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How To get From Naples to the Amalfi Coast: Everything You Need To Know

If you’re looking to visit Naples and the Amalfi coast, you’ll need to know how to get from the city where pizza was invented to the ultra picturesque Amalfi coast. This post will go into detail about exactly how to do all of that.

Villa Ruffalo Ravello Amalfi Coast
Beautiful Amalfi Coast

If you’re staying in Naples for a few days, or are simply flying into Naples Capodochino Airport (NAP) and want to go straight to the beautiful towns of the Amalfi, this is the guide for you.

Naples to Amalfi Coast: Distance, Map, and More

Naples to the Amalfi coast is roughly 60km and takes roughly 1.5h by car from the center of Naples to one of the main towns in the Amalfi Coast. As the Amalfi coast is a wide stretch of coastline, this time might vary depending on exactly which town you’re planning to visit.

Positano Italy
Beautiful Positano Italy

Traffic is often times an issue on the Amalfi coast since it is wildly popular. Visiting in the summer and especially on weekends will mean traffic can be absolutely terrible at times. 2 to 2.5h is something you should absolutely plan for in the busy summer months.

Naples to Amalfi coast by train and bus

Getting from Naples to the Amalfi Coast by public transportation can be a bit of a challenge, but there are several options available. The main thing to know about using public transportation is that there are no direct transfers to the towns along the coast like Positano or Ravello.

Sorbillo pizza naples
Delicious Naples style pizza

Trains and buses will only take you to the main cities on each side of the Amalfi coast in Salerno, or Sorrento. Once you arrive in one of these towns, you’ll need to take a bus that specifically traverses the Amalfi coast to reach your final destination. Depending on where your ultimate destination is, it might make more sense to train or bus into Salerno vs Sorrento (or vice versa).

By Train from Naples to Amalfi Coast

The nearest train station to the Amalfi Coast is in Salerno, which can be reached from Naples by train in around 40-60 minutes. Once you reach Salerno, you can take a bus or ferry to get to the towns along the coast.

Here are the steps to take the train from Naples to Salerno:

  1. Go to the Napoli Centrale train station in Naples.
  2. Look for the Frecciarossa line from Naples to Salerno. The train takes about 45 minutes.
  3. Once in Salerno train station, take a bus to one of the Amalfi Coast towns.

Naples to Sorrento train:

  1. Go to the Napoli Centrale train station in Naples
  2. Look for the Circumvesuviana train line and take it to Sorrento. The train ride takes around 1 hour.
  3. Once in Sorrento, take a bus or ferry to get to the Amalfi Coast towns.

By Bus from Naples to the Amalfi Coast

Another option to get to the Amalfi Coast from Naples is to take a bus. There are several bus companies that offer services from Naples to the Amalfi Coast.

Here are the steps to take a bus from Naples to the Amalfi Coast:

  1. Go to the Naples bus station located at Piazza Garibaldi.
  2. Look for the SITA or the Curreri bus lines and take a bus bound for Amalfi, Positano, or Sorrento. The ride takes around 1-2 hours, depending on the destination.
  3. Once in the Amalfi Coast towns, you can explore the area by foot, by bus, or by boat.

How to get from the Naples Airport to the Amalfi Coast?

If you’re landing at Naples Airport (NAP), and want to go straight to the Amalfi coast, you’re in luck. There is a bus that goes directly from the airport to Sorrento. This bus leaves every 1-2 hours and takes 75 minutes (without traffic) to Sorrento.

This is by far the cheapest option as you’ll pay closer to 100€ by taxi.

Naples to Amalfi coast driving yourself

Renting a car from Naples and driving to the Amalfi coast is an easy option for travelers to consider if they’re planning to go on a longer road trip through Italy.

Amalfi coast streets
A beautiful little town in the Amalfi Coast

If you’re only visiting Naples and the Amalfi Coast, I would highly recommend not renting a car. This is because the traffic on the Amalfi Coast is absolutely horrid. Sure the drive from Naples to the Amalfi coast is easy enough without much traffic, but once you cross onto the coastline, you’re greeted with one lane roads and constant traffic jams.

In addition to the traffic jams, you then need to deal with finding parking in these small towns that are built in times before cars were a thing. This is a surefire way to ruin a good trip to the Amalfi coast in my opinion.

If you must drive, I would drive straight to your accommodation and park it there for the entire duration of your stay. Afterwards, I would then rent a scooter to cruise along the coast.

Rent a scooter in the Amalfi

My favorite way to get around the Amalfi (and really anywhere in Europe) is via scooter. Vespas are as Italian as Parmesan and is the way of life here. However, expect to pay insane prices for scooters in the Amalfi coats since it is so tourist centric. A rental for a standard scooter (not a Vespa) averages somewhere between €50-60 a day which is just insanity. Absolute insanity.

AMalfi Coast Scooter
Best way to get around!

