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How To Plan A Family Safari Adventure In Africa

A survey shows that 33% of Americans are planning to travel to an international destination with family members. If you’re one of the many people who is looking for a new adventure this year, consider going on a family safari in Africa with your loved ones. There’s something unique about going on an African safari compared to any other holiday as one gets to appreciate seeing unusual animals in their natural habitat. Moreover, you get to meet friendly people along the way and appreciate the amazing culture. Taking your children with you also allows you to bond as a family and create emotional connections while encountering animals in the wild. Here’s how to successfully plan a family safari adventure in Africa.


Consider your children’s ages before planning activities

As you begin to plan your trip, keep in mind your children’s ages, interests, and abilities before deciding where to stay and what to do on your family safari adventure. Most parents choose to wait until their children are a little older so they can be included in more activities. Keep in mind that some tours and camps do not allow younger children to participate in some activities, so it may be best to wait until they’re at least 8 or 9 years old to go on a safari. By this age, kids can engage with guides and locals, appreciate the experience more, and they can follow directions better, which is important to stay safe on a safari.


Plan and pack together

Read up and do some research on the places where you can go; try and involve the whole family in choosing the destinations to visit and the activities that you can do. Once you’ve finalized your travel plans, be sure to book your flight and accommodations and start gathering up all the items that you’ll need for the safari. Apart from lightweight, breathable clothing in neutral colors, a camera, and extra storage, you’ll also need a pair of pocket-sized binoculars so you can have a good look at all the animals that you may encounter during your trip. Some binoculars are affordable enough that you can get each family member a pair without breaking the bank.


Consult your pediatrician

Let your pediatrician know about your travel plans at least 6 months in advance. This gives you enough time to get the necessary immunizations before heading to Africa. You may also want to consider bringing a first aid kit, sunblock, and insect repellent to protect your family during your stay.

Follow these tips for a safe and enjoyable family safari adventure in Africa. You and your loved ones are sure to have memorable experiences that will last a lifetime.

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