Positano beautiful view italy amalfi coast

The Perfect Naples, Capri And Amalfi Coast Itinerary

The Amalfi Coast, the crown jewel of Italian luxury and romance, is one of the most popular and stunning places in Italy. Located just south of Naples, which is worth a visit in and of itself as it’s the birthplace of pizza, is a 100km stretch of road that hugs the coastline from Sorrento to Salerno.

Positano beautiful view italy amalfi coast

The coastline is as rugged as it is beautiful. Towering mountains, Azure colored seas, and the most picturesque Italian villages are all on offer. I spent two weeks traveling from Naples to Capri and then the entire Amalfi coast. In addition, right off the the Amalfi coast is the famous island of Capri, known for its magnificent villas, dramatic mountains, and refined Italian cuisines. I visited all these places on my trip.

Capri Villa Lysis
Villa Lysis in Capri

Of course not everyone has this type of time to dedicate to this area of the country but you also don’t need two weeks in my opinion. I took it nice and slow because I just love everything about Southern Italy. Northern Italy of course is also stunning with places like Lake Como, Sicily, the Dolomites, and a roadtrip through Tuscany’s wineries. Nevertheless, I think after visiting much of Italy, the south is more my style.

Where I went in the Amalfi Coast Area

I had two full weeks to explore this area of the country. However, it was not two weeks of freedom, I had to work most of the days so in fact, I was only able to see the sights maybe half of that time.

Naples, the Amalfi Coast, and Capri are not big places and there really isn’t that much to see in terms of sights and monuments. In fact, a lot of people do the Amalfi coast on a day trip from either Sorrento, Salerno, or even Naples. If you don’t have that much time to dedicate, don’t worry, I will give you all the options in this post.

Amalfi coast streets
A beautiful little town in the Amalfi Coast

When did I visit the Amalfi?

I visited the Amalfi coast in October after the typical summer high season. I was told, in non-COVID times of course, that summers are simply overwhelming with the sheer amount of tourists. Like the rest of Europe’s big tourist attractions, this comes as no surprise. In normal times, I’d recommend visiting here in the shoulder months of Oct/Nov and April/May. It is still warm enough in these months to do fun things, and enough restaurants will be open to make sure you be well fed.

Amalfi Coast

Absolutely avoid visiting the Amalfi in July/Aug at all cost. Not only will prices be 2x higher, but the sheer amounts of tourists will ensure that you see nothing without huge crowds.

Not my style.

Amalfi Coast San Pietro
San Pietro, one of the beautiful little towns on the Amalfi Coast

In total, this itinerary is anyone that has about a week to two weeks of time. Of course this itinerary can be shortened or lengthened depending on your schedule. I visited the following areas on this itinerary

  • Naples
  • Pompeii
  • Capri
  • Positano
  • Praiano
  • Ravello
  • Amalfi
  • Vietri Sul Mare
  • Salerno

If these places ring a bell and sound like the places you want to visit, this is the perfect itinerary for you! Note that I visited almost every town on the Amalfi coast so the list of towns is actually much bigger than the above. This is because there is only one main road and it goes through every town. It’s simple to just stop off at a village, walk around for an hour or two, and leave.

How to get around the Amalfi Coast?

One of the main things I struggled with in planning this trip was whether to rent a car or not. While visiting the rest of Italy, I always opted for a car to road trip through the countryside. Puglia and Sicily were prime examples where this was an amazing experience.

Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi coast however, is not so straight forward when it comes to planning this. The Amalfi coast itself is actually quite small. From Salerno to Sorrento is only 100km which isn’t really road trip material.

Amalfi Coast
This is the main road on the Amalfi Coast. Not much room to work with.

If you’re planning to go from Naples to the Amalfi coast, make sure to read my post on all the different transportation options to get here.

Do you need a car on the Amalfi Coast?

To put it simply, having a car would make your life easier when it comes to being spontaneous. However, the caveat is that the iconic Amalfi coast road with its spectacular views is a one lane, slow, traffic ridden affair. If there’s any accident at all, you could be backed up for hours.