This is a complete rip off by any stretch of the imagination but you need to prepare for extreme prices in the Amalfi Coast. If you rented a scooter for two weeks or more, you could just outright buy the damn thing. Having just been in the Greek islands for two months prior to coming to Italy, I was so used to (and spoiled) by the scooter prices there which are even still outrageously expensive compared to somewhere like Indonesia. Nevertheless, even by Amalfi standards, I think the €50-60 a day is just a pure rip off considering you could rent a car for cheaper.

amalfi coast italy road trip
The Amalfi Coast in Italy

Nevertheless, I don’t think you need a scooter the entire time you’re here. For the most part, if you rent it for a day or two, it will be enough to see most of the area. I rented it for two days and it was more than enough to cruise through most of the Amalfi Coast.

Amalfi Coast Ravello Italy

Naples to Amalfi coast by taxi

The fastest way to get from Naples to the Amalfi coast will definitely be by taxi. You can take taxis or Ubers from Naples to the Amalfi coast for roughly 100€ depending on the location. Taxis are not cheap in Italy after all.

The benefit to taking a taxi is the amount of time you’ll save navigating the public transportation or pre-booking anything. Simply pull out your phone, open the Uber app, enter your destination, and off you go. 1.5 hours later, and you’ll be sipping Aperol Spritz on the coast.

Naples to the Amalfi Coast by ferry

Going from Naples to the Amalfi coast by boat is one of the most scenic and rewarding things you can do. The Mediterranean sea and the Italian coast is absolutely beautiful and it’s no wonder so many people visit this area of Italy.

Capri Island Italy
Coming up on Capri

Going by ferry is generally a lower stress and more relaxed way of traveling to the Amalfi Coast. Generally, there are less transfers and you can check off the list a beautiful boat ride along the coast. I took the ferry from Naples to Capri and from Capri ultimately to Positano and the views were absolutely breathtaking.

Views of Capri
Amazing views on Capri

As of 2023/2024, there is one main ferry company that does this route, Alilauro.

They have the following ferry routes from Naples to the Amalfi coast:

  • Naples to Sorrento: multiple times a day at €15 for an adult
  • Naples to Positano: twice a day at €25 for an adult

If you’re staying in the heart of the Amalfi Coast, a ferry ride to Positano might be one of the best ways to get to your final destination. However, I only recommend this if you’re packing light. The ferry drops you off at the ferry terminal of Positano and you’ll need to walk up many flights of stairs to either the bus terminal to another town on the Amalfi, or to one of the beautiful accommodation options in Positano.

Naples to Amalfi Coast by Day Tour

A day tour from Naples to the Amalfi Coast is a popular and convenient way to explore the picturesque towns and stunning landscapes of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. In fact, if you’re only planning to visit the Amalfi coast for a day, I would skip trying to navigate the public transportation system and go straight to a day tour as it will visit all the hot spots without you constantly waiting around for public transportation. You won’t even save that much money on a DIY day trip to the Amalfi Coast.

I recently went on a day tour with a local tour company and had a fantastic experience that I will never forget.

The tour started early in the morning when our group was picked up from our hotel in Naples by a comfortable air-conditioned minibus. Our guide, a knowledgeable and friendly local, introduced himself and gave us some background information about the Amalfi Coast and the towns we were going to visit. We were a small group of 8 people, which made the tour more intimate and allowed us to ask questions and interact with our guide.

Our first stop was Positano, one of the most iconic towns on the Amalfi Coast known for its colorful houses perched on a steep cliff overlooking the sea. We had some free time to explore the town on our own, walk along the narrow streets lined with boutiques and cafés, and take pictures of the stunning views. Our guide also gave us some tips on the best places to take pictures and recommended some local specialties to try, such as the lemon granita or the limoncello liqueur.

After Positano, we drove along the scenic road that winds along the coastline, passing through small villages and terraced lemon groves. Our next stop was Amalfi, a historic town with a beautiful cathedral and a charming central square. Our guide led us through the maze of alleys and stairs that make up the old town, pointing out the main sights and sharing some interesting anecdotes and legends about the town’s history. We also had some free time to shop for souvenirs, try some local street food, or just soak up the atmosphere.

Our last stop was Ravello, a hilltop town famous for its villas, gardens, and panoramic views. We had lunch at a local restaurant with a terrace overlooking the sea, where we enjoyed some delicious seafood and wine while admiring the breathtaking scenery. After lunch, we visited the beautiful gardens of Villa Rufolo, a medieval palace with Moorish-style architecture and exotic plants. Our guide gave us a tour of the gardens, explaining their history and pointing out the most interesting features, such as the cloister, the belvedere, and the waterfalls.

On the way back to Naples, our guide entertained us with some local songs and jokes, and also answered some more questions we had about the Amalfi Coast and the Italian culture. We arrived in Naples in the late afternoon, tired but happy, with plenty of memories and pictures to share with our friends and family.

Overall, the day tour from Naples to the Amalfi Coast was an unforgettable experience that allowed us to see some of the most beautiful and charming towns in Italy, learn about their history and culture, and enjoy some delicious food and wine. The tour was well-organized, informative, and fun, thanks to our guide’s expertise and enthusiasm. I highly recommend this tour to anyone who wants to discover the magic of the Amalfi Coast in a day!

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