Places to Visit: Travel Around the World for Your Next Adventure

Are you planning to travel across the world to satisfy your spirit of adventure? If you are, then scan through the list below for some inspiration on where to visit around the world.



Hawaii has attractive beaches, luxurious resorts and a rich cultural and historical heritage. Molokini is known for offering good diving experiences and the sunsets are second to none.

The Hawaii Volcano National Park is one of the active volcanoes that houses the national park for wildlife; tourists use helicopters to have an aerial view of the active lava.



Ever fancied planning a holiday to China? China offers a wide variety of attractions to appeal to tourists and is also home to some amazing hotels and accomodations. Apart from Chinese history and civilization that attracts millions of people, there are also many gorgeous natural sceneries in China. The following are some of the most famous tourist destinations in the country:

  • The Great Wall

It’s believed to have been built to keep intruders away from the mainland. It covers a distance of 8851.8 kilometers across nine provinces and municipalities. The Chinese Great Wall has been acknowledged by UNESCO as one of the world cultural heritage sites.

  • The Forbidden City

This is the Imperial Palace Museum that has preserved the ancient wooden structures of the Ming Dynasty in 1406 AD.

  • The Yangtze River

This is the longest and largest river in China, hence referred to as the “Mother River of the Chinese Nation”. It goes across nine provinces in Southern China.

  • The Terracotta Warriors

This is an archaeological site that has preserved buried bodies of Terra Cotta warriors and their horses during the Qin Dynasty in 221BC. It is an underground museum.



Kenya is described by many tourists as one of the leading tourist destinations in the world. The country is blessed with a beautiful landscape, wildlife, beaches, archaeological sites and a rich cultural heritage. One of the ancient cultural heritage is that of the Maasai and Turkana tribes.

Kenya also hosts one of the world’s largest mountains in the world, Mt. Kenya; many tourists visit the country for mountain climbing.Masai Mara water buffaloes sunset

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Dubai is known for its hospitality when it comes to tourism. The beaches, hotels, shopping malls and waterparks attract large numbers of tourists and families every year. Most of the tourists go to Dubai to see Downtown Dubai, Palm Island and Burji Al Arab. For those who have a taste in wildlife, the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary and the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve will serve your needs



Borneo is the third largest island in the world with a thousand square miles of forest housing different wildlife. Mount Kinabalu, the tallest mountain in Malaysia, is one of the most attractive features and many travelers come to climb it. This is also home to some of the best diving in the world in Sipadan, Malaysia.

The island has beautiful beaches and mosques for sightseeing and the jungle is an interesting phenomenon for trekkers. If you are planning to go on an adventure to Borneo, then there are endless amounts to explore, making it the perfect location for any solo or couple looking for adventure!

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