Traffic on the Amalfi Coast
During high season, traffic can get really bad given how it’s just one lane

In addition to terrible traffic, you’ll stop in picturesque small villages meaning finding parking will be its own side quest.

Do you need to have a car? The answer is no. The public transportation system is sufficient enough to get from town to town.

If you do decide on driving a car, make sure to also have proper travel insurance. There are a plethora of travel insurance providers out there but I can highly recommend SafetyWing as their coverage starts from just a few dollars a day. The travel insurance they provide covers you in 180 countries with an expense limit of $250k. They even have a $0 deductible which means the smallest of claims will even be covered. I find their user interface to be very easy to use which makes it simple to make the claims you need. They have 24/7 chat support which comes in really handy when you have an emergency somewhere and need questions answered.

Take the buses in the Amalfi Coast

The buses are the best way to get around the area. From Salerno or Sorrento, you can take a bus to visit all the highlights of the Amalfi coast. From Positano or Sorrento, you can also take ferries to Capri.

The buses are somewhat frequent during the high seasons but expect to have longer waits during low seasons. Even so, if you’re staying in a smaller town like Praiano, these buses don’t run as often. Buses can get quite packed during the summers and it’s not uncommon to have to wait for the next bus.

Search for buses and ferries in the Amalfi Coast!

Rent a scooter in the Amalfi

My favorite way to get around the Amalfi (and really anywhere in Europe) is via scooter. Vespas are as Italian as Parmesan and is the way of life here. However, expect to pay insane prices for scooters in the Amalfi coats since it is so tourist centric. A rental for a standard scooter (not a Vespa) averages somewhere between €50-€60 a day which is just insanity. If you want a Vespa, you’re looking at something north of €75.

Absolute insanity.

AMalfi Coast Scooter
Best way to get around!

This is a complete rip off by any stretch of the imagination but you need to prepare for extreme prices in the Amalfi Coast. For comparison, a non-Vespa scooter is about €1-2k to purchase outright. If you rented a scooter for two weeks or more, you could just buy it!

Having just been in the Greek islands for two months prior to coming to Italy, I was so used to (and spoiled) by the scooter prices there which are even still outrageously expensive compared to somewhere like Bali, Indonesia where I could rent a scooter for a month for less than two days in the Amalfi Coast. Nevertheless, even by Amalfi standards, I think the €50-60 a day is just a pure rip off considering you could rent a car for cheaper.

Nevertheless, I don’t think you need a scooter the entire time you’re here. For the most part, if you rent it for a day or two, it will be enough to see most of the area. I rented a scooter for two days and it was enough to cruise through most of the Amalfi Coast.

What to pack for Capri and the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi coast and particularly Capri is where people come out in their finest attire. You’ll want to pack a good selection of clothes for the day and the night. During the day time, the temperatures can get very hot in the summer so you’ll want comfortable shorts, t-shirts, polos, etc. At night, a lot of people like to dress up to go out for dinner and drinks. Think white chinos, linen shirts, lightweight blazers etc.

I made sure to have all of these things which was made easier with my favorite travel suitcases from Level 8 Cases. These suitcases are of the highest quality and I particularly love the Voyageur Check In suitcases with the extra large handle. Not only are they stylish and affordable, but they are plenty big enough to fit all my shoes, shirts, pants, and more.

Level 8 suitcases

Full Itinerary

This itinerary starts in Naples, the birth place of pizza. Of course Naples is not a part of the Amalfi coast but it is the nearest airport. In addition, Naples is the pizza capital of the world so why not start off your trip gorging on the best pizzas Italy can offer?

Sorbillo pizza naples
Delicious Naples style pizza

From Naples, I took a ferry to the beautiful and luxurious island of Capri. To be honest, I hadn’t really planned to visit Capri and only changed my plans after realizing how close it was to Naples. Capri seemed like an elitist and flashy island that I wasn’t sure I would like. Well it is that if you are looking for it but it is so much more. I was pleasantly surprised after visiting!

