add many columns for in depth analysis on every restaurant, I figured that I’d prefer a spreadsheet that largely contained the basics. I don’t need to add pictures and reviews to every restaurant; it would be too much.

The spreadsheet is made in Google Sheets so a link is all you’ll need to share it with friends. Google Sheets also allows multiple people to make edits (if that is something you want!)

Restaurant List spreadsheet

Without further ado, here is my restaurant spreadsheet! I will go over how to use it, which is not difficult at all compared to my credit card tracking spreadsheet for example. Also, this spreadsheet is currently exactly what I’m using to track all my restaurants while living in Frankfurt, Germany. If you live in Frankfurt and are looking for a comprehensive list of good restaurants, this is it for you!

Restaurant Spreadsheet list tracker
Restaurant Spreadsheet

Without further ado, here is the spreadsheet. There are multiple columns associated with the spreadsheet and it’s likely I will continue to make updates to this spreadsheet as time goes on

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Download Restaurant List Tracker Spreadsheet

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Using The Restaurant Tracking spreadsheet

The spreadsheet is very easy to use. It might seem a little daunting at first if you’re not used to dealing with spreadsheets, but I assure you it is easy to use. I structured the sheet in a way so it’s very clear to see what the day to day plan is, as well as the costs associated with everything.

Here is a breakdown of all the fields:

Restaurant Name

Self explanatory


I use a scale of 5 with yellow stars. To keep it simple, just copy existing cells with the rating you want. For example, if you want to rate a restaurant 4 stars, then copy from another four star cell

Checkboxes for restaurant type

I wanted to distinguish between restaurants, bars, cocktail bars, and bars that also serve food. There are all sorts of cross combinations nowadays so I listed out the basics. Feel free to add another column for other restaurant types you deem useful.

Cuisine Type

Also self explanatory. I did not use a drop down list for this because there are too many cuisines nowadays to list so just write in what you feel is appropriate.

Accepts Credit Card

Depending on which country/city you’re using this for, not everyone has caught up to using credit cards yet. For example, I have been living in Germany for a bit and as developed as the country is, they are still stuck in the 1980s when it comes to the use of cash.


Where the restaurant is located. I chose not to add another column for the exact address because it is unnecessary work. I may consider adding a specific location in the future but for now, I think neighborhood is all that is necessary.


For the cost, I used a scale of 4 which is what TripAdvisor and Google Maps also uses. Depending on the city, you’ll have to come up with your own scale. For Frankfurt, Germany, I’m using € for anything under €10, €€ for mains between €10 and €20, €€€ is for 20 and 30, and €€€€ is for 30+.

Outdoor Seating

I always love outdoor seating in restaurants/bars, especially on a warm summer day.

Extra Notes

This is the cell to jot down any personal thoughts and comments on the restaurant/bar that you’re visiting. This is great for when you are looking for restaurants in the future and have commentary to remind you of the experience.


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  1. Maybe unlikely too get a response now but i do have question about adding more lines.

    when add the country feild on a new line how do i make it fill out the flag.

  2. Just stumbled on your blog and this post and love it for sooo many reasons. (1) I love South Africa and am moving back there (for the 2nd time) in a few weeks; (2) am obsessed with travelling as a way of life and happiness; (3) love trying to find the best deals on travel and CC’s (tho I discipline myself to just one these days!); (4) love spreadsheets; (5) love food travelling! …which brings me to this list…did you happen to make one for restaurants in south africa? I’m thinking of starting one (likely stick with coffee to start), especially since food/service can be a hit/miss experience in SA.

    • Hey thanks for the kind words! Sadly, I did not maintain this while I was in South Africa. I only made this spreasdheet recently. Please share though if you are making one, would love to see it1