Positano Italy
Beautiful Positano Italy

From Capri, I took a ferry to Positano. I skipped Sorrento as people told us that I wasn’t missing much especially compared to the rest of the Amalfi. From Positano, this is a good base to explore the nearby towns and go on epic hikes (more on that later). After staying a few nights around Positano, the next area to explore was the area around the town of Amalfi and specifically Ravello.

Villa Ruffalo Ravello Amalfi Coast
Villa Ruffalo in Ravello

Ravello came highly recommended to me and it did not disappoint. Finally, From Ravello, the last stay was in Vietri Sul Mare at the eastern end of the Amalfi coast. From here, it is close to Salerno, a bigger town with trains back to Naples for the flight home.

Need help planning your trip?

If you’re keen to visit the beautiful Southern Italian region surrounding Naples and are feeling overwhelmed with the logistics of it all, I can definitely help! I’ve helped many of my readers plan their dream vacation, honeymoon, becoming a digital nomad and everything in between. If you’d like me to help plan your trip, please send me a message on my contact page and we can take it from there!

Day 1-4: Naples

The itinerary starts in Naples! Upon landing, it was straight to explore the old town and eat at the countless pizzerias the city has to offer.

Naples was a very central part of the Italian empire, home to traders from all over the world. There is a lot of history and sights to see in Naples so I would recommend taking one of the free walking tours on offer.

pizzeria attilio
Pizza is life in Naples

While the city is not as picturesque and iconic as other Italian cities, it has that old school charm in its own way. Nevertheless, you’re not here to revel at beautiful alleyways and views (that’s what the rest of the itinerary is for). You are here because you have to fly into this city, and of course to eat pizza.

Naples pizza
Can’t be happier than with pizza

Neapolitan pizza was the original pizza. It’s also the best type of pizza in my opinion. The pizza is light, fluffy, and served with the highest quality ingredients. Make sure to visit some of the famous pizzerias like Sorbillo, Antica Michele, and more. In addition, no trip to Naples is complete without trying the famous Sfogliatelle dessert which ranks near my top of best desserts in the world.

Sfogliatelle Attanasio
The most delicious dessert possible
Naples Italy

I wrote a post that goes in depth of all the things to see and eat in Naples.

Day trip to Pompeii

Pompeii Italy

From Naples, a popular day trip is a visit to Mount Vesuvius and the town of Pompeii. If you remember your history lessons, Pompeii was the village at the base of the huge volcanic eruption during ancient times.

Pompeii Italy

Nowadays, the ruins of Ancient Rome are preserved incredibly well. I had no idea how grand the restorations of Ancient Pompeii were. It reminded me of visiting the Roman ruins in Tunisia but on a much larger scale.

From Naples central station, you can take a local train to Pompeii. This train is roughly 1 hour and will take you to Pompeii central station where you can walk to the ruins in 10 minutes. Definitely one of the highlights!

Day 4-6: Capri Island

After a wonderful three days in Naples, it’s time to go to the next place, Capri Island! Capri island is a 1 hour ferry ride away from Naples. It can easily be visited on a day trip but if you have enough time, then I would highly recommend staying a few nights.

Capri Island Italy
Coming up on Capri

Note that Capri is probably one of the most expensive islands in Italy. It’s always been known as an upper class hangout, even from centuries ago. Nevertheless, prices here won’t be much different than if you were coming from London or a big city in the US. Just be prepared to start doling out the cash after spending very little in Naples.

I stayed in a beautiful B&B in Anacapri right at the base of Monte Solaro, which the B&B is appropriately named after. The views of the Mediterranean and the town of Anacapri were breathtaking every morning to wake up to.

Capri Anacapri
The view from the Hotel in Anacapri

Capri (pronounced kah-pri and not like the Capri from Caprisun juices) is an island that offers a landscape of wild beauty sculpted by wind, jagged mountains, and huge boulders. The natural landscape of this island is nothing short of stunning and you will notice it from the ferry ride.

The island is famous for its historic villas, perfectly manicured gardens, quaint buildings, and the Blue Grotto.

Blue Grotto in Capri

Capri vs Anacapri

Capri Town

Capri Island is relatively small but is a common stop on a Mediterranean cruise. It’s only a half hour or so from one end to the other by car. For most tourists, you will most likely stay in the main Capri town or Anacapri on the hill. Both towns are lovely with their own charms. I stayed in Anacapri in a beautiful bed and breakfast with stunning views of the island. From Anacapri, it is closer to the Blue Grotto by bus.

Capri Town

I only had two nights in Capri however, and I found myself spending most of my time in Capri as a lot of the famous sights are near to that town. While it is only a 20 minute bus ride between the two towns, the buses are not super frequent.

If you have a lot of time, you won’t be disappointed in staying in either town. During the high seasons, the town of Capri can become extremely busy so if you want to have more peace and quiet, then stay in Anacapri.

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Taking the buses in Capri

Capri is an extremely expensive island to get around by car. The taxis are pretty crazy expensive. I paid €25 for a ride from the ferry terminal to Anacapri. Taxis are also not readily available as you’ll need to call them beforehand.

Day 18, 19 & 20: Sorrento & Capri – Come & Travel with Us

The buses are the most common way to get around the island. They run somewhat frequently during the high season months and connect the island pretty well. The Anacapri to Capri bus is the most common but there are also buses from Anacapri to the Blue Grotto and more. The bus fare is €2 per ride and €2.50 if you purchase on the bus. There is also an additional charge if you bring luggage.

Buses in Capri
Buses in Capri

Nevertheless, make sure to get familiar with the bus routes as this will be your only way around unless you want to spend hundreds of euros on taxis, scooters, or car rentals.

Visit the numerous sights of Capri

Capri is just stunning. The views from Anacapri are ridiculous. There are a ton of things to see in Capri and do I would recommend staying at least 3 nights. Two nights was simply not enough.

Views of Capri
Amazing views on Capri

For starters, just walk around the main town of Capri and soak in all the beautiful buildings and views. From Capri town, you can walk to the famous Gardens of Augusto where you can soak in even more beautiful views of the ocean and surrounding rocks. There are also numerous bars and restaurants here with stunning views where you can have a delicious aperitivo (prepare to spend a lot of money though).

Amalfi Coast
Plenty of Aperol Spritz to be had here as well

From Capri town, take the 30 minute walk to Villa Lysis which is one of the most picturesque and iconic villas in the island. I think the views and picture opportunities here are unmatched. Also visit the Arco Naturele nearby which is a huge rock arch with views of the turquoise waters below.

The beautiful Arco Naturele
The huge arch in Capri
Villa Lysis
Amazing views from Villa Lysis
Amazing views from Villa Lysis
Amazing views from Villa Lysis
Capri Island

In the summer months, I would highly recommend a boat tour around the island that visits the Blue Grotto and other sights.

Day 6-9: Praiano and Positano

After a wonderful few nights in Capri, it was time to finally start the Amalfi coast itinerary. Most itineraries I’ve seen online skip out on Capri focusing primarily on Naples and the Amalfi coast, but I’m not sure why Capri isn’t included in this.

Positano Amalfi Coast
Ferry approaching Positano
Positano Italy Amalfi Coast

You can see Capri from a lot of the towns in the Amalfi coast.

Ferry from Capri to the Amalfi Coast

From Capri, there are regular daily ferries from the island to the different towns on the coast. The main harbors on the coast are Sorrento, Positano, and Amalfi Town. As I chose to skip Sorrento due to time constraints, I took the ferry straight to Positano.

Ferry ride positano capri
Beautiful ferry ride to Positano from Capri

The ferry ride is pleasant and you can see the outline of Capri Island in the middle of the ocean the entire way. As you approach Positano, it is absolutely stunning.

Positano Town

Positano is perhaps the most well known, photographed, Instagrammed, and popular place on the coast. The iconic photos of the beautiful little houses on the mountain overlooking the Mediterranean is all here on display.

Positano Italy Amalfi Coast

It’s likely that you’ll be visiting Positano no matter where you stay in the Amalfi Coast.

Positano Italy Amalfi Coast

There aren’t a whole lot of must see tourist attractions in Positano. The entire town is one. Just walk through the streets and alleyways, reveling in how stunning the mountain and ocean landscape is. When you’re done, relax on the beach which is okay but it’s not going to wow you or have an Aperitivo. There are some amazing places to have drinks and also take that iconic photo of the town. My favorite of these are probably the restaurants on Via Cristiforo Columbo.

Positano Italy Amalfi Coast

The town is not big and will take you maybe 30 minutes to 1 hour to see most of it. The town is literally built in a mountain side so if you want to see it all by foot, be prepared to climb many stairs. The prices in Positano are very expensive as you’d expect so budget accordingly. If you want a cheaper meal, stop in at one of the delis where you can get fresh and delicious paninis made.

Positano Italy Amalfi Coast

You will have no shortage of photo opportunities here!

Great spot for a wine and Panini.

Path of the Gods Hike

Path of the Gods hike Amalfi Coast

One of the most popular activities along the Amalfi Coast is the absolutely stunning Path of the Gods hike. This also happens to be one of the most famous hiking routes in the whole of Italy and it’s easy to understand why, given the fantastic panoramas that await.

Path of the Gods hike Amalfi Coast
Path of the Gods hike Amalfi Coast
Path of the Gods hike Amalfi Coast

This hike came highly recommended to me from numerous folks and after seeing photos, I had to do it myself. It’s a hike that starts in the village of Nocelle nearby to Positano, ending at Bomerano.

Path of the Gods hike Amalfi Coast

From Positano, you can take a bus to Nocelle to begin your hike, or just hike from the main road outside of Positano. The Path of the Gods hike will take you to the top of the mountain which gives you the best views of the region. The whole route lasts around two hours and passes through a lush, green hillside with scattered vineyards along the way.

If you feel like really killing yourself and are staying in Praiano, do what I did which is to start my hike in Praiano, climbing over 1,000 meters to the top of the mountain where the Path of the Gods hike began. This hike took me three hours to finish and was some serious elevation.

Path of the Gods hike Amalfi Coast

If you want to start on the other side, you will need to take Sita buses leaving from Amalfi, ask the driver for the stop Bomerano. From there follow the road signs that will take you at the entrance of the path. The Path of the Gods can also be reached from Praiano but you have to face a long flight of steps to go from sea level to 580 meters high to the pass of Colle Serra.

Path of the Gods hike Amalfi Coast

The views here are breathtaking. I particularly loved the area that overlooks Positano. As touristy as Positano is, the views are just too nice.

Where I stayed in Positano area

There are countless hotels of all budgets to stay in Positano. I wanted to keep my budget on the lower end but also wanted a view of the beautiful Positano view. I stayed at Alcione Residence. The problem with beautiful views of Positano however is the hike up the unforgiving stairs. This will be problematic after one too many Spritz!

Gallery image of this property

Here are a few hotel recommendations for the Positano area:

Day 9-12: Ravello and Amalfi

From Positano and Praiano, I took the SITA bus with my luggage to my next destination in Ravello. Located high up on the mountains, Ravello was one of my favorite stops along the Amalfi coast.

The town has a very peculiar history: it was founded slightly behind the coast, on a hill, as a safe harbour against the barbarians. After the barbarian invasions, Ravello has become a very important town in the Republic of Amalfi.

Ravello Town
Ravello Town

Ravello has also been a famous destination for artists, writers and musicians, like M.C Escher, Richard Wagner, Greta Garbo, Gore Vidal, Truman Capote, Leonard Bernstein and Virginia Woolf.

Villa Rufalo

Getting to Ravello from Positano

From Positano or Praiano, you will need to catch the SITA bus to the town of Amalfi. Here you will transfer to another bus that goes to Ravello. This bus will take roughly 40 minutes or so traverse the winding landscapes up the mountain.

Just remember that in order to purchase the SITA bus tickets, you’ll need to purchase them at the Tobacco shops (so Italian). Of course, you also need to time it correctly because these places always shut down for nap time in the afternoon. You cannot buy tickets on the bus.

Amalfi Town

Amalfi Town Amalfi Coast
Amalfi Town Amalfi Coast
Amalfi Town Amalfi Coast

The town of Amalfi which is right in the middle of the Amalfi coast is the a popular middle destination for people. There isn’t much to see in this town that I found. The town square is where all the tourist attractions are and it is filled with mostly overpriced and mediocre tourist trap restaurants.

Amalfi Town Amalfi Coast

I did find a very nice view point on the outskirts of town that allowed for some amazing photos to be taken however!

What to do in Ravello

Ravello Amalfi Coast Italy
Villa Rufalo
Villa Rufalo

Ravello doesn’t get as much love as the other towns on the Amalfi coast and I’m not sure why. It is absolutely beautiful and there is plenty to see here.

The main attraction in town is firstly just to walk around admire the old buildings and fantastic views. The most popular attraction in Ravello is without a doubt Villa Rufolo.

Ravello Italy
Ravello Italy

One of the most beautiful and famous architectural complexes in Ravello. It was built by the Rufolo family, one of the most powerful families in the Medieval period, consists in different structures: the building (XIII century), the tree-lined entrance, two towers, gardens, chapel and the Moorish courtyard.

Villa Cimbrone Ravello Italy
Villa Cimbrone Ravello Italy
Villa Cimbrone Ravello Italy

Down the street is the equally as picturesque and famous Villa Cimbrone. Clinging to the rocky ridge with the same name, was bought in the first years of the 20th century by Lord Grimthorpe who started extensive restoration works, entrusting them to Mr Nicola Mansi. From the Belvedere of Villa Cimbrone you can enjoy one of the stunning view of the Amalfi coast. The terrace with the seven marble statues overlooking the ocean is absolutely spectacular.

Staying in an amazing Airbnb in Ravello

I stayed in an amazing property in Ravello just outside the main town gates. It had an incredibly breathtaking view of the ocean and a huge deck that was perfect to enjoy that view with. It was also quite affordable and very well located. Look no further than staying at Casa Vacanze De Birba for these amazing views.

Casa Vacanze Da Birba ravello amalfi coast

There are also many extremely luxurious villa style accommodations in Ravello for those that want to splurge. The Caruso hotel is famous

Day 12-15: Vietri Sul Mare

From Ravello, it was time to push east and the last stop on the trip would be the town of Vietri Sul Mare. Located near to Salerno, this is the the eastern boundary of the Amalfi Coast.

Vietri Sul Mare Italy Amalfi Coast

The town of Vietri sul Mare, considered since the Medieval times the gateway to the Amalfi Coast, is situated just 3 km far from Salerno and is one of the 13 Amalfi Coast villages. Vietri is considered to be the capital of artistic and traditional ceramics, that is why, for generations, the inhabitants of this lovely seaside town have been producing precious porcelain.

Between Amalfi and Vietri Sul Mare are a few towns worth exploring. Minori, Maori, Cetara, and Erchie are all much less touristy but equally as charming towns. The best way to do this is to rent a scooter in Vietri Sul Mare which is cheaper than the more popular towns like Positano, Praiano, or Amalfi.

Day by Day breakdown of my Amalfi Itinerary

Here is a day by day breakdown of the Sicily itinerary. It’s pretty involved each day so absolutely feel free to spread it out over more days if you have the time!

Day 1: Land in Naples, explore Naples
Day 2: Full day in Naples
Day 3: Full day in Naples
Day 4: Naples to Capri in the morning
Day 5: Full day Capri
Day 6: Capri to Positano in the afternoon
Day 7: Positano/Praiano area
Day 8: Positano/Praiano area
Day 9: Positano/Praiano area to Ravello
Day 10: Ravello
Day 11: Ravello
Day 12: Ravello to Vietri Sul Mare
Day 13: Explore surrounding towns
Day 14: Explore surrounding towns
Day 15: Vietri Sul Mare to Salerno to Naples


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  1. Thanks for writing up this detailed post about your trip! I found it very helpful how you combined Amalfi and Capri together as I was researching how to do the same thing. Can’t wait for this trip!

  2. Thank you SO very much for taking the time and artistry detailing and sharing your trip so precisely. I’ve been planning a trip to Amalfi for a while now, and this is by far the most helpful and inspiring itinerary/description, along with stunning visuals, which will tremendously help my visit. I thought I was already excited to embark on this journey, then you took things to another level of pumped-ness. Please keep doing what you’re doing. Cheers!

  3. Hi Johnny, first let me say your post are excellent! I’m so glad I stumbled upon them while researching our trip to Italy. We are two couples ages 63-75 and are flying into Naples Italy in Oct 2023. We are in good shape and health and young at heart for older couples. We will have 3 nights before we head to Rome.
    We would like to visit Capri, Pompeii & see the Amalfi Coast by water. We would also be interested in that small group tour by mini bus to the Amalfi towns you talked about and would love to have that tour guides contact info. Only having 3 nights we know we can’t do everything so would LOVE your detailed recommendation on the best way to maximize our time. Also your recommendation on where to stay in Naples. We don’t plan on renting a car. Our flight arrives in Naples around 12:30pm on Day 1.
    Thank you in advance for any information you could give us to make this trip most memorable!

    • Hi Tammy, 3 nights is not much time to see all of these things. I would just choose one of the three things to do and focus that as a day trip. The rest of the time you should spend in Naples as there is plenty to see there as well, otherwise you’ll just be in cars the whole time. Pompeii is the easiest one to do but I would say that Capri or Amalfi coast is more special.

      • Hi Johnny, we ended up adding another night. So we now have 4 nights total. We thought we would stay 2 nights in Naples upon arrival. See Pompeii the second day. On the 3rd day we are planning to pack a backpack with a change of clothes, take the ferry to Capri in morning and lunch, then take ferry over to Positano and spend one night there. Then ferry back to Naples the following day where I have the same hotel booked for that night so they can store our luggage while away.
        Is this doable?

  4. Fantastic post, thank you! I am planning what will be my first trip to Italy and have been searching (without luck, until now!) for a detailed itinerary for the Amalfi Coast to guide me in my planning. Do you have a suggestion for how you might modify your trip for a 7-9 day journey?

  5. Stumbled across this website while starting research into a three week trip to South Italy. Found your itinerary to be extremely helpful and it will likely be the foundation for this part of our trip.

  6. First let’s hear it for all of us dual Canadian/Americans????!!
    This Naples-Capri-Amalfi Coast info was invaluable and your photographs are stunning.
    My question is, should we make our reservations through a travel agent—is there any advantage?
    Planning on going in April 2022 for 2 weeks. We know the hotels we want to stay at at each location (luxury all the way;)—except for Naples.
    Just curious as to your thoughts.
    Thank you.

    • Yes! Dual passports are the best :). Am glad you find the post helpful! I don’t think there’s really much need to book through a travel agent as the Amalfi is such a small area and it’s so easy to travel from town to town. Enjoy your trip in a year! It’s probably been a long time coming for visiting the EU!

      • Thanks, Johnny. Can hardly wait. Know the EU tourism industry has suffered a terrible blow with Covid—worse than most. Happy to be a part of its revival.
        Take care, stay safe